Product Manager Marketing: How To Become Product Marketing Manager

So you want to be a marketing product manager? To back yourself up, you must first ensure that you have the necessary skills, experience, drive, and track record in both product marketing and management.

Making the transition from product marketing practitioner to product manager is less about being a rockstar with the highest close rate on your team and more about your ability to motivate, lead, and elevate others to achieve more.

While all product managers must have hands-on experience converting prospects into customers, there are a variety of other (equally important) product manager skills you must possess in order to excel in this role.

This article will provide you with specific information that will assist you in becoming an effective product marketing manager in the United States.

What Exactly is a Product Manager Marketing?

While the definition of product manager marketing varies greatly from organization to organization, in the primary context of most businesses, a product manager marketing is defined as follows:

As a person who is in charge of building, leading, and managing a product marketing team within an organization.

His or her responsibility includes:

  • Prior to a product launch: product manager marketing may interpret market research and apply pertinent findings to the development process. Their suggestions may have an impact on product features, user experience, naming, and packaging.
  • During the launch of a product: Product marketing managers will be in charge of the product’s marketing strategy. They will ensure that all product messaging is accurate and presented in a way that potential customers will find interesting. They may also be in charge of creating product-related content such as videos, blog posts, or slide presentations.
  • After a product launch: He or she will monitor customer feedback and respond as needed. They may pursue future growth campaigns and studies, or they may suggest potential improvements to future product iterations.

Pros of becoming a product manager marketing

Here is the reason why you should consider this job role:

  • Competitive pay
  • Career stability
  • Flexible working options
  • A varied role

Competitive pay

Excellent product marketing managers are in high demand and can command high salaries.

Career stability

Organizations must market their products or services in a way that sets them apart from competitors. This makes product marketing managers extremely valuable in a wide range of organizations of all shapes and sizes.

Flexible working options

Product manager marketing has the flexibility to work from home due to their frequently hectic schedules.

A diverse role

A product manager marketing role incorporates elements of various roles and disciplines and is thus one of the most varied roles available, making it ideal for all-rounders.

What is the difference between a product manager and a product marketing manager?

A Product Manager is the internal voice of the product, while a Product Marketing Manager is the voice of the product to the outside world. A Product Manager is more concerned with completing the product. They will work more closely with engineers, own the roadmap, and make decisions about which features will be developed and who will develop them.

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When it comes to launching, they have very different questions. A product manager will ask themselves, “Does the product solve the problem?” However, a product manager marketing questions, “How will we tell people it solves the problem?”

They will collaborate with sales to develop the launch strategy. This could include making demos, social media content, email announcements, landing pages, or anything else that helps spread the word! It makes no difference how good a product is if no one knows about it!

Product marketing manager job description

A product manager’s marketing role is to communicate the worth of specific goods to people outside of the organization, such as potential buyers, clients, or investors. Although the role varies by company, the following are some common responsibilities you may see in the job description:

  • Build on product messaging that sets new products apart from others in the market to give them a unique selling point
  • Communicate the vision and value of new products to the sales team and develop sales tools that facilitate the selling process
  • Plan and participate in the launch of new services and products which involve several different departments
  • Brief the press and PR teams about new products
  • Take part in presentations
  • Obtain insights into customers’ usage of current products, untapped opportunities, and buyer personas, through interviews, surveys, focus groups, and sales data
  • Review inventory levels and ensure product availability
  • Agree on timelines and deadlines for the development of new products with product management, engineering, or manufacturing departments
  • Use market research data to establish product pricing
  • Create content such as case studies, videos, website copy, and blog posts
  • Speak and present about products to both external and internal audiences
  • Test new goods and products
  • Propose and keep within a budget
  • Research competitor offerings
  • Recruit and develop a team of product marketing executives

Product marketing manager jobs skills and requirements

These professionals utilize many skills that are shared by both marketers and product managers. Here are some qualities that hiring managers may look for in candidates for the jobs:

  • Experience with basic marketing and campaign management
  • Project management abilities
  • Excellent organizational and communication abilities
  • The ability to analyze relevant data and make sound decisions
  • The ability to prioritize projects’ tasks and responsibilities
  • Understanding customers’ needs and behaviors
  • Negotiation skill
  • Storytelling

How To Become a Product Marketing Manager?

