Speak In Public: How to Start a Good Career in Public Speaking

Speak In Public: How to Start a Good Career in Public Speaking

A career in public speaking is one of the most lucrative in Nigeria today. Most public speakers, writers, and musicians in Nigeria are smiling at the bank every day because they have discovered and used their talents to their own advantage.  This is one of the most lucrative work-from-home jobs in Nigeria and all over the world.

Throughout the world, public speakers are earning big and some have acquired amazing wealth just by speaking the right words to the right audience at the right time, and Nigerians are not left out. There are prominent public speakers in Nigeria who have carved space for themselves in the industry and are making money from just talking.

Popular among them is Fela Durotoye who has created a career for himself in public speaking, and has been able to go places, create wealth, and inspire people to do the same.

In Nigeria, a professional public speaker charges companies and organizations about N1 million per session to talk to and train their staff, while some charge per head and peg their fees at the rate of N20,000 per participant.

So, the amount of money you make depends on you. That is why you need to work on yourself as an aspiring public speaker.

How do you make a successful career in public speaking?

If you are reading this, this means you are considering starting your career as a public speaker, but don’t know how to start.

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This article will guide you on how to start and be successful at making out a career in public speaking.

Tune Up Your Public Speaking Skill

 You must have thought yourself to be a naturally good speaker, this may be the reason you are giving this a thought. However, you must know that a good speaker in a private place may turn out to be a poor speaker in a public setting.

Get yourself attached to an accomplished public speaker to learn how public speaking is done both in delivery and in a business sense.

As a gifted speaker, you may not need much training because it comes naturally most times.

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Read Books

People who read books are naturally more intelligent than those who don’t. Don’t just read books on public speaking. Read other books too.

A good public speaker is one who is well-read and experienced. It takes a lot of books to write one and public speaking is like writing a book.

Listen to Audios

You should listen to good public speakers and master how they speak and use words. Good grammar is a vital trait in public speaking. Listen to good audio to master proper pronunciation and the correct use of words.

Brand Yourself As Professional Public Speaker

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You need to sell yourself as a public speaker.

Public speaking is a business, so you need to brand yourself perfectly if you hope to sell your services to your potential clients.

How do you brand yourself as a Public Speaker?

Use Social Media

Before you make a career in public speaking, you should be social media savvy. Create attractive and compelling Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages. Take time to edit your pages and make them professional. Add pictures of previous events if you have them. Let your photo albums sell you as a professional.

Use the best of your photos as profile pictures and page covers.

Take time to carefully tell your potential clients who you are and where you are coming from on your page.

Write with correct spellings. Do not follow the trends among some social network users, who use wrong and funny spellings. Write like the professional you are.

Tweet and update your status with inspirational quotes and motivational excerpts. Social media has more prospects than you can imagine, the people you meet online may turn out to become your clients or recommend you to clients.

Start Blogging

Blogging is the most powerful brand-building tool online.  A blog has its own way of giving you credibility and multiple sources of income.

You can sell your speaking services online through your blog and still make money offline.

Steve Pavlina is a renowned public speaker and a blogger, who makes more money from his blog than from his public speeches.

Go on Air

Negotiate regular slots on Radio and TV and speak to people. Let them hear your voice, let them hear you speak. The quality of your speech will be the connecting factor between you and your prospective clients and the general public.

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If you would appear on TV, do not dress carelessly and go on air.

Dress tastefully and look well-groomed. There is no quicker way to build and sell your brand than the radio and television. When your audience hears and sees you, they get connected with you.

Organize Seminars

When you have built your brand, you can proceed to organize seminars and charge people to attend.

You can organize seminars in schools, churches, and organizations.

With these steps, you would gradually build a brand for yourself and start making money.

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