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Restaurant Waiter Salary in Kuwait

With a currency that is considered one of the highest in the world, Kuwait might just be another gold mine for foreigners looking for international opportunities. One of the jobs you can easily get with little or no level of experience is restaurant waiter jobs in Kuwait.

In our update, we shall be looking at how to become a restaurant waiter in Kuwait as well as a restaurant waiter’s salary in Kuwait. If you are good at serving and relating well with people, then restaurant waiter jobs in Kuwait might just be an ideal option for you.

How to become a waiter in Kuwait

The steps you can take to learn how to work as a waiter are as follows:

1. Develop the necessary abilities

Many waiters pick up the required abilities while working. Kuwait restaurants may offer a brief orientation period or place new hires with veteran waitstaff. Fine dining establishments or hotels may hold classroom training sessions to enhance staff members’ customer service, serving, and communication skills. Waiters learn how to deal with difficult situations and customers through on-the-job training.

2. Recognize the local tongue

You could relocate to several cities and towns in order to work as a waitress. Speaking the native tongue makes it easier to interact with clients and coworkers. In a foreign country, learning the local language is beneficial for both your career and daily life.

3. Search for jobs

In newspapers, brochures, or even as a poster outside their restaurant, restaurants, and hotels frequently advertise their waiter hiring requirements. You must inform your network and friends that you are looking for jobs. You might be able to find work as a waiter through word-of-mouth. For a walk-in interview, you might occasionally approach a restaurant directly.

4. Upgrade to advance

A waiter can select from a number of positions to enhance their career, including bartender, cashier, manager, or even buy manager. To advance in your work, it is crucial to develop your reading, writing, mathematical computation, and language skills. You might have more options as a waiter if you up-skill.

Skills required in a waiter in Kuwait

Below are the essential skills you should have as a waiter in Kuwait. Your excellence in this field can also help you negotiate a good waiter salary in Kuwait.

POS system expertise

A waiter may occasionally be required to process customer bills, necessitating knowledge of POS systems. The ability to use a POS system, while not a prerequisite skill, may increase work chances. Furthermore, when waiters learn how to utilize it, they might speed up the processing of bills and assist during busy times at a restaurant.

Excellent Communication Skill

A waiter serves as a liaison between many groups and people, including customers, the kitchen, housekeeping, and the cashier. It is crucial that a waiter successfully conveys any special requests a customer may have for their dish to the kitchen crew. Effective communicators can engage with their team to resolve problems or voice concerns about their work or even a client.

Consumer support

The first personnel to interact with consumers are waiters. Waiters are composed and work hard to satisfy customers. They help the consumer with their needs, are courteous, and are well-dressed. The likelihood that a customer will return to the restaurant is influenced by a waiter who provides excellent customer service.


The management of several tables and orders at once is a skill taught to waiters. They have a good memory and can recall information about the orders and clients. These details enhance regular diners’ interactions with the restaurant.


In a single day, a waiter deals with a variety of clients. Customers who take a while to submit orders or those who could object to their requests could be encountered by the business. Any crisis can be handled by a waitress because they are kind and patient. It ensures a positive client experience and aids in the credibility-building of the waitstaff.

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Maintaining appearance

When a waiter enters wearing an ironed uniform and brushed hair. The customer experience is impacted by how the waiter represents their attitude about their employment. Not only does a waiter seem professional, but they also keep a good posture, use appropriate body language, and speak to all customers properly.

Active listening abilities

The waiter accurately records the order that the customer places. A waiter answers the questions and requests of the customers while also soliciting their suggestions. Before leaving the table, they could ask the client to confirm the order. The kitchen crew uses the order they take as a reference to make any necessary alterations as the food is being prepared.

Restaurant waiter’s salary in Kuwait

We have seen how to become a waiter in Kuwait, but how are waiters paid in Kuwait City? The average restaurant waiter’s salary in Kuwait is KWD 120. The additional cash payment for a waiter in the Kuwait City, Kuwait area ranges from KWD 180 to KWD 1,000, with an average of KWD 888. Salary estimates are based on 5 salaries reported anonymously to Glassdoor by Waiter workers in the Kuwait City, Kuwait Area.

