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Slalom Job reviews are a great way to figure out if Slalom is a great place to work or not. Slalom is a company that advises on business and technology.

It is based in Seattle, Washington. The company, a Slalom, LLC division, has more than 13,000 employees in 45 markets and 11 build centers in North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific. Slalom makes more than two billion dollars a year.


In 1993, Slalom, LLC was started as Accounting Quest, LLC in Denver, Colorado. It began as a group that helped clients in the Denver area find permanent and temporary accounting and finance professionals. In 1995, the company opened an office in Seattle focused on permanent placements and contract resources.

The company changed its name to Two Degrees, LLC. The company changed its name to Slalom, LLC in 2010 as part of a rebranding effort and from our Slalom job reviews, most employees love the new name.

Awards and Acknowledgement

Slalom has been named the best company to work for by Forbes Magazine, Fortune Magazine, Consulting Magazine, Glassdoor, and other business journals and news publications in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020.

It also got a perfect score of 100 from the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index for five years in a row. Fortune Magazine named Slalom the Best Workplace for Women from 2017 to 2020.

A list of all the awards Slalom has won in the last seven years.


  • 5 on the list of Best Workplaces for MillennialsTM 2022 (Large)
  • 45 on the Fortune 100 list of the best places to work in 2022.


  • 4 on the Best Workplaces for ParentsTM 2021 by Great Place to Work
  • 31 on the Fortune Best Workplaces for WomenTM 2021 list (Large)
  • 88 on the list of PEOPLE Companies that Care®
  • 14th on Fortune’s list of the best workplaces for millennials in 2021 (Large)
  • 4 on the list of the Best Workplaces in Chicago for 2021 by Great Place to Work (Large)
  • 12 on the list of the Best Workplaces in Consulting & Professional ServicesTM 2021 by Great Place to Work (Large)
  • 74 on the Fortune 100 list of the best places to work in 2021.
  • 5 on the list of the Best Workplaces in TexasTM 2021 by Great Place to Work (Large)
  • 9 on the Fortune Best Workplaces in the Bay AreaTM 2021 list (Large)


  • 10 on the list of Best Workplaces for ParentsTM 2020 by Great Place to Work.
  • 34 on the list of Fortune’s Best Workplaces for Women TM 2020 (Large)
  • 9 on the Fortune Best Workplaces for MillennialsTM 2020 list (Large)
  • 10 on the list of the Best Workplaces in Chicago 2020 by Great Place to Work (Large)
  • 3 on the list of the Best Workplaces in Consulting and Professional Services for 2020 by Great Place to Work (Large)
  • 8 on the list of the Best Workplaces in Texas TM 2020 by Great Place to Work (Large)
  • 31 on the list of Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For® 2020
  • 5 on Fortune’s list of the best places to work in the Bay Area for 2020.


  • 13 on the 2019 list of Best Workplaces for ParentsTM
  • 45 on the 2019 list of Best Workplaces for WomenTM (Large)
  • 6 on the 2019 list of Best Workplaces in New YorkTM (Large)
  • 13 on the 2019 list of Best Workplaces for MillennialsTM (Large)
  • 8 on the list of the 2019 Best Workplaces in Chicago (Large)
  • 9 on the list of 2019’s Best Workplaces in Consulting and Professional ServicesTM (Large)
  • 14 on the 2019 Best Workplaces in TexasTM list (Large)
  • 9 on the 2019 list of Best Workplaces in the Bay Area (Large)
  • 48 on the 2019 list of the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For®


  • 25 on the 2018 list of Best Workplaces for Diversity
  • 12 on the 2018 list of Best Workplaces for ParentsTM
  • 71 on the list of 2018 Best Workplaces for WomenTM (Large)
  • 54 on the list of 2018’s Best Workplaces for MillennialsTM
  • 14 on the list of 2018 Best Workplaces in Chicago (Large)
  • 3 on the list of 2018’s Best Workplaces in Consulting and Professional ServicesTM (Large)
  • 6 on the 2018 Best Workplaces in TexasTM list (Large)
  • 17 on the 2018 list of Best Workplaces in the Bay Area (Large)
  • 54 on the 2018 list of the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For


  • 51 on the list of 2017’s best workplaces for women
  • 26 on the list of 2017’s Best Workplaces for Millennials
  • 9 on the 2017 list of the best places to work in Chicago (Large)
  • 12 on the list of 2017’s Best Workplaces in the Bay Area (Large)
  • 41 on PEOPLE’s list of Companies that Care® in 2017.
  • 78 on the 2017 list of the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For
  • 4 on the 2017 list of the best consulting and professional services places to work.
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  • 25 on the list of 2016’s Best Workplaces for Diversity
  • 15 on the list of 2016’s Best Workplaces for Millennials
  • 7 on the 2016 list of the best places to work in consulting and professional services.
  • 100 on the 2016 Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For list.

You may not know much about Slalom Consulting, a business, technology, and strategy consulting firm, but that’s about to change. Whether you are just starting to learn about the firm or are seriously considering Slalom as a career option, this profile will give you detailed information about this mid-sized consulting firm and why it differs from many other firms. Like many people, you might be interested in the salary at Slalom Consulting. We’ll also talk about that!

