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How to Get Spotify Student Discount | All About Student Discount at Spotify

Music has become ingrained in our culture. Some people prefer calm music, while others prefer loud music. Whatever you choose, you must have access to music, which Spotify has made simple. As a college student, you need to know how to get a Spotify student discount and access to the best music from around the world. Spotify has gained worldwide acceptance, according to a Medium article. The fact that there are over 60 million active subscribers reflects this. 

Over 21% of this total are paid users who have full access to all of the platform’s features. This article will teach you about Spotify, arguably the most popular music streaming service. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to get your Spotify student discount quickly. Isn’t that amazing? The table below summarizes everything you’ll learn in this section. Using the table below, you can easily navigate to your area of interest.

What Exactly Is Spotify?

Spotify is a music streaming service available online. As a result, the platform gives you access to the best songs from around the world. While using your Spotify account, you will have access to 50 million songs. Spotify was created to alleviate the pain of having to search the entire town for a song. They’ve also assisted people in putting all of their favorite songs in one place. Spotify has worked to make its platform more accessible to everyone as its popularity has grown. 

They provide a student discount program in consideration of their premium account fee. Most students, however, are unaware of how to obtain their Spotify student discount. When you don’t have access to a Spotify account, the discussion about discounts is pointless, and we’ll show you how to get one in this article. But first, what? Let me explain why you should create a Spotify account.

Why Should I Sign Up for Spotify?

Spotify was founded in 2015 and has since grown to become a vital platform for connecting people to the best music on the planet. Spotify has everything you want, whether it’s jazz, reggae, pop, or rap. Most of the time, music fans don’t need to go to a store to get their favorite artists’ albums. They can easily obtain them through Spotify. Spotify has a lot to offer, with over 50 million songs to choose from, as well as live streaming and performance viewing. Of course, movie streaming services like Netflix provide discounts, making them more accessible to the middle class and younger citizens. 

Spotify, on the other hand, is targeting college students directly. With the incredible discount that comes with getting a premier account, college students get the biggest bite. This discount is unique and comes with numerous benefits.

How Do I Sign up For Spotify?

It’s not difficult to sign up for Spotify. They have simplified the process to the point where it can be completed in under five minutes. However, you must take an additional step to register your premium account, which we will explain later. As a result, registering your Spotify account entails:

1. Install the Spotify App

The first thing you need to do is download the Spotify application. This can be done on any of your mobile devices, such as your phone, iPad, or tablet. Spotify is available on both Apple and Android devices and can be downloaded from either store. All you have to do now is search for and download the Spotify application. Duplicate applications are something you should be aware of. While some of them resemble Spotify, they are not the same. As a result, you must identify the Spotify app by its distinctive logo. Once the application has been downloaded, you can proceed to the next step in the registration process.

2. Confirmation via email

You must confirm your email after downloading the app and beginning the registration process by filling out the forms. The Spotify app will automatically send a code to your email address, which you must enter. The goal is to ensure that no one gains access to your Spotify account without your knowledge. As a result, this protective feature is extremely important and has proven to be extremely beneficial.

3. Streaming music

You now have access to the best songs available after you have confirmed your email. You can even listen to them offline and transfer them to other music apps on your phone. It is, in fact, extremely simple and lovely.

What is the Student Discount on Spotify?

All college students are eligible for the Spotify student discount. In essence, this offer allows student Spotify premium subscribers to save 50% on their subscription fee. With this offer, the number of college student premium subscribers has increased over time. It’s just a shame that high school students don’t have the same opportunity. However, Spotify plans to include high school students in the coming months, as well as teach them how to get their Spotify student discount as soon as they register. 

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In the United States, eligible students can get a free month of Spotify Premium, followed by a $4.99 monthly subscription. This is half of the regular monthly fee of $9.99. This offer runs for up to 48 months or until you are no longer an eligible student. You won’t just get access to Spotify Premium, you’ll also get a Hulu (ad-supported) plan (worth $5.99 a month) and a Showtime subscription (worth $10.99 a month). The Spotify student discount saves you $21.98 per month and gives you access to three different services. 

Unfortunately, the student discount in the United Kingdom isn’t quite as generous. Students get a free month of Spotify Premium followed by a £5.99 monthly subscription, compared to £9.99 for the regular price. This special rate is available for up to 48 months or until you no longer qualify as a student, whichever comes first.

Who Can Get the Spotify Student Discount?