What is the lowest salary in Kuwait?

No employee in Kuwait can be paid less than the minimum salary set by the government, which is a legal requirement. Employers in Kuwait who don’t pay the minimum wage risk penalty from the government of Kuwait.

The smallest sum that a worker may be paid for his or her labor is stipulated by Kuwait’s Minimum Wage. The majority of nations have a national minimum wage all employees must receive.

The minimum wage in Kuwait is 60 Kuwaiti dinars ($216) per month. The last time Kuwait’s minimum wage was adjusted was on April 14, 2010. Due to the minimum wage, many migrants usually ask do waiters in Kuwait get tips? Kuwait is a fast-developing country with many people living well within a good standard of living. Therefore, you are very much likely to come across people willing to spare a buck for you if you serve them well in a restaurant.

What is the highest salary for a Waiter?

If you are looking at making a career out of serving in restaurants and want to know how high you can get paid, the list below is for you. We all know a restaurant waiter’s salary in Kuwait, but what is the highest salary a waiter working in the food service sector can earn?

Below is our list of the top highest salaries for a waiter.

Captain Waiter

Payscale: $25,000-$53,500 year

Currently, the average salary for a Captain Waiter in the United States is between $25,000 (25th percentile) and $53,500 (75th percentile) per year. This wide range of prospective salaries implies that, depending on skill level, region, and years of experience, there may be numerous prospects for growth and better income.

According to recent job posting activity on, there aren’t many employers hiring for the position of captain waiter in the United States. To identify occupations with more active chances, you can try looking up titles with similar meanings.

Fine Dining Server

  • Annual pay average: $51,248
  • jobs growth: 20%
  • Hilton, Hyatt, and Marriott International are all hiring.

Compared to most informal restaurants and diners, fine dining establishments and hotels demand specific serving skills. A fine dining server’s duties include taking orders and entering them into computers, communicating with customers, explaining the menu in more detail, and paying for each table when customers are ready to go.

Marriott Hotels have branches in Kuwait. You can visit and apply for the open vacancies in the hotel.

Banquet Server

  • Average salary: $31,913 
  • Employment growth: 17%
  • Hilton, Hyatt, Marriott International, and Starwood Hotels and Resorts are all hiring.

At various catering events, a banquet waiter or server is in charge of providing food and beverages to visitors and clients. They collect orders, deliver drinks, and if necessary, refill them. Setting up the banquet room and communicating sensitive or vital information regarding orders, such as allergies, are additional job duties.

The payment scale is well above the average restaurant waiter’s salary in Kuwait. If you apply for the position in any of the above hotels in Kuwait you will be earning around the figure displayed above.

Specialist in Food Service

  • Average annual salary: $35,287
  • Jobs growth: 15%
  • Companies currently recruiting include Walt Disney, Costco Wholesale, and Morrison Healthcare

Food service specialists offer assistance with a range of food preparation-related tasks. They also serve clients, restock supplies, operate the cash register, and fill vending machines, among other tasks. High sanitary standards need to be followed by food specialists.


  • The annual average pay of $39,283
  • Jobs added: 20%
  • Employers include Texas Roadhouse, BJ’s Restaurants, Red Lobster, and Olive Garden.

Servers take customers’ orders for food and beverages at a variety of restaurants and hotels. These workers frequently work variable shifts and are expected to possess in-depth knowledge of the menu and other offerings in the area. A server’s other responsibilities include liaising with the kitchen crew.

How much is a cook paid in Kuwait?

We have seen quite a lot about a restaurant waiter’s salary in Kuwait, but how much is a cook paid in Kuwait? especially, if you are a migrant cook.

In Kuwait, the average monthly salary for a cook is roughly 680 KWD. The lowest salary is 360 KWD, while the highest is 1,040 KWD (highest).

This is the typical monthly wage, which also includes housing, transportation, and other amenities. Based on experience, abilities, gender, or region, cook pay varies greatly. You can find a thorough analysis based on a variety of factors below.

