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Pirates Voyage Dinner and Show is a dinner theater in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Pirates Voyage is claimed by entertainer Dolly Parton and overseen by World Decision Speculations LLC, a joint endeavor between The Dollywood Organization, Fred Hardwick, and Herschend Family Diversion Company.

On September 22, 2010, Parton reported the Myrtle Beach theater would close for renovation following 18 years of administration as the Dixie Rush shows for transformation to a pirate-themed show.

The new show highlights Blackbeard, a pirate with a set of experiences along the North and South Carolina coasts. Moves up to the theater included the establishment of a 15-foot (4.6 m) profound, 750,000 US gallons (2,800,000 l; 620,000 pixie lady) pool, dramatic lighting, and gear for gymnastic performers. During November and December, the show incorporates Christmas components.

3 Things to Know about Pirates Voyage in Pigeon Forge

Are you a fan of dinner shows while on vacation in Pigeon Forge You won’t want to miss Pirates Voyage when you go on your next family vacation. You’ll be astonished by the acrobatics, singing, and animal tricks throughout the night. You’ll also enjoy a four-course meal that your entire family will love. These are three facts you need to know about Pirates Voyage Pigeon Forge.

1. Enjoy Dinner with the Show

You’ll be entertained at Pirates Voyage Pigeon Forge and enjoy a four-course meal. Begin with a Buccaneer Biscuit, Voyager Creamy Vegetable Soup. Next, Cracklin’ Pan Fried Chicken and Bone-In Pork Chops will be available. Matey’s Mac, Cheese, and Jolly Roger Sweet potato Souffle are the sides.

You can also get the Walk the Plank Peach Turnover as dessert. You can choose from unlimited Coca-Cola or tea to accompany your meal. Pirates Voyage Pigeon Forge offers a vegetarian menu, including vegetable pasta, corn on a cob, herb-basted potatoes, and an apple pie turnover. A gluten-free menu is also available, which includes a fruit cup and baked chicken, baked pork chops, corn on the cob, and herb-basted potatoes. Everyone in your group will enjoy the meal!

2. Immersive Experience for Children

Are you looking for your children to feel part of the action? You can take your children to Pirates Treasure to get a makeover and become a pirate, mermaid, or mermaid. Your child will have their face painted by a crew member to look like a pirate or a mermaid. As part of the makeover, accessories will be given to your child.

In addition, a pirate flag will be given to the child so that they can wave it around during the show. During the Pirates Treasure makeover, you will find pirate-themed snacks and beverages! For this immersive experience, they recommend arriving at least 50 minutes before the show begins. Then, the show will make them feel like they are part of it.

3. Amazing Feats at Pirates Voyage Pigeon Forge

You won’t believe your eyes when you see Pirates Voyage, Pigeon Forge. Captain Blackbeard, his quartermaster Calico Jack, led the crews on the Sapphire and Crimson ships in an epic battle for the hidden treasure.

They battle on land, on ships, and in the sea. There will be sword fights and canons, as well as fire dancing. Crew members can perform acrobatic tricks on the deck, in the air, and into the water. See mermaids swimming, tricks performed by tropical animals, and many other things. You can also enjoy sound effects, lighting, and pyrotechnics. Watch as pirates attempt to uncover treasure hidden beneath the earth.

You will love Pirates Voyage in Pigeon Forge! However, it would help if you found somewhere to stay in town. Book a room and be near all the great things to do.

Pirate Voyage Cast Members’ Salary

The average annual salary for a Pirate in the United States is $29158.
If you are looking for a simple calculator to calculate your salary, it works out to $14.02 per hour. This equals $560/week or $2429/month.

modennews.com reports that annual salaries can reach as high as $54,500 or as low as $16,000. However, most Pirates’ wages range from $22,500 (25th percentile) to $29,500 (775th percentile), with the highest earners (90th%) making $52,000 annually in the United States. The average salary range for Pirates is $7,000, which indicates that there are many opportunities to advance and receive higher pay depending on your skill level, experience, and location.

