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What Is Regional Marketing Director?

The Regional Marketing director is accountable for the company’s marketing strategy within a specific geographic region. The marketing director’s job is to formulate a strategic plan for an area that aligns with the overall goals.

He oversees the marketing directors and associates and assistants assigned to his particular region and works in conjunction with other regional directors of marketing who are responsible for various geographical areas. Regional directors are usually the highest-ranking position within the marketing department and are directly accountable to the vice president of marketing or another chief executive.

The marketing departments of big corporations are looking for ways to advertise the products they sell to different markets. Instead of treating their sales department as a single entity, many companies divide the whole area into smaller segments. This allows the business to manage its business better and splits the market according to essential criteria that will enable it to focus its marketing message. The smaller segments are usually determined by geography.

Geographical division can be either local, national or international. For instance, multinational corporations could define their areas in North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia. On the other hand, a business only within the US may define its regions by aggregating them into groups of states, for example, northeast central, and northwestern. In the same way, the US company based within New York State New York might define its regions as the region upstate and that of the New York City region.


The companies assign a regional marketing director to lead each region. The director is usually responsible for developing and creating a strategy to grow the market for that region. The plan must fit into the framework of the overall marketing strategy. The entire marketing team who are part of this region work under the regional marketing director and works up to him via the chain of control. In many ways, the regional marketing team functions as a marketing department within a marketing department.

The regional director of marketing is expected to be aware of the area’s requirements. He is in charge of identifying new strategies that boost the company’s market share and beginning partnerships that aid the region in reaching its goals. Directors of regional offices are judged on the performance of their parts and the region’s performance relative to the other restricted areas.

Daily, the regional marketing director conducts meetings, assesses the staff, handles the budget, creates plans, and oversees advertising, marketing, and promotion efforts for the business and its products. The director also attends company-wide meetings as a representative of the region’s interests on issues affecting the whole company. He is also usually given the power to structure his staff and hire and dismiss employees when needed.

What Does A Director Of Marketing Do?

Regional marketing directors oversee the marketing operations in the region. They are the ones who care about the execution of plans and projects, establish guidelines and schedules, collaborate with managers, conduct analysis of market trends and research to discover the latest trends and opportunities, review the current marketing plans and plans, and develop strategies to improve regional operations.

Additionally, as a regional director of marketing, it is vital to manage and inspire the team to meet their objectives while adhering to and encouraging the business’s policies and rules, as well as its vision and mission.


Here are some examples of tasks from real resumes of regional marketing directors resumes that show typical duties they’re likely to complete in their positions.

  • Control employee payroll and manage administrative processes.
  • Create online marketing campaigns, including social media and mobile marketing, creating new marketing channels to increase customer satisfaction.
  • Social media tools are used, like Hootsuite, Woobox, and Instagram.
  • The company is leading UnitedHealthcare’s participation and branding for the Federal and state exchanges for healthcare markets. What Does A Director Of Marketing Do
  • Balance production of sales and marketing ROI and overhead costs by strategic planning and forward-looking.
  • Introduce the healthcare market using a branding and lead generation strategy that targets competitors’ weak points in their analytics.
  • Create a marketing strategy for new tanning products within an assigned region.
  • Create marketing plans based on research or analysis of data and creation to implementation as well as ROI analysis and later revision.
  • Use data analytics to inform better decision-making and evaluation of the effectiveness of strategies and programs and find opportunities.
  • Collaborate closely and efficiently with the sales department and critical distributors in creating relevant consumer and retail-related promotions within your territory.
  • Translate the business goals of your sponsor into efficient optimization strategies as you perform the technical analysis of site performance and execution of marketing design.
  • Create and implement a standard online process to print menus and distribution them. This will result in less printing and shipping costs.
  • Offer suggestions to support regional marketing and execution of large regional initiatives, Local marketing strategies, and B2B/B2C campaigns.
  • Create and execute a strategic direction that creates possibilities in OEM and products supporting civil and aggressive markets.

Do Marketing Directors Make A Lot Of Money?

Yes, marketing managers earn plenty of money. The highest earning 25th percentile is paid a total that is more than $185,000. New York, New Jersey, Virginia, and Colorado have the highest average salaries in the field of management.

It is usually regarded as to be a top job. Marketing managers are accountable for analyzing the results of marketing initiatives and leading and managing teams. The position is a lengthy one that requires years of experience. The job may be reported directly to the chief financial officer, vice president, or marketing director.

