Social Worker Jobs in Uganda 2023/2024 | Current Social Work Jobs in Uganda

Social Worker Jobs in Uganda 2023/2024 | Current Social Work Jobs in Uganda

This is to inform applicants that we have listed available social worker Jobs in Uganda that we believe our readers can cue into. We believe this will interest current social work Jobs in Uganda, Social service Jobs in Uganda, new social worker Jobs in Uganda 2023/2024, social worker Jobs available in Uganda, TPO Jobs in Uganda, e.t.c.

Our team has compiled all you need to know including the requirements. However, it is imperative you go through the details below before applying for this Uganda social service Job.

Social Worker Jobs in Uganda 2023/2024

The vacancy for Current Social Work Jobs in Uganda is being offered by TPO Uganda. TPO is a leading non-governmental organization in Uganda. They have also been an integral part of Uganda’s drive for an improved society. The organization has social worker Jobs available in Uganda. Therefore, they are calling on interested persons to apply for the Jobs.

A good number of the new social worker Jobs in Uganda in 2023/2024 are open for both experienced and fresh graduates. By virtue of what they do, TPO has over 33 branches in the country made up of active and energetic staff. To fit into this type of NGO job in Uganda, one must have a passion for humanitarian work especially as it affects locals.

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Furthermore, these social service jobs in Uganda cuts across all professional lines. In other words, no matter the field of specialization there is something for everyone. Ensure that all documents tendered for this Job are verifiable. Avoid scammers because no payment is being demanded for this Job.

Roles and Requirements for Social Workers in Uganda

  • Assist in all social development campaigns embarked on by the organization.
  • Work closely with community leaders and locals in a bid to identify core societal issues.
  • Will also liaise with partners and donor agencies while reporting to his/her superiors.
  • Deep length of experience especially, in social development Jobs in Uganda.
  • Application for Social Worker Jobs in Uganda 2023 is only for Ugandans. Foreigners residing in the country cannot apply.
  • With at least a degree in social sciences, you can apply for this social worker Job in Uganda in 2023/2024.
  • Anyone that has made up his or her mind to become a Social Worker in Uganda, should be willing to support the implementation of the service. In other, for desired results to be achieved.
  • Interested persons must be people that can be able to pay good attention to details.
  • Only candidates that are good listeners, can do this Social work very well.
  • In addition, Applicants should be people that can think critically and creatively as well.
  • Passion for humanitarian Jobs and community development programs.
  • You can also apply if you have done similar TPO Jobs in Uganda.

How to Apply for Social Worker Jobs in Uganda 2023/2024

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  1. Apply via the recruitment address

    Above all, anyone that’s sure that he or she is qualified to be a social worker in Uganda. Should visit apply online HERE. Select either of the many social job vacancies that are available in Uganda and apply.

    Alternatively, an Interested person should submit their application to the office address below. Ensure you include a cover letter and 3-year salary history.

    Human Resources Manager,
    TPO Uganda, P.O Box 21646
    Kampala, Uganda
    Email: [email protected]

    Finally, as we said earlier, the recruitment remains free of charge.

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