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According to modennews.com most recent job postings, the Pirates market in Lagos, NG, and across the state is not very active, as only a few companies are hiring. The average salary for a Pirate in your region is $29,158 annually, the same as the national average of $29.158. The number one spot in the country for Pirates’ salaries is in 50 states.
modennews continually scans its database, which contains millions of jobs posted locally in America, to determine the best annual salary range for Pirates jobs.

Top 10 Highest Paying Cities for Pirates Jobs

We have identified ten cities where the average salary for a Pirates position is higher than the national average. Atkinson, NE, is at the top of the list, followed by Bridgehampton, NY, and Boston, MA, in the second and third places. Boston, MA, surpasses the national average by $4.380 (15.0%), and Atkinson (NE) continues that trend with an additional $10,839 (37.2%) over the average of $29,158.

These ten cities have average salaries that are higher than the national average. This makes it very attractive for those looking to make a career out of being Pirates.
Another factor to be aware of is that the average salary in these top ten cities varies by 20% between Atkinson (NE) and Covelo (CA), suggesting that it might be challenging to see any wage growth. However, a lower living cost could help balance the salary and location for Pirates.


CityAnnual SalaryMonthly SalaryWeekly SalaryHourly Salary
Atkinson, NE$39,997$3,333$769$19.23
Bridgehampton, NY$34,360$2,863$660$16.52
Boston, MA$33,538$2,794$644$16.12
Deer Park, CA$33,211$2,767$638$15.97
Juneau, AK$33,000$2,750$634$15.87
Morton, WA$32,980$2,748$634$15.86
Quincy, MA$32,820$2,735$631$15.78
Queens, NY$32,806$2,733$630$15.77
Green River, WY$32,776$2,731$630$15.76
Covelo, CA$32,724$2,727$629$15.73
Top 10 Highest Paying Cities for Pirates Jobs

How Much Do You Tip At Pirates Voyage?

The same as any other tip. 15% is the standard. If you are a larger tipper, go higher. This is not a call to be made but a reminder that these people are physically running up and down stairs during shows. Some days 4 shows daily. They didn’t prepare food. Just wanted to get it to your table quickly and hot, so you don’t have to. Also, they don’t slack off. They work hard.

The same as any other tip. 15% is the standard. If you are a larger tipper, go higher. This is not a call to be made but a reminder that these people are physically running up and down stairs during shows. Some days 4 shows daily. They didn’t prepare food. Also, they just wanted to get it to your table quickly and hot, so you don’t have to. Likewise, They don’t slack off. They work hard.
Also, IMO, the tip should be based on something other than how much the food cost but the price of the show. For example, the food in Pigeon Forge would only cost $25 per person. However, the tip we left was $12, which was more than 20% of the total cost of the food.

What Should I Wear To Pirates Voyage?

Dress to Impress!

Choose which side of the epic battle between Crimson or Sapphire crews when you book your tickets. Can also pack your favorite red shirt to cheer on the Crimson team or your favorite blue shirt to cheer on the Sapphire crew. You can either coordinate with the whole group or stand out in the crowd. It’ll be an excellent way for pirates to show their spirit!

The Costuming brings characters to life at the Pirates Voyage Dinner and Show in Pigeon Forge.

You must dress up and look like a pirate to live the pirate life. So the professional costuming team got the cast and crew ready for the Pirates Voyage Dinner & Show, which opened officially in Pigeon Forge on Friday, May 24, 2019.

The elaborate costumes of this crew, which include pirate captains and other colorful characters who set sail on this pirate adventure, are ship-shaped and sure to amaze audiences. Each costume is custom-designed for each performer and includes embellishments that fit the character.

The show’s costumes were made from more than 800 yards of specialized fabric. Over 1800 hours of work over several months were spent creating, designing, and bringing the Pirates Voyage a unique look. Each costume for the mermaids required at least 40 hours to make.