We’ll get in on how Slalom works to give you information about careers, pay, company culture, interviews, and more. Let’s get into it.

Slalom Consulting Stats

  • Slalom Consulting Website:
  • Slalom Consulting Headquarters: Seattle, WA
  • Number of Employees: 9,500
  • Number of Locations: 40
  • Slalom Consulting Chief Executive: Brad Jackson
  • Slalom Consulting Revenue: $1.6B

Slalom Consulting Careers

In a career with Slalom Consulting, you’ll work with businesses to help them use the latest financial, analytical, and communication technologies to become more efficient and improve the customer experience.

Practice Areas

Strategy, technology, and change are all things that Slalom Consulting does. Let’s get to know each of these a little better:

Strategy: Consultants know many different industries and use their creative thinking and problem-solving skills to show clients where and how to grow from another point of view.

Technology: Analyze data, find new technology, and create great digital experiences by using these things. Consultants use a mix of engineering, design, and analytical skills to solve technological problems and improve the future.

Transformation: is the process of helping businesses adjust to changes in technology, customer needs and preferences, and industry standards and practices. Slalom Consulting helps build new and more efficient futures by changing how a business works.


Slalom Consulting is a generalist company that doesn’t focus on one industry. Instead, it brings technologies and a way of thinking to a wide range of industries, such as:

  • Automotive
  • Financial Services
  • Food and drinks
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality and leisure
  • Life Sciences
  • The media and amusements
  • Not-for-profit
  • The Government
  • Real Estate
  • Retail
  • Industry of technology.
  • Telecommunications
  • Power and Utilities

The company may have experts in specific fields. Still, it also shares intellectual capital, analytical techniques, and consulting methods across all the areas in which it works.

Slalom Consulting Locations

A global company that has offices in more than 39 markets around the world.

  • Atlanta, Georgia, Austin, Texas, Boston, Massachusetts, Charlotte, North Carolina, Chicago, Illinois, Columbus, Ohio, Dallas, Texas, Denver, Colorado, Detroit, Michigan, East Bay, California, Fort Worth, Texas, Hartford, Connecticut, Houston, Texas, Los Angeles, California, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Nashville, Tennessee, New York, New York, Orange County, California, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Phoenix, Arizona, Portland, Oregon, Raleigh, North Carolina, Salt Lake City, Utah, San Diego, California, San Francisco,
  • Melbourne, Australia; Sydney, Australia; and Tokyo, Japan are all in Asia-Pacific.
  • Canada: Calgary, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver.
  • London, Manchester, and the Netherlands are in Europe.

Slalom Consulting Internships

Slalom Build, a part of Slalom, has an internship program. The program is very selective and lasts for ten weeks in the summer. Find out about internships that are open right now.

Slalom Consulting Career Path

Based on our Slalom job reviews, The career path for Slalom looks like this:

  1. Consultants are project managers who work primarily on-site with clients to run and finish projects.
  2. Consultants and Solution Architects have similar jobs, but Solution Architects are the top experts in their field or a specific area of technology.
  3. Consultant Manager: Handle consultants and get projects done for clients.
  4. Principal Consultant: Deliver projects for the most significant and most complicated client engagements—people with a lot of experience working as program managers on big projects.
  5. Solution Principal: In addition to delivering projects to clients, Solution Principals also develop the firm’s consulting practices.
  6. Client Service Leads make sure that all of the firm’s practices deliver projects to a client. CSLs also work on driving sales for the accounts they are in charge of.

The Senior Leadership Team has a different way of moving up the ladder:

  • Client Service Partner (CSP): This job is similar to a CSL, but CSPs are in charge of larger accounts and sales.
  • Practice Area Director (PAD) duties are similar to those of a CSP. Still, PADs also oversee more significant parts of practice and have more sales duties.
  • Managing Director: This person is responsible for completing projects and making sales for many of the firm’s clients and practices.
  • General Managers lead a slalom team and are in charge of how much money each team makes and loses. They are also involved in all parts of the business within the firm.
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Exit Opportunities

At Slalom, there isn’t the “up or out” pressure that you find at many top companies. This is great for people who want to build a long-term career. But if you decide to leave, there are many ways. After learning business and technology consulting skills at Slalom, you could apply for a higher-level position at a similar tech-focused consulting firm. You could also take a job with a Fortune 500 company, maybe one you worked with when you were at Slalom.

But because Slalom isn’t a well-known brand in the industry, it will be hard for you to get into top strategy consulting firms like MBB. It can be done with a focused plan, good networking skills, and a great resume, but it won’t be easy.

Notable Alumni

Since the company has been growing steadily for decades, many professionals have joined its team and moved on. Here are a few examples of famous people who went to this school. What they have done since Slalom can help people figure out what to do next:

  • Aaron Donne works for Thrive Global as the Director of Customer Success.
  • Bhi Bhatt is CarMax’s Vice President of Data and Analytics.
  • Abhitesh Singh, who works for Shopify as a Senior Business Systems Developer,
  • Abi Claus, who works for Stronghold Resource Partners as a product manager for Salesforce,

Slalom Consulting Culture

The CEO of Slalom, Brad Jackson, sets the tone for the company’s culture. His employees give him a perfect score of 100%. The company takes care of its employees well and is always on several “best of” lists. 