Spotify’s student discount has very specific requirements, so it’s easy to tell if you qualify or not. You are eligible if you are currently enrolled in a US Title IV accredited college or university and are at least 18 years old. As long as they are US Title IV accredited, four-year universities, community colleges, and other accredited institutions all count. If you’re not sure if your school qualifies, you can check its accreditation status on the Federal Student Aid website.

You can still apply for the discount if you already have a Spotify Premium subscription before enrolling at a qualifying school. If you are approved, the discounted price will be reflected when your subscription renews.

How to Get a Student Discount on Spotify

You get a week of free Spotify trial before you decide to sign up for a premium account. Well, because of the fantastic experience, you will rush to make your payment after that week. What Spotify has to offer will astound you. The Spotify student discount for college students has increased the platform’s visibility even more. And, even though programmers have attempted to crack the code, they have had no success. So, if you want to take advantage of the Spotify student discount offer quickly, follow the steps below. These are the steps:

1. Create a Spotify account.

The web application or the website can be used to start creating your Spotify ID. To be honest, I think the web application is a better option than the website. You can either enter your email address (as we showed you earlier) or register with your Facebook account. Spotify will complete your ID in a few minutes, whichever method you choose, as long as you follow the steps. You’ve just completed a crucial step on your way to getting the Spotify student discount.

2. Subscribe to Spotify Premium

You will receive an invitation to join the Spotify premium account once you have completed your registration. There will be numerous premium accounts from which to choose, but you must exercise caution. In the next step, we’ll show you how to choose the right account.

3. Select Spotify Premium for Students.

You will have access to three premium offers as soon as you indicate your interest in joining the premium account. Except for the Student Premium, you do not need to select anyone. The Student Premium account is where you can get your Spotify student discount, which is 50% off the regular premium fee.

4. Provide All Required Information

After you’ve decided on the Spotify student premium account, you’ll need to verify your account. The goal is for Spotify to limit this access to students only. They’ll ask for your SheerID as well as other documents like your class schedule, transcript, registration or tuition receipt, or letter of enrollment. SheerID is a YouTube subscription service for students and educational institutions. SheerID determines your institution’s eligibility. To see if your school offers student plans, do the following:

  • For YouTube Premium or YouTube Music Premium, go to the Student Plan landing page.
  • Choose the Get Student Plan option.
  • Fill out the SheerID form with your school information. Student plans are available if your school appears.

You’ll need to fill in your name, email address, and country once your school is listed. After that, Spotify will require you to upload at least three of the documents listed above. Note that these files must be in JPG, PNG, PDF, GIF, or RTF format. After you’ve completed this procedure, you’ll be able to make a payment.

5. Complete Payment Process

Your documents will need to be verified after you’ve submitted them. Depending on when you register, this shouldn’t take too long. After you’ve completed the verification process, you’ll need to pay in full to receive the best Spotify premium offers. With Spotify Premium, you can listen to the highest-quality audio available.

When Automatic Verification Fails, What Should You Do?

If you get a message saying Spotify and SheerID couldn’t verify your enrollment, you’ll need to manually upload some supporting documents. You can do so by going through the signup process and selecting the manual verification option.

  1. Go to and click the GET STARTED button.
  2. Enter your Spotify username and password.
  3. Click Manually verify.

Do not click VERIFY on this step if the automatic verification fails. Instead, you can manually verify your enrollment by selecting Manually verify.

  1. Click Next Step after entering your information.
  2. Then select a file.
  3. Select your enrollment proof and click Open.

Your newly issued student ID, an official enrollment letter, a current class schedule, a registration receipt, a current transcript, or other school-issued documents with your name and an issue date within the last three months are all acceptable documents.

  1. To continue, click Upload Document or Choose File to provide additional proof.
  2. You will be able to complete the signup process with the Spotify student discount if your documents are successfully verified. If it still doesn’t work, contact Spotify customer service for help verifying your registration.

How to Get Your Spotify Student Discount in The United States.

To take advantage of this fantastic offer, go to the Spotify website and follow the instructions. You must first create a Spotify account or log into one you already have, and then complete the verification process. This is done through SheerID, a third-party platform that is used for a variety of student discount schemes, and you may already have an account. You can start listening to music right away after proving your eligibility for the student discount, and you won’t have to pay anything until the second month.

How to Get Your Spotify Student Discount in The United Kingdom.

Go to the Spotify website and follow the on-screen instructions to get your student discount. SheerID will be used to verify your student status. This third-party platform is used by a variety of retailers to verify student discount eligibility, so you may already have an account. If you don’t already have one, create one with your university email address to get your discounted Spotify subscription. Because this offer includes a free month of Premium, you won’t have to pay anything until the second month of your subscription.