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Additionally, each performer requires multiple outfits. Each character’s swords were custom-designed and made by them. It took eight weeks to create the blades for Pirates Voyage.

Clare Lewis, Corporate Director of Productions, was responsible for designing, developing, and fabricating all costuming aspects. Lewis stated that costumes were key to immersing audience members in the show’s Pirates Voyage.

The construction phase of Pirates Voyage is $9 million. This includes the $28 million initial investment.

Do They Serve Alcohol At Pirates Voyage?

Do Pirates Voyage Pigeon Forge serve alcohol?

During the pre-show, Pirates Voyage has alcohol. Yes, there are drinks available. Some of them are pretty good.

You can order multiple refills of water, Diet Coke, Coke, and Diet Coke during your meal. Hot and fresh, the food included chicken, shredded pork, corn on the cob, creamy vegetable soup, bread, and a basted potato. The event offers a variety of entertainment, comedy, and delicious food.

What kind of food does Dixie Stampede serve?

Four-Course Feast

  • A Mouth-Watering Tender Whole Rotisserie Chicken.
  • Hickory Smoked Barbecue Pork Loin
  • Stampede’s Creamy Vegetable Soup.
  • Scrumptious Homemade Biscuit.
  • Hot Buttered Corn on the Cob
  • Tasty Herb-Basted Potato
  • Stampede’s very own special dessert
  • Unlimited Coca-Cola(r), Tea Or Coffee

How Deep Is The Pool At Pirates Voyage?

The Pool At Pirates Voyage measures 15 feet deep. The 15-foot indoor lagoon was filled to the brim by the crew this week! This is 300,000 gallons of water for the pirates & mermaids of Pirates Voyage Dinner & show in Pigeon Forge (TN).

The Pirates Voyage Pool Pirates Are Setting Their Course For This Summer!

This band of lively buccaneers will be heading your way! Pirates Voyage Pool Pirates will visit Myrtle Beach’s hotels, resorts, and campgrounds. They are also equipped with beach balls, coloring books, and lots of fun! They will be giving out treasures to all who meet them.

You might be able to spot them in your pool. If you see them, ask them about Pirates Voyage. They are “The Most FUN Place To Eat!” and will be happy to share their knowledge about Captain Blackbeard, our four-course pirate feast, and the pre-show.

You can find them poolside at Penelope Plank and Sandy Beach if you look closely! They have been spotted at Ocean Lakes Family Campground and The Horizon at 77th. Dunes Village Resorts, Sand Dunes Resorts, Anderson Ocean Club & Spa, Sand Dunes Resort, Sand Dunes Resort, Sand Dunes Resort, Sand Dunes Resort, Sand Dunes Resort, Sand Dunes Resort, Anderson Ocean Club & Spa, and here at Pirates Voyage. They may be found at your local pool!

Do Pirates Voyage Have Assigned Seats?

Pirates Voyage offers arena seating in Sapphire or Crimson sections. At the time of booking, the best available seats will be assigned.

Good seats are available if you arrive early.

I thought I was automatically assigned good seats because I arrived early. They allow you to enter the theater and give you a row, but it is open seating throughout the entire row. Unfortunately, I was allowed to go up the stairs at the last minute.

How Much Is Face Painting At Pirates Voyage?

It was entertaining. It was great to see the crowd participate. The animals were very cool. The food was good for the price. The cost of everything was my biggest complaint. Tickets were costly. The drinks in the lobby cost a lot. They will sell you photos of the moment you arrive. Face painting is not advertised as an extra cost.

Face painting costs around $20, plus tips. After face painting, they take a photo for you to purchase. They encourage tipping your server, but only if it is in cash. All enjoyed the show, and the staff was excellent. I recommend arriving 30 minutes before your scheduled time and not waiting for an hour. Avoid all extras and tip your server with cash.

How Much Are Pictures At Pirates Voyage?

