Red Cross Jobs in Uganda | Red Cross Uganda Jobs 2023/2024

Red Cross Jobs in Uganda | Red Cross Uganda Jobs 2023

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We were able to extract the available jobs at Red Cross across multiple fields and job opportunities.

About Red Cross in Uganda

Uganda The top humanitarian organization in Uganda is Red Cross. The Red Cross Act, Cap. 57 of the Laws of Uganda, which was passed in 1964 by an act of Parliament, established the organization. We are a part of the Geneva Conventions-inspired International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.

Over 350,000 people are registered members of the National Society, and 1.5 million people have benefited from its activities. 51 Branch Offices service Uganda under the URCS umbrella. In order to carry out its mission, URCS collaborates with a variety of partners as a member of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, which is made up of the International Federation and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

Apart from the many humanitarian services, Red Cross is equally deeply involved in economic and human capital development through the job opportunities their activities bring to the citizens.

Title: Data Officer – Restoration of Family Links (RFL)

Location: Uganda

At URCS Headquarters, the Restoration of Family Links (RFL) will be in charge of managing the RFL data and other material that has been gathered to assist the RFL Program. Support for the Family Links Answers Database and RFL Program Case Management will also fall under the purview of this position.


  • Support all the Family Links Answers (FLA) databases technically
  • Create and submit personal work plans for projects to the RFL Programme Management and DRM;
  • Create FLA reports and analyze cases in the database, then distribute them.
  • Make sure that customers who want Red Cross Restoring Family Links Services are properly informed about the available services;
  • A minimum of a bachelor’s degree in statistics, quantitative methods, demography, population studies, economics, or a field closely related to an accredited, renowned university is required.
  • There is a need for additional training in project monitoring and evaluation, as well as data analysis software.

Title: Call Centre Operator Assistant

Location: Uganda

About Fresher Call Centre Operator Assistant Job Opportunities

The contact center operator assistant’s job is to process calls for ambulatory/emergency health care services as quickly and accurately as possible so that they can give a suitable answer as efficiently as possible.


  • Respond to incoming calls.
  • Give the callers some basic first-aid instructions.
  • Coordinate contact with the appropriate parties during an emergency response, including the radio call system’s mobilization of ambulances.
  • To oversee and address client complaints.
  • Determine problems and notify managers.
  • Clients should receive product and service information.
  • A bachelor’s degree in information technology, public relations, communication, human resources, SWASA, or a comparable discipline from an accredited university is required of the ideal applicant.
  • Experience working in the private or humanitarian sectors for at least a year.

Title: Welcome Officer (International Committee of the Red Cross)

Location: Uganda

About Welcome Officer Job at Red Cross

The Welcome Officer makes sure that all Welcome-related activities are efficiently planned, including ICRC personnel and visitors’ pick-up and drop-off arrangements as well as transport. Ensures effective communication between the field and Kampala; interacts to exchange information on the local context, security concerns, and community. establishes and maintains a network with the appropriate parties (local organizations, movement partners, camp administration, and civil authorities in the area of responsibility) to keep the ICRC informed about the security, protection, and context dynamics in the Yumbe region.

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  • Arranges and coordinate the enrollment of children of staff and personnel in schools affiliated with the organization.
  • Maintains accurate information in all applicable databases on staff members, missions, and other travel, residence, and any other pertinent details.
  • Arranges for workers and visitors to be picked up and dropped off at the airport in coordination with the departments.
  • Arranges and makes possible, and guarantee suitable lodging (hotel, apartment, house, etc.) for personnel and visitors.
  • A minimum of bachelor’s degrees in international relations, diplomacy, Social sciences, or any related field.
  • 4-6 years of relevant professional experience.
  • Accounting and personnel management expertise.

Title: Drivers

Location: Uganda

About Driver Jobs at Uganda Red Cross Society

The Drivers will offer assistance and transportation services to the URCS Projects around the nation. Under the fleet policy of the business, the driver is also in charge of maintaining the URCS vehicle.


