Schools Offering Scholarships in Germany: Where to Find Them

Most people think of America when looking for college scholarships. And Germany is no exception. Indeed, Germany is one of the most competitive countries for higher education scholarships.
These schools offer scholarships to students from Germany.

Numerous schools in Germany offer various scholarships to prospective students. Most of these awards are for international students. We can help you find a scholarship to fund your higher education.
Listed below are the scholarships offered by the best schools in Germany, as well as the application requirements.

What to know before looking at How to find Scholarships in Germany?

Researching scholarships can be overwhelming, so here are a few tips to make the task a little easier:

– Start early! Many scholarships are submitted for the upcoming year. If you want to apply, you’ll want to start searching for scholarships early so you can get your applications in as early as possible.

– Ask your school’s financial aid office for scholarship information. Many schools have financial aid offices that will keep up with scholarship opportunities and help you find scholarship opportunities at your school.

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– Build your research skills! You’ll need to do some research and have strong writing skills to write scholarship applications. While not all scholarship applications are technical writing tasks, you’ll need to write essays that are well-researched and related to the topic.

– Be prepared! Research reveals more scholarship opportunities as you begin to look. This means you’ll need to have the plan to continue your research and stay on top of scholarship opportunities as they become available.

List of Top German Education Scholarships

Below is a short list of the top German education scholarships. These are just a few of the many scholarships and grants offered in Germany.

– Friedrich-Ebert-Studienstiftung: Named for the first woman president of Germany, this scholarship program is for students who study law or political science in Germany.

– BND-Studienstiftung: German Federal Intelligence Service (BND) scholarship programs are offered to students majoring in German or international studies at accredited universities. Just be prepared to apply to the BND and possibly join an intelligence agency, as a prerequisite for some of these programs.

– Arbeitsmarktforschung und Berufspoltik: This scholarship program is for German students who study economics and who are interested in studying fields related to work, like human resources and labor relations.

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– Federal Foreign Office Internship Program: Internships are offered across government agencies, including the foreign affairs and economy ministries, the Federal Chancellery, and the Federal Office of Justice. Internships are offered in the capital Berlin, as well as in other parts of Germany.

Government Scholarships for International Students in Germany

Germany also offers a number of government-sponsored scholarships for international students.

– Erasmus Mundus: The Erasmus Mundus program is funded by the European Commission and offers scholarships to students from developing countries who can demonstrate excellent academic potential.

– German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD): The DAAD offers Scholarships for International Exchange, which grants funding for study abroad programs. This includes courses on German history, contemporary Germany, or German language and literature.

– Goethe-Institut: This scholarship program offers funding for study in German language, culture, or history.


Scholarships for international students are becoming increasingly popular, especially among students from countries where university scholarships are scarce.

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Internationally competitive German scholarship programs exist. Scholarships are often awarded based on academic merit and financial need.

To get a scholarship in Germany, you must start early. Look for scholarships that match your academic and financial needs, and practice writing.

Scholarships are a great way to fund your higher education once you get started.

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