The people who work for Slalom do their jobs from home and at client sites in the city where they live. This means there won’t be much travel, which many people at the firm love. This local model, though, lacks scale, which could limit future opportunities (and miss out on status with your favorite airline).

The company is serious about its business and social responsibilities. Slalom wants to build a better future for the environment and stays committed to using resources in a good way for the environment. The company’s CEO says that the company’s goal is not just to make money.

Social responsibility is a very important part of Slalom Consulting’s culture. Working with the United Nations Emergencies Technology Lab, Slalom Consulting helps improve project proposals and development in communities that are at risk by using artificial intelligence. Slalom Consulting also works with a lot of other groups to help communities all over the world.

Diversity programs at Slalom Consulting are based on diversity, inclusion, and equity (ID & E). The company has established several programs, such as the United for Equity Initiative, the Anti-Racism Advisory Committee, the Inclusive Recruiting Program, and the Social Equity Initiative.

Slalom Consulting Interviews

If you’re interested, you’ll want to know about Slalom’s interviews. Having asked employees during our Slalom job reviews, the firm’s interview process is set up to make candidates feel at ease, and most of them say they had a good time. Slalom has virtual interviews right now, so make sure you are ready. For most jobs, the interviewing process looks like this:

  • A screening call with a recruiter lasts 45 minutes.
  • There will be three 45–60 minute video interviews with a practice director, practice leader, and managing director. At least one of the interviews will be a technical interview to see if the candidate has the skills needed for the job.
  • A 30-minute talk with a senior leader to see if the candidate fits in with the company’s culture.
  • A case presentation to the Senior Leadership Team takes an hour. In the Q&A section of the presentation, candidates show how well they can program, develop, and think.

Even though the interview process is different for each job, candidates should be ready to go through a four-step process like the one above.

Slalom Consulting hires people from all over the world, especially from the U.S., Asia-Pacific, Canada, and Europe, where their offices are. Look at the complete list of places up top. Even though the company hires college students, it pays more attention to people who already have some work experience, according to most of the staff interviewed during our Slalom job review session . If you are a professional with a lot of experience, check out our advice on how to get into consulting.

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Slalom Consulting Salary

Different roles at Slalom Consulting have different pay rates. When you start (right after college), you’ll make $72K/year. After getting an MBA, that number goes up to $175K/year. But a Slalom Consulting salary is more than just the base. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Why is it best to work at Slalom?

from our slalom job reviews we can say it is. Slalom’s teams in 41 markets worldwide have the freedom to move quickly and do what’s right. They are supported by regional hubs for innovation, a global culture of working together, and partnerships with the best technology companies in the world.

Is slalom a good place to work?

96% of Slalom Consulting’s employees say it’s a great workplace. In comparison, only 57% of employees at an average U.S.-based company say the same. The source is Great Place to Work’s 2021 Global Employee Engagement Study.

What business is Slalom in?

Our media and entertainment industry clients depend on our expertise in digital, consumer experience, digital media supply chain, data architecture, marketing strategy, technology, operations, and more.

Is Slalom a big company?

Today, Slalom is a $2.9 billion company with more than 13,000 employees and is often named the best workplace. More than half of the Fortune 100 and a third of the Fortune 500 are among our clients: startups, non-profits, and other innovative groups.

Some Slalom Job Reviews by Employees

What is it like working at Slalom Consulting?

Solutions Architect:

Great company but extremely stressful.

Pros: Great company but growing too fast.

Cons: Stress level on projects is off the charts.

  • Solutions Architect in Seattle:

No sick days, low PTO, no stock, low base pay, unreliable bonus structure.

  • Solutions Architect:

Slalom totally changed my opinion regarding consulting. The management team sincerely try their best to making sure each employee have a clear grow path. Benefits and compensation are great and the culture is amazing. A great experience.

  • Solutions Architect in Toronto:

Pros: It is a company that shares my values

Cons: Sometimes work can be stressful

  • Salesforce Developer in Seattle:

Pros: growth is encouraged and supported

Lots of opportunities to learn and grow.

Cons: commute to client can be a downside depending on area

  • Software Architect in Houston:

Great company to work for. The firm puts people first through personal training and professional growth allowances. When the company was impacted with lower revenue due to coronavirus, the leadership took pay cuts to ensure no employees were laid off or had pay reductions.

  • Senior Solutions Architect in Federal Way:

Wonderful company, frustrating industry.

Pros: We’re trusted to build the product the client needs and to challenge their opinions and decisions to lead them to a better result.

Cons: We’re just a consultant to our clients, so if the client decides to go against our advice and cause themselves problems moving forward, there’s nothing we can do except make the best of it

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From our Slalom job reviews, it is one of the world’s best business and technology consulting firms.

Slalom Consulting is not a small company and has over $1 billion in sales and offices worldwide. After we conducted our employee Slolam job reviews, we can say it’s a good company to work in because many people look for Slalom consulting jobs with good pay and benefits.

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