This job typically requires more than 40 hours per week and is rewarded with huge bonuses and additions to the earnings per year.

Regional Director Of Marketing Salary

The average annual salary for Regional Marketing Directors across the United States is $89,062 annually.

If you require a basic salary calculation, this amounts to roughly $42.82 per hour. So it’s the equivalent of $1,712/week or $7.421/month.

Although has seen annual salaries up to $188,000 and at as little as $34,500, the majority of Regional Marketing Director salaries currently vary from $50k (25th percentile) to $120,000 (75th percentile) with the highest earners (90th percentile) earning $126,000 per year throughout all across the United States. Regional Marketing Directors’ median pay varies dramatically (nearly $70,000).

This suggests there are many possibilities to advance and higher pay depending on your level of expertise, the place of work, and many years of experience.

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Based on the latest job posting activity on, According to recent job postings on, the Regional Marketing Director job market as well Lagos, NG, and throughout the state is not particularly active, as only a few companies are hiring.

The Regional Director from your region earns, on average, $89,062 annually, which is similar to the average national pay of $89,062. It is ranked number one out of 50 states in the United States for the salaries of Regional Marketing Directors.
To determine the most precise annual pay range for the position of Regional Marketing Director, continuously scans its database of millions of current local jobs published throughout America.

Top 10 Highest Paying Cities for Regional Marketing Director Jobs

We’ve identified ten cities where the median cost of the position of Regional Marketing Director is higher than the average for all of the nation.

Top of the list the top spot is Green River, WY, with Atkinson, NE, and San Francisco, CA, close behind in the second and third places. San Francisco, CA, beats the national average by $13,705 (15.4 percent), and Green River, WY, furthers that trend by an additional $22,101 (24.8 percent) higher than the $89,062 average.

These ten cities have an average salary more significant than national medians. The potential for growth and economic development by moving cities as Regional Marketing Directors appear to be highly profitable.

A final point to think about is the median salary of these top ten cities that, which varies by a small amount, around 11 percent in Green River, WY, and Marysville, WA, reinforcing the limitations of increase in wages.

The potential for a cheaper cost of living could be the most crucial reason to consider the location and the salary of a Regional Marketing Director position.


CityAnnual SalaryMonthly PayWeekly PayHourly Wage
Green River, WY$111,163$9,263$2,137$53.44
Atkinson, NE$110,136$9,178$2,118$52.95
San Francisco, CA$102,767$8,563$1,976$49.41
Cool Valley, MO$102,282$8,523$1,966$49.17
Bolinas, CA$102,251$8,520$1,966$49.16
Washington, DC$101,939$8,494$1,960$49.01
Los Angeles, CA$100,392$8,366$1,930$48.27
Jersey City, NJ$100,235$8,352$1,927$48.19
Kensington, NY$100,137$8,344$1,925$48.14
Marysville, WA$98,933$8,244$1,902$47.56
Top 10 Highest Paying Cities for Regional Marketing Director Jobs

Which Marketing Manager Has the Highest Salary?

It is a sought-after career Marketing professionals with experience are highly compensated. Here’s our list of the best eight most pay jobs in the marketing field.

Note: All figures listed below are estimates for the year and are all in USD. It is only possible to provide a range since the exact figure will depend on the level of experience, seniority, and previous experience.

1. Corporate Communications Director

The director of corporate communications oversees branding across various platforms and is accountable for creating a positive image for the company. In addition, they develop effective marketing communications strategies and work with the executive leadership of the business to formulate the corporate mission.

Salary Range: $105,651 to $130,607

2. Marketing Research Director

Marketing research directors are professionals responsible for managing the market research department. They oversee the research practices of the company and are knowledgeable of the functions of marketing development.

Salary Range: $167,508 to $204,746

3. Director of Email Marketing

A marketing director for email creates and implements strategies for email marketing to boost brand awareness and engage with clients. In addition, they usually oversee their creative and analysis teams to design and enhance successful email marketing campaigns.

Salary Range: $58,000 to $161,000

4. Director of Digital Marketing

They are usually accountable for overseeing the entire digital media strategy for the company. This involves working closely with the digital team and developing marketing strategies to increase brand awareness. The position requires a thorough understanding of the latest marketing techniques and an enthusiasm for technological advancements.

