Sheffield United Academy Scholarship

Sheffield United Academy Scholarship

A rare chance exists for gifted 16 to 18-year-old footballers to secure a realistic pathway into semi-professional football while attending Maltby Academy through the Sheffield FC Scholarship program. Teams made up of men and women are allowed. The first football club in the world is Sheffield FC. All youths who are passionate about football as a career are invited to apply for the Sheffield United Academy Scholarship.

The clause includes:


  • Sports Leaders Award For Community- Level 2
  • First Aid
  • FA Level 1 Coaching
  • Safeguarding

As well as support for obtaining an additional National GB coaching qualification.


  • BTEC Level 3 or
  • A Level


  • Subsidiary Diploma i.e Equivalent to one A Level (BTEC Level 3)
  • Diploma i.e Equivalent to two A Levels (BTEC Level 3)
  • Extended Diploma equivalent 3 A-Levels (BTEC level 3)
  • AS/A2 Physical Education One option can be used in conjunction with other AS qualification levels

Apply For the Scholarship Here

How To Get Scouted For The Sheffield United Academy Scholarship

Staff members from the Sheffield United Academy offer young people who show promise a six-week trial with the team. Although many competitors are fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time when scouts are watching tournaments, Sheffield United Academy is aware that talented players can slip through the cracks and thus gives players the chance to approach the club directly with their playing portfolio.

They probably won’t respond to everyone given the volume of submissions, but this is a good way to let scouts know about players who might want to advance in their soccer and get a chance to play for Sheffield United Academy.

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Simply gather the required details to be used to scout the test with Sheffield United Academy:

  • Player’s Curriculum Vitae
  • Letter of Coverage
  • The vital stats of the player include age, position birthday date size, weight Contact email/phone/address, current team, previous clubs, information about previous trials, and any awards for representation like an institution, provinces county, provinces, etc.
  • The school where players go to
  • Send your current team’s schedule to scouts, including venue, start time, and venue.

Once you’ve collected all the above information, contact Sheffield United Academy at the following address:

* [email protected]

It is the Sheffield United Academy recruiting staff who will look over your application and decide if a scout is going to be sent to the match.

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Gain the attention of the SUFC ACADEMY

In order to identify the next generation of BLADE, the Academy employs regional and national scouts. Our scouts receive training in pre-academy (U6-8) through professional development phase matches and talent evaluation. The Recruitment Department goes through a protracted process to assess the viability of any player recommendations made by scouts.

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Participants may be chosen for one of our Emerging Talent, Player Engagement, or Pre-Academy centers. This aids the coaching staff in determining whether the indicated child is ready for an 8-week trial at our elite program.

What They Check Out For

The scouting network, which understands what these heads mean, will be able to tell who is exhibiting great qualities in these crucial places. We are aware that young people develop at varying rates, and we take this into consideration when observing and passing judgment.

So only athletes who have the talent and aptitude to advance over the long term are recommended to the full-time recruiting staff.

Sheffield United Stadium Bramall Lane

At the city’s Bramall Lane, Sheffield United plays. Thus, Bramall Lane, which began in 1862 with a match between Hallam and Sheffield Club, is the oldest major league stadium that is currently known to exist. On October 14, 1878, Bramall Lane hosted the world’s first football game to be played under floodlights. There were 20,000 spectators there, two generators provided lighting, and the score was 2-0.

In 1855, the Sheffield United Cricket Club rented Bramall Lane from the Duke of Norfolk. On April 30, 1855, the field was used for cricket for the first time. Later, it was used for football. The primary location for Yorkshire County Cricket Club following 1863. After the game on August 7, 1973, Bramall Lane was turned into a football field.

With the addition of a 3,000-seat corner stand in 2006, Bramall Lane became an all-seater Premier League stadium with a capacity of 32,050.

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In March 2009, the team was given permission to divide the stadium’s extension into two pieces. At first, 37,000 additional seats would have been added to the Kop. It would have installed a huge screen on the roof and taken out the main enabling beams. To the Valad Stand, phase two would have added 40,000 seats (previously Arnold Laver Stand). The expansion would have included qualification for the 2018 or 2022 FIFA World Cups had England’s proposal been granted. However, the FA announced on December 16 that Hillsborough Stadium will host any Sheffield matches if England’s application for the 2018–2022 World Cup is approved. All planned ground improvements were put on hold by former United CEO Trevor Birch until the team was reinstated in the Premier League.

In 2015, a fresh plan for the Kop’s reconstruction surfaced, adding 3,215 seats. A club shop and housing apartments were proposed to be built next to the Kop and South Stand in 2017.

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