Which country pays highest for waiters?

The United States has the biggest number of incomes in the world, with an average yearly wage of $ 57138, or about 37.85 lakh rupees.

The income gap between the top and lowest earners in this country is the largest in the world, making it the country with the highest level of income inequality globally. It’s noteworthy to note that most businesses pay their American staff once a week.

How much are waiters paid in Saudi Arabia?

Much like the restaurant waiter’s salary in Kuwait, many queries we get also point to how much are waiters paid in Saudi Arabia. Kuwait and Saudi Arabia are both Arab countries and share similarities in culture and religion.

In Saudi Arabia, the average salary for a bar waiter or waitress is SAR 53,566 per year and SAR 26 per hour. A bar waiter or waitress may expect to make between SAR 41,299 and SAR 61,654 on average.

The highest degree of education for a bar waiter/waitress is usually a High School Degree. This analysis of salary is based on salary survey data gathered from Saudi Arabian businesses and anonymous employees.

What are the questions asked in Waiter interview?

If you want to pass your interview as a waiter/waitress, you will prepare for some essential basic questions the interviewer will throw at you. That way, you will not be caught unaware or in a tight corner with some questions.

A sound show of confidence during an interview can also help you negotiate a good restaurant waiter salary in Kuwait.

Q1. Why do you want to be a Waitress/Waiter and what can you bring to the role?

In addition to helping me meet new people, which I like doing, waitressing also enables me to pick up new skills quickly and make sure I can provide the high-quality service that diners expect.


Q2. What is your greatest strength as a server?

In my 10 years of serving customers, I’ve always been on time, and attentive, and have never left a table unattended for an extended period of time. I’m committed to providing better service and ensuring that everyone functions as a cohesive team.

Q3. What is your biggest weakness when serving?

Since I want every customer to be content, comfortable, and well cared for, trying to accomplish too much at once is my problem. But in order to avoid becoming overburdened, I do need to learn to slow down and focus.

Q4. What is your experience level as a waiter/waitress?

If you have experience. My expertise as a server spans more than six years if that helps. I have helped a variety of clients over that time. I’ve set tables, learned how to make different drinks, handled a variety of point-of-sale systems, and always tried to contribute.

Without experience: I don’t have any formal experience, but despite this, I’m very eager to learn how to be the greatest server I can be. I am friendly and lively, and I genuinely want my customers to have a wonderful time. I’ll put my best foot forward and am eager to receive training and pick up the skills necessary.

Q5. What do you love most about being a waiter or waitress?

I enjoy serving because it gives me the chance to talk to customers, use my improvisational skills, and learn something new every day that will help me provide better service. I adore watching customers have fun and grin. There are always a ton of things to do when you work as a waiter, which is something I adore.

Work on the questions and answers above, and you will not have to worry or ask how can I pass my waiter interview.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the helper’s salary in Kuwait?

Helper Jobs In Kuwait International 4,00,000 – 5,50,000 PA.

How much is a receptionist paid in Kuwait?

Salaries for front desk receptionists, with a median income of KWD 400, and salaries for secretaries are the same in Kuwait.

How is daily salary calculated in Kuwait?

The entire month, not just the working days, is taken into account while preparing monthly payrolls. Therefore, if a person makes KD 300 per month and the month is 30 days long, his daily compensation will be KD 10.

How much a waiter earns in Dubai?

In Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the typical monthly wage for a waiter is AED 1,800. With a range of AED 2,318 to AED 22,080, the average additional cash wage for a waiter in the Dubai, United Arab Emirates region is AED 8,450.

How much is salary of hotel workers in Kuwait?

Hotel Jobs In Kuwait pay as much as 35,00,000 – 60,00,000 Per annum.


With a projected increase in job growth as a result of the country becoming a resort center for vacations, this is the right time for one to apply for restaurant jobs in Kuwait.

The restaurant waiter’s salaries in Kuwait are also going to rise as more restaurants open up in the cities and other suburbs in the country.

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Lastly, ensure you visit the Moden News homepage and also check out our Salary category, for more essential salary information.

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