  • As per the policies and procedures of the business, drive authorized workers and visitors to and from various places.
  • Keep vehicles neat and in working order in accordance with URCS policies.
  • All correspondence (mail, messages, parcels, etc.) must be picked up, delivered, and accounted for according to instructions and standard office procedure by the driver.
  • Create a budget and plan for the car, offer additional logistical support, and render recurring accounts.
  • Make sure that safe driving procedures, such as locally accepted norms and driving laws, are followed.
  • At the conclusion of each month, prepare and submit a vehicle monitoring report that includes details on vehicle usage, maintenance, costs, and mileage.
  • The perfect candidate would possess UACE or its equivalent.
  • Driving experience of at least three years with an established company.
  • Driver jobs at Uganda Red Cross Society is for those with sound knowledge of traffic laws.

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Title: Head of Sub-Structure at International Committee of the Red Cross

Location: Uganda

About Head of Sub-Structure at the International Committee of the Red Cross

According to the policies, objectives, programs, and action plans established by the Kampala Regional Delegation, to which the Head of Substructure reports, the ICRC substructure in Yumbe is managed and they carry its operations out.


  • Identifies humanitarian needs and prioritizes the response in the domain of responsibility by analyzing the humanitarian, political, and security context.
  • Assists in the substructure’s development strategy and objectives and make sure that associated initiatives are implemented and followed up on.
  • Assures that the Restoring Family Links (RFL) they follow rules and working procedures established by the regional delegation.
  • Contributes to their revision of the preparations for visas, permits, official registration, and lodging.
  • Ensures that the working methods and Restoring Family Links (RFL) guidelines established by the Regional delegation are followed.

Title: Project Officer – WASH (Software)

Location: Uganda

Project Officer – WASH (Software)

The management of all soft aware WASH components, programming, materials, financial, and human resources of the National Society within the project area will fall under the purview of the Project Officer WASH (Software).


  • Menstrual hygiene management and hygiene promotion campaigns in the community and schools are two WASH project tasks that require planning, coordination, implementation, evaluation, and suggestions.
  • Creates project budgets and work plans and ensures that project cash and other resources are properly accounted for.
  • Makes timely, high-quality activity reports, and submits them.
  • In compliance with the project’s requirements and URCS norms, creates quarterly and annual project progress reports.
  • Providing guidance, mentoring, and support for project coordinators and volunteers (project leaders and Hygiene Promoters)
  • A minimum of a bachelor’s degree in social sciences or public health is required, along with specific training in methods for promoting hygiene.
  • Minimum 2 years of WASH experience in a development or emergency situation.

Title: Cooperation Officer

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Location: Uganda

About Cooperation NGO Jobs in Uganda

Under ICRC Movement regulations and in conjunction with the regionally active National Society, the Cooperation Officer helps their delegation fulfill its goals for cooperation with the Movement (NS). He or she aids in fostering a strong bond between the ICRC and the National Society (Uganda Red Cross Society, or URCS).


  • Takes part in joint assessments, organizes field excursions, and/or helps expand NS capability.
  • Helps to keep a continual eye on the actions, capabilities, and affairs of the Movement. participates in the planning of different Movement meetings.
  • When necessary, in bilateral meetings with Movement Partners, represents the line manager.
  • Drafts reports or notes on important subjects or problems that the Cooperation has identified.
  • Assists with reporting on Tracing efforts when appropriate.
  • Degree in political science, communication, economics, law, or finance from a university.
  • A minimum of four years of experience working with multilateral partners Outstanding reporting abilities and a steady eye for detail.

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Title: Branch Manager

Location: Uganda

About Branch Manager NGO Jobs in Uganda

The Branch Manager will be in charge of directing the implementation of URCS Strategic Option 2 and the organization’s core initiatives, including the promotion of Red Cross values and principles, first aid, disaster preparedness, and response, recruitment of blood donors, membership recruitment, mobilization of local resources, and volunteer management.


  • URCS Strategic Option 2: Strengthen Branch Membership Management implementation. Distribute and put into effect all URCS-approved policies.
  • Adhere to and take the lead in putting into place at the Branch level the URCS-approved systems and structures.
  • Prepare for, oversee, and implement membership recruitment efforts.
  • Initiate the Branch’s resource mobilization and develop Branch sustainability plans.
  • The candidate must be a graduate of a respected university with a bachelor’s degree in social sciences, education, organizational psychology, human resource management, law, or a related discipline.