How Does Spotify Verify Student Enrollment?

Spotify uses SheerID, an identity verification service, to ensure that you’re enrolled where you say you’re enrolled. Amazon, the New York Times, Nike, and a slew of other well-known brands use this service. If you’ve already registered for an Amazon student discount, you’re ready to apply for a Spotify student discount. If SheerID is unable to verify your enrollment automatically, you can upload supporting documentation. If you haven’t started school yet, you’ll need to scan your student ID or make sure you have access to documents like your current class schedule or an official enrollment letter.

Switching to Spotify Premium for Students (from Free)

It’s fairly simple to upgrade from Spotify Free to Spotify Premium Student. This is the same as signing up for the first time for Spotify Premium Student. Create a Spotify account first, if you haven’t already. This can be done either through the Spotify app or a web browser. After you’ve created and logged into your account, go to the top right corner of the screen and click the icon. This will bring up a dropdown menu, where you can select Upgrade to Premium. This will take you to the page where you can upgrade to Spotify Premium.

Scroll down until “Pick your Premium” appears. Choose a Student from these options. You must first verify your status as a Qualifying Student through the third-party service SheerID to be eligible for Spotify Premium Student. Complete the form and attach a school document proving that you are currently enrolled at the college or university you specified. If you’re connected to your campus’s Wi-Fi network, the verification is automatic.

You can proceed to fill out your payment details to upgrade your account to Spotify Premium Student after SheerID has gone through your documents and verified you as a Qualifying Student.

Switching to Spotify Premium for Students (from Premium)

If you already have a Spotify Premium subscription, getting the student discount is very simple. 

  • Navigate to Account by clicking your icon in the top right corner.
  • Select Available Plans Premium for Students from the drop-down menu.
  • You must then use SheerID to verify your status as a Qualifying Student. Fill out the form and attach a school document proving your enrollment at the college or university you specified.
  • You can proceed to fill out your payment details to switch your account to Spotify Premium Student after SheerID has gone through your documents and verified you as a Qualifying Student.
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You will not be able to take advantage of the three free months because your account was previously Premium. This is a limited-time offer available only to new Spotify Premium Student subscribers.

How to Renew Your Student Spotify Premium Discount

It’s critical to renew before your discount expires if you’re almost at the end of the year since your initial activation. All you have to do now is re-submit your information for verification.

  • Navigate to the account page.
  • Change plans can be found by scrolling down.
  • Select Premium Student and repeat the verification process.

What Exactly Does the Spotify Student Discount Get You?

The Spotify student discount allows you to get a premium Spotify plan for about half the price that the rest of the world pays. That means you can listen to Spotify’s entire library of millions of songs without being interrupted by advertisements, and you can even listen offline. Depending on the current offers, the Spotify student discount may also include complimentary extras such as a Hulu or Showtime subscription.

When You Graduate, What Happens to Your Student Discount?

Only students enrolled in an accredited school are eligible for the Spotify Student discount. You will no longer be eligible for the discount if you graduate or leave school for any reason. Spotify enforces this policy by requiring you to re-verify your eligibility once every twelve months. You’ll need to be able to show a current student ID, current class schedule, registration receipt, or other supporting documentation when that time comes. 

After your subscription or re-verification, you’ll have access to Spotify Premium Student for up to 12 months. If you are no longer a student at the end of the period, you will no longer be eligible, and Spotify will automatically upgrade you to a regular $9.99 subscription. This is why, if you have a current student subscription and don’t want the regular Spotify Premium after you graduate, you must cancel your subscription before the next billing cycle. 

You will lose access to the Spotify student discount if you are unable to re-verify your enrollment at a qualifying institution. You’ll then have the option of paying full price or canceling your Spotify subscription.


Spotify Premium Student is just one of the many student benefits available. Not only is it a great deal, but having access to great music may be exactly what you need to get through your studies. Only Apple has come close to matching Spotify’s online music streaming dominance. Analysts have been comparing the two brands for quite some time. Many students have started streaming music regularly. Many people nowadays carry albums in their pockets and rarely go to music stores. Technology is changing the music industry, and Spotify is vying for first place.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Student Discount on Spotify?

Spotify’s student discount gives students 50% off the regular price of their premium service.

Is there a free trial for Spotify?

Yes. Spotify’s premium service comes with a 30-day free trial.

Is Spotify worth the money?

Yes. Spotify is well worth the money because it allows you to keep all of your favorite songs and albums in your pocket.

Is it possible to use Spotify for free?

Yes. You can use the free Spotify app to listen to music without having to pay anything.

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