Salary Range: $158,633 to $205,652

5. Content Marketing Director

As the name implies, experts are responsible for the content of the business’s marketing strategy. This includes design, content planning, development, and planning. In addition, they are knowledgeable of various marketing channels for content across both print and digital.

Salary Range: $174,700 to $216,100

6. Product Marketing Manager

The main objective of a marketer is to create market demand for a product by developing efficient marketing strategies. In addition, the position leader is responsible for creating and distributing crucial promotional campaigns to enhance the image of the item.

Salary Range: $121,813 to $156,293

7. Demand Generation Manager

Senior marketing professionals are skilled in executing demand-generation strategies and optimizing customer experiences. They employ strategic expertise and marketing strategies to create awareness of new products and services.

Salary Range: $82,410 to $105,971

8. Brand Marketing Manager

They oversee the brand strategy to ensure that its services, marketing, and advertising campaigns align with the business’s image. This job requires a mix of creativity and expertise in marketing.

Salary Range: $63,983 to $95,112

What Does A Director Of Marketing Do?

  • The creation and development of extensive marketing strategies that create awareness of the business actions
  • We monitor the department and give direction and feedback to other marketing professionals.
  • Making ideas for promotional events and activities and making them happen efficiently

We seek an experienced Marketing Director to manage the company’s marketing initiatives. The primary task is to develop and implement strategies to improve the company’s presence in the marketplace and assist it in finding a “voice” that will make a difference.

The ideal candidate is an expert with years of experience, a passion for their work, and the ability to utilize unique marketing methods. In addition, the candidate must be a proficient marketer and adept at generating imagination and enthusiasm.

The objective is to increase the share of market shares for the company and increase revenues to stand out from rivals.


  • Develop and implement complete marketing strategies that create awareness about the company’s operations
  • Direct the Department and offer guidance and feedback to other professionals in marketing
  • Develop ideas for other activities and plan them effectively
  • Create and carry out promotions for the corporate and the launch of new products, etc.
  • Track the progress and prepare reports on performance
  • Responsible for creating helpful content for the company’s web presence, its editorial design, and managing its publication.
  • Conduct market research on a general basis to keep up-to-date with trends and competitors’ marketing moves.
  • Control budgets and distribute resources between projects
  • Assist the organization’s representative to external parties like media and customers, and possible clients and establish strategic partnerships

The requirements and abilities

  • Experienced as a Marketing Director.
  • Outstanding leadership and ability to manage
  • Analytical and imaginative thinking
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal abilities
  • Keep up-to-date with current and modern online marketing techniques and best practices.
  • An in-depth understanding of Web Analytics (e.g., Google Analytics, WebTrends, etc.) and Google Adwords
  • A customer-focused approach with a flair for
  • Professionally chartered marketing (CIM) is a benefit.
  • BBA or BSc in business administration communications, marketing, and communications, or a related area
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What Is The Role Of Regional Marketing?

We are searching for an objective regional marketing manager to execute marketing strategies that align with the region’s demographics. Your tasks will include forecasting sales requirements and budgets for campaign campaigns and working with sales teams to make sure that the marketing is in line with the image of the brand or company.

To succeed as a regional manager, it is essential to connect with local businesses to boost sales, manage your region’s budget, and increase your company’s sales within the area. A top regional marketing director must know customers’ requirements from different geographical regions and modify the marketing plan in line with their needs.

Regional Marketing Manager Responsibilities:

  • Setting specific regional marketing objectives and goals.
  • Assisting the director of marketing in coming up with creative strategies.
  • Recommending strategies to be implemented within regional marketing plans.
  • Analyzing local competitors and improving the company’s brand position in the assigned regions.
  • Supervising and creating Regional marketing budgets.
  • In contact with the marketing department to provide alternatives to the product.
  • Understanding the national marketing strategies and making them more suited to specific regions.
  • Achieving a thorough understanding of the financial goals of the area and the most critical success indicators.
  • Collaborating with marketing, leading, developing, and overseeing the budget for regional marketing.
  • Evaluation of the efficiency and marketing strategies Return on Investment (ROI).

Regional Marketing Manager Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degrees in marketing, business communications, finance, or related areas.
  • A master’s level degree could be beneficial.
  • Minimum of 7 years experience in the field of marketing or a management position.
  • Expertise in the best practices in digital marketing.
  • Experience working with the tools of marketing and software.
  • Experience working in a technological setting.
  • The ability to lead an entire team and manage staff issues.
  • Excellent organizational skills and knowledge of communication.
  • Problem-solving, leadership, and networking abilities.
  • Good time-management skills.

