Preston North End Academy Scholarship

Want to combine your love of the game with a rewarding career? Preston North End Academy Scholarship, which is operated in collaboration with the Preston North End Community and Education Trust (PNECET), will hold auditions for year 11 football players interested in joining the innovative program that blends on-field prowess with academic success.

Discover more about our full-time football and education program while participating in a training session at the Football Academy and being coached by our staff members who are professionally qualified and experienced.

Our Football Academy is open to exceptional footballers who want to advance their playing careers along with their academic education. It is run in collaboration with Preston North End Community and Education Trust.

The curriculum, which combines high academic performance and player development skills, is meant to get you ready for a variety of sports-related vocations.

At Preston College, you will receive training from UEFA B-certified coaches and the chance to compete on a national level in the EFL CEFA League and the ECFA League.

You will also study a Level 2 Diploma in Skills for Sport & Active Leisure or a Level 3 Diploma & Extended Diploma in Sport in addition to playing regular, competitive football.

Students who have earned these credentials have gone on to work in the fields of playing, coaching, and refereeing and some have advanced to degrees or teaching certifications.

We fly to America as part of our enrichment program to compete in the renowned President’s Day Tournament in Phoenix. Some of our students have received American football scholarships.

Academic Outline

  • Study either a Level 3 Diploma & Extended Diploma in Sport or a Level 2 Diploma in Skills for Sport & Active Leisure.
  • Obtain a variety of coaching and leadership certifications in sports, including the chance to earn an FA Level One Coaching Award.
  • Get assistance from instructors with expertise in sports psychology, sports therapy, and fitness training.
  • access to cutting-edge facilities, such as our 3G artificial field, a sizable sports hall, a Cybex fitness facility, and a sports science lab
  • Participate in ECFA League and EFL CEFA League matches.
  • Participate in a global competition on behalf of PNECET and Preston College.
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Preston North End Academy Trials

Football hopefuls frequently wonder how to enroll at Preston North End Academy. The most common way to enroll in Preston North End Academy is to start off small and work your way up. There are other options as well. Many players favor sharing football video URLs. The easiest way to be scouted for a trial at Preston North End Academy is to attend an accredited football school because teams receive hundreds of films each week and simply cannot watch them all. Scouts
Send young football players to tryouts at development centers. Anyone may get noticed at soccer schools.

When your child is old enough, take them to football academies so they may improve their skills in front of their peers.

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How To Get Scoutted For Preston North End Academy Scholarship

A 6-week trial is available for athletes at Preston North End Academy. Many young people strike it lucky while scouts are at sporting events, but Preston North End Academy is aware that exceptional talent may go unnoticed, so it offers kids the chance to personally approach the club with their performance résumé. For advice on how to correctly highlight your football experience, visit our Football CV page. Due to the volume of inquiries, they obviously can’t respond to everyone, but it’s an excellent way to let assessors know about prospective talent looking for a trial at Preston North End Academy. Gather vital information to be noticed by Preston North End Academy.

  • Resumes
  • Cover Letters
  • Important information includes the following: post, age, birthdate, height, weight, email, phone number, address, current club, prior clubs, information on any trials previously attended, and local honors like school, districts, county, etc.
  • Players’ college
  • Send scouts to your team’s upcoming games, along with the location and kickoff time.
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Contact Preston North End Academy at [email protected] once you have the necessary data.

If a scout will visit your game, Preston North End Academy will consider your request.

Preston North End Football Club

An English football team named Preston North End Football Club (PNE) is situated in Preston, Lancashire. The EFL Championship, the second tier of the English football league system, is where they compete. Since 1875, Preston has existed in Deepdale. As a wintertime health activity, the club began playing football in 1878, and in 1880 it established a football club. Football’s Deepdale is the league venue that has been in use the longest.

Preston North End became a member of the Football League in 1888. Without giving up a goal, the club won the league and FA Cup in 1888–1899. Due to their flawless record, they are referred to as “The Invincibles” and were the first English team to win the “Double.” Since 1889–1890, their one significant accomplishment has been defeating Huddersfield Town in the 1938 FA Cup Final. The club’s most well-known players, Tom Finney and Bill Shankly have stands named in their honor. Others include Paul Gallagher, Graham Alexander, Tommy Docherty, and Alan Kelly Sr.

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Preston played regularly in the First Division until 1961, but they haven’t returned since. They spent 28 of the following 49 seasons in the Football League’s bottom two tiers after being downgraded to the Third Division in 1969–1970, including 19 from 1981–1982 to 1999–2000. Preston has financial issues and twice has faced closure. The club was purchased by Trevor Hemmings up to his death in October 2021. Since 2015, it has participated in the EFL Championship.


The team competed in Preston while affiliated with Preston North End. In 2016, they relocated to Kellamergh Park in Warton, Borough of Fylde. Alongside their male counterparts, they resided and trained at Mill Farm in August 2018.

The group made the decision to head back to Kellamergh Park.

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