Title: Cashier/Accountant

Location: Uganda

About Cashier/Accountant

With strict adherence to the application of the ICRC’s financial management guidelines, the Cashier/Accountant is responsible for the physical processing of cash transactions and the integrity of physical cash balances in the delegation.


  • Carries out daily currency reconciliation and cash count for both domestic and international currencies.
  • Participates in the management of cash flow by providing adequate liquidity at the delegation and efficient coordination of bank cash replenishment.
  • Maintains accounting records in a current state at all times and ensures that they file correctly pertinent supporting documents for future use, including audits.
  • Submission and timely payment of monthly statutory deductions, such as NSSF, PAYE, and LST. preparation and submission of VAT refund returns.
  • A university degree in finance, accounting, business administration, or a closely related discipline is required of candidates for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) Cashier/Accountant position.
  • A minimum of three years of relevant experience.
  • Experience working with a global business is advantageous.

Title: Health Officer

Location: Uganda

About Health Officer Red Cross Jobs in Uganda

Besides other COVID-19-related tasks, the Public Health Officer will be in charge of assisting CES operations at the district levels.


  • To ensure the effectiveness of interventions, complete results-based activities on schedule and within the project’s budget and scope.
  • Assist districts with project planning efforts in advance, as well as training for various stakeholders and action planning.
  • Bachelor’s degree at the very least in health sciences An added advantage is having a postgraduate degree in public health or a similar subject.
  • A minimum of three years of experience with the Red Cross movement implementing community-based health programs.
  • Experience from doing similar Red cross jobs in Uganda.

How to Apply for Red Cross Jobs in Uganda 202/2024

Interested Persons who meet the application criteria should click on the application links and apply. Red Cross jobs in Uganda are non-discriminatory and are open to all Ugandans.

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Furthermore, all applications and certifications submitted for Red Cross jobs 2023 Uganda will be subject to screening and verification. Any false document or qualification will lead to the disqualification of such a candidate.

Becoming a Red Cross Instructor

Instructor Courses: A hybrid approach that includes both online and classroom sessions.

All Red Cross programs are available.

This course will prepare instructor candidates to teach the discipline-specific course in which they are enrolled. You must have a current American Red Cross provider certification (in the discipline you desire to teach) or equivalent to participate in this course.

It is critical that you review and follow the instructions on the e-mail attachment issued with your registration confirmation after registering for a scheduled Red Cross Instructor Course. This course is a hybrid of online information, a skills session, and classroom elements. Prior to participating in classroom activities, online coursework must be completed.

The classroom session will show how to use Red Cross educational materials to teach a course in either a standard classroom or a blended course setting. You will also learn how to document the course on the Red Cross Learning Center Instructor portal and issue digital certification cards to your successful students.

Educational Resources:

The Red Cross offers free digital teaching material downloads. You can also decide to buy print / ad material if you want.

The Red Cross also offers free digital downloads of student materials. Print student manuals are available for purchase on the Red Cross website,

Bridge Courses for Instructors

The online instructor bridge courses are intended to allow instructors who are already qualified with authorized, equivalent training organizations to become American Red Cross instructors.

Candidates for the teacher bridge must have a current provider level (basic-level) certification from the American Heart Association or ASHI, as well as an equivalent instructor certification.

To complete the program and gain American Red Cross instructor certification, candidates must meet the course criteria and upload a valid credential.

Those who enroll in this online bridge course on or after May 13, 2022 will not be required to complete an Instructor Update in order to teach the new Focused Updates and Guidelines 2021 content that will be available in June 2022.

The Red Cross Instructor Bridge Courses are available online and are completely free. Go to the Red Cross Learning Center web portal and select “Take a Class” from the side menu to begin the Bridge Course.

Affiliate with the ERTSS LTP and begin teaching after successfully completing the RED Cross Instructor Bridge online.

Finally, application for Jobs at the Uganda Red Cross Society is free. Avoid scammers and fake recruitment officials. Only use the application links provided above.

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