Who Is A Regional Manager?

Regional managers are responsible for specific actions taken within a specific geographical area. This term is typically utilized in a business structure, especially for retail and insurance companies. Specific non-profit organizations also have positions within their field organizations. In almost all cases, the field, a manager of this kind serves as the vital communication link to local operations and the corporate headquarters.

Within the retail sector, regional managers typically oversee the individual stores owned by a retail company. In the field management of most prominent retailers, stores are divided into geographical areas known by the name of areas. Each store within the region is considered the region’s responsibility. The regional manager supervises their operations and conforms to the corporate guidelines. In particular, for large businesses, the regional district manager could support the manager.

To fulfill the tasks of a regional manager in the retail business, one must establish an excellent relationship with the manager of the stores within the area. It is much easier to carry out directives from the corporate and gather information from field workers and give it to corporate executives in a structured way. A regional manager for retail usually is in charge of hiring and dismissing store managers, assisting every store manager as they strive to make stores profitable, and ensuring that each store within the region is well-organized and operating by the rules and instructions set forth by the company.

What Are The Responsibilities Of A Regional Sales Manager

We are searching for a Regional Sales Manager to extend our client base and accomplish sales quantities for the precise locale of our organization.

To succeed in this job, you ought to have experience dealing with the activity of a store (or several stores) while taking responsibility for arriving at targets. You should likewise have the option to direct a group of salespeople and define beneficial objectives from a distance. Our ideal up-and-comers consolidate incredible relational abilities with an essential outlook.

Eventually, you will guarantee your area of obligation meets and surpasses the assumptions for our business goals and adds to our organization’s progress over the long haul.


  • Make regional sales plans and portions in arrangement with business goals
  • Support Head supervisors with everyday store activity
  • Assess store and individual exhibitions
  • Report on regional sales results
  • Gauge quarterly and yearly benefits
  • Distinguish employing needs, select and prepare new salespeople
  • Plan and survey the yearly financial plan for the area of obligation
  • Dissect regional market drifts and find new open doors for development
  • Address expected issues and propose brief arrangements
  • Take part in choices for extension or securing
  • Recommend new administrations/items and creative sales procedures to increment consumer loyalty

What Makes A Good Regional Manager?

A good regional manager knows their industry. You should have broad involvement with your business area and be educated on all operational practices. Solid business, correspondence, and planning abilities are vital for this work, as are using time effectively and critical thinking abilities. Having superb administration abilities assists you with propelling workers and resolving clashes while consenting to all HR arrangements.

What Do You Need To Become A Regional Manager?

Here is a rundown of steps you can follow to assist you with beginning your profession as a regional manager:

1. Procure a college degree

Procuring a college degree can assist you with creating significant business-related abilities and information to assist you with satisfying the work liabilities of a regional manager all the more effectively. In addition, it can assist with further developing your resume qualifications and permit you to become more observable to possible bosses.

Most frequently, while seeking a regional manager position, it is useful to procure a college degree in significant areas of study, like business organization, promotion, measurements, or sales. In addition, taking electives in subjects such as correspondence or authority during your school professionals can likewise be useful to foster your regional manager abilities.

2. Acquire important experience

It tends to be significant for regional managers to acquire applicable involvement with their preferred field, whether it’s sales, retail, or the food administration industry. An excellent method to acquire relevant experience is to begin your profession as a section-level representative and comprehend how your chosen organization works.

In addition, it is useful to dive more deeply into the mid-level administration positions’ capability by chatting with the ongoing general and regional managers. Educating them regarding your vocational desires can likewise assist them with situating you for authority, opening doors, and company headway after some time with the organization.

3. Get a certificate

Contingent upon which field of business you’re seeking after, acquiring various certificates can assist you with fostering your abilities and capabilities for the regional manager position. Assuming you want to get ensured in a specific area of business or skill, consider looking on the web for a certificate course or test that can furnish you with compelling qualifications.

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A few courses online can offer you certificates in retail, executives, client commitment, and business sales, and that’s just the beginning.

4. Think about advanced education

However, the regional manager position doesn’t need a graduate degree. Instead, seeking advanced education can be useful in fostering your word-related abilities and potentially setting out more work open doors later. Majors, for example, an expert in a business organization or an expert of science in business, can assist you with further developing your industry information and mastery to assist you with satisfying your regional manager’s work liabilities all the more effectively. The degree can likewise offer you the chance to seek other high-level positions like a locale manager or other leadership jobs.