Here is a step-by-step guide to becoming a product manager marketing:

  • Earn a degree
  • Gain Early Work Experience (One to Five Years)
  • Develop product marketing skills
  • Get product management certification
  • Earn a Master’s Degree
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Earn a degree

A bachelor’s degree is required for aspiring marketing product managers after they graduate from high school. Management, marketing, accounting, finance, economics, and statistics are all viable major options. Admissions requirements vary by school but typically include a competitive high school GPA (3.0 or higher), SAT and/or ACT scores, letters of recommendation, and a personal statement.

Gain Early Work Experience (One to Five Years)

Product manager marketing is not an entry-level position, and an inexperienced college graduate is extremely unlikely to be hired for one. Aspiring product marketing managers must gain hands-on experience after graduating from university. Employers typically seek candidates with one to five years of sales experience.

This period is frequently extremely formative: on-the-job training is some of the best education money can buy. Aspiring managers will not only gain an understanding of the day-to-day operations of marketing and what it takes to lead one, but they will also learn which niche of the market they are most comfortable working in.

Additionally, some employers will subsidize an employee’s pursuit of graduate-level education.

Develop product marketing skills

Begin developing your skills with entry-level marketing positions. Look for product marketing specialists, associate product marketing managers, or roles for responsibilities directly related to product marketing. Seek marketing assistant or marketing associate positions to gain broad marketing experience.

Product marketing managers work in a variety of industries, so if you have a specific product, industry, or company in mind, look at current job descriptions in those fields to get a better idea of the qualifications you should focus on developing.

Get product management certification

Following the completion of their bachelor’s degree, many product managers marketing seek professional certification to further their education and demonstrate expertise. These certifications, which are available through professional societies, are a peer-reviewed mark of distinction that can propel one’s resume to the top of the stack and persuade employers of one’s commitment to best practices.

As a Certified Professional Sales Leader, the National Association of Sales Professionals (NASP) provides certification (CPSL). The certification, which is aimed at sales managers and other sales professionals seeking top leadership positions in the United States, builds on the strategic leadership process and incorporates the emotional and psychological drivers of team action.

Earn a Master’s Degree (Optional)

Graduate-level education isn’t required for all product manager marketing positions, but it’s becoming more common for those at the top management position of an organization. A master’s degree in business administration (MBA) provides graduates with a thorough understanding of business fundamentals as well as the leadership skills required to motivate teams toward short-, mid-, and long-term operational goals.

Admissions requirements vary by school but typically include a competitive undergraduate GPA (3.0 or higher), GMAT or GRE scores, work experience, letters of recommendation, and a personal statement.

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Product marketing manager salary

The product marketing manager’s salary varies greatly depending on the company, position, and experience. A few broad ranges, however, can give you an idea of what to expect.

  • The average annual salary is $77,811 according to Glassdoor. This range can range from $41,000 to $130,000 at the low end.
  • According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for a marketing product manager
  • salary is $117,960. This range can range from $57,000 to $208,000 at the low end.
  • The average annual salary for a product marketing manager in the United States is $76,000, according to Indeed.

FAQs About Product Manager Marketing

What qualifications do you need to become a product manager in marketing?

To become a marketing product manager, you must have marketing experience as well as excellent communication and leadership skills. Also, you need to have some level of education, including a degree. Finally, product manager marketing must be well-versed in the products or services they sell.

Is it easy to become a product marketing manager?

The path to becoming a marketing product manager can vary greatly depending on the individual’s experience and skill set. You must be able to maintain strong client relationships while also managing and motivating your marketing team.

How long does it take to become a product marketing manager?

Depending on the company, product marketing manager positions may require three to ten years of experience.


People who become product marketing managers may advance to higher levels of seniority, with titles such as senior, principal, director, and senior director. Some businesses may also have a vice president and senior vice president titles.

During the course of their careers, some product marketing managers may also transition into other marketing specializations or product roles. For example, some people move from product marketing manager to product management, or a product marketing manager may focus on research and become a market researcher.

As you gain more experience in the field, you will most likely notice which areas you gravitate toward and will be able to fine-tune your expertise and career path accordingly.

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