What’s the Difference Between Area Manager And a Regional Manager?

There is a wide range of kinds of managers. Two normal positions are a regional manager and a regional manager. Although these jobs share a few likenesses, there are likewise a few strong contrasts.

In this article, we examine the distinctions between regional managers and regional managers. We additionally give data on the abilities and experience you want to seek after each kind of administration position.

What is a Regional Manager?

Regional Managers are liable for the public exhibition of an organization’s stores or areas inside an assigned topographical region. They foster methodologies to develop store execution further and meet sales targets. Regional Managers likewise regulate the recruiting and preparing of senior supervisors and staff. They execute showcasing efforts and limited-time exercises. Furthermore, Regional Managers screen store consistency with organization strategies and systems. They explore and determine client objections. Regional Managers normally report to the VP of Stores or Activities.

What is a Region Manager?

A Region Manager is an undeniable level manager who regulates the tasks of a particular topographical region for an organization. They are answerable for guaranteeing that all organization objectives and targets are met inside the area they make due. Region Managers normally have a group of managers who report to them and to who they delegate errands. They additionally frequently have direct reports, like Region Agents or Region Bosses. Region Managers normally foster methodologies and plans to work on the effectiveness and efficiency of the area they make due. They likewise work to determine any issues that might emerge.

Regional Manager versus Region Manager

Here are the principal distinctions between a regional manager and a regional manager.

Work Obligations

Regional and region managers share a portion of their work obligations, yet each has outstanding obligations connected with their particular geological areas. For example, a region manager directs the presentation of a particular geographic locale inside an association. They’re liable for guaranteeing that all workers in that locale are performing at expected levels and assisting them with improving, assuming they’re failing to meet expectations. Region managers may also assist regional managers with business choices by giving input on their direct locales.

Regional managers have large numbers of similar work obligations as region managers. However, they likewise play out extra errands connected with growing the compass of an association across different districts. For example, they frequently work with regional sales groups to guarantee that these gatherings pursue shared objectives and can help find new dispersion channels for items or administrations. Regional managers likewise may give preparation to regional sales groups and care staff individuals who work in various areas.

Work Prerequisites

To become a regional manager, you may require five years of involvement with the executives or a related field. A few managers might favor competitors with a graduate degree in a business organization (MBA) or a related field, yet it only calls for some investment. To become an area manager, you may require three years of involvement with the executives or a related field. Similarly, as with regional managers, a few bosses might incline toward up-and-comers with an MBA or a related field. Again, however, it is only needed some of the time.


Regional and region managers work in various conditions. Regional managers commonly travel to various areas inside their locale, so they might invest much energy in planes. They likewise frequently work in regional workplaces close to air terminals for simple admittance to flights. Region managers work in one area, yet they might visit different regions inside their domain to meet with representatives and clients.

Region managers might have more ordinary hours than regional managers since they don’t go such a lot. But, be that as it may, the two kinds of managers can work extended periods when important.


There are a few likenesses in the abilities required for regional managers and regional managers. The two positions require brilliant relational abilities, as they will be liable for speaking with representatives, clients, and different partners. They additionally both need serious areas of strength to have abilities to deal with their groups and tasks.

Nonetheless, there are a few distinctions in the abilities required for these two positions. Regional managers commonly need more insight and information about the organization’s items or administrations, as they are liable for dealing with different areas. They additionally should have the option to pursue choices rapidly and proficiently, as they might have a different degree of help than an area manager. In addition, region managers generally should be more acquainted with the neighborhood market, as they are liable for dealing with an isolated area. They likewise should have the option to construct associations with clients and representatives, as they might be more associated with everyday activities.


Regional managers acquire a typical compensation of $81,560 each year, while region managers procure a typical compensation of $67,336 each year. Both pay rates might differ depending on the organization’s size, the area of the gig, and the degree of involvement the manager has.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which marketing firm offers the highest salaries?

The top employers that provide highly paid marketing jobs are Oracle, DSIYS, Accenture, and Deloitte.

What entry-level marketing position pays the most?

The average annual salary for an email marketing specialist is $54,456, making it one of the highest-paying entry-level marketing positions.

What Positions in Marketing Are in Demand?

Some of the most sought-after marketing positions include those for social media and content specialists, marketing analysts, and search engine marketing specialists.

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