Have you been asking yourself: How Much Are Pictures At Pirates Voyage, then this is the answer.

Although I am a local, I have never been to this show. It was amazing. My seven-year-old son, who isn’t into scary things or loud noises (even semi-loud), was with me. He was great.
The show features sea lions and macaws as well as dogs.

There are also audience participation events. A fire eater also lit the fire. There was a lot of acrobatics.

It was exactly what I would expect from a dinner show. It would have been a disaster if I had been served at a restaurant. However, it was better than the reviews suggested. Tea/water, chicken/pork, potato, potato, corn on a cob, soup, and bread are all available. The soup was the best. It was delicious and boiling. It was delicious and hot.

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The corn on the cob, chicken, and rice was also good. You can take the leftovers home in lined bags if you have children willing to throw them away. The chicken may be worth it if you’re throwing away a whole meal for your child. Unfortunately, there are no options for children’s meals.

My son chose to do the pirate makeup. It was worth it. The cost was $21, and the child could choose between a pirate or a mermaid. The pirate gets his face painted and receives a patch, earrings, team flag, plastic sword, and a pirate hat.

In Addition

I recommend not buying photos or using your flashlight to see them. They were OK, and I bought them from the gift shop. My son pointed out that there was green in my hair when I returned home. Ugh. They charged $35 for a set from your first group photo. You can also pay $20 for the one with your child wearing pirate makeup.

The green in my hair comes from the green screen you posed in front of. It was a tedious job photoshopping. This is just a heads-up. You should take a close look at the printed version.

The preshow is also great. It would help if you went at least an hour early. An hour and a quarter would be a good time. A bar drink will cost $10 and come in a cool plastic pirate head mug. I loved the mug, but …. You can buy a mug in the gift shop for $5 if you only need one. 😉

It was interesting to see that many people didn’t have kids, and I bet they enjoyed it just as much. The magic and acrobatics are what make it so unique.

Can You Conceal Carry In Pirates Voyage Pigeon Forge?


In case you have been asking yourself Can You Conceal Carry In Pirates Voyage Pigeon Forge. Then this part of the article is specifically for you.

We arrived at the doors of the Pirates Voyage Pigeon Forge for the 6 pm show at 5 pm. We immediately see the many signs prohibiting weapons as we approach the entrance. Legal concealed carriers, we felt uncomfortable leaving our guns in our car to enter a gun-free zone.

They also look through your bags at the door (which I did not have a problem with). Sorry, but putting up all the NO GUNS/WEAPONS signs everywhere is just asking for trouble. Gun-free zones are dangerous if people don’t know this by now. They can be used as a target for crazy people. This is why we won’t be returning. My two daughters, ages 9 and 6, loved the show. The show and the food are more geared toward children than anything else.

The waiting area cost $40 for my kids’ “makeovers.” After my second child’s makeover (face painting like a dog using a Q-tip), we waited about 40 minutes before being able to leave. One girl was the only one working in the area, and she was overwhelmed and bombarded with customers. She calls people while the rest of the kids wait for their “makeovers.” Finally, they called another girl, and she started at the opposite end. We had to wait while we waited, even though we were the first to arrive.

In Addition

The experience was good at the Pirates Voyage Pigeon Forge. Although the kids enjoyed the show, the food was not good enough to return. In this age of “gun-free” schools, we felt uncomfortable being unarmed. What will it take to make people see that “gun-free zones” are not saving lives? They make targets. I would have received a refund if I hadn’t pre-purchased my tickets and centered half of our trip around this show.

So from the above, in case you are asking yourself Can You Conceal Carry In Pirates Voyage Pigeon Forge, then I had to say yes, you can.

How Much Is The Pirate Voyage Dinner Show?

When you buy your tickets, choose your side, Sapphire pirates or Crimson pirates. Both halves of the theater offer regular seating options.

Regular seating is $69.99 for adults and $34.99 for. For children 3-9 years old. For the most current prices, please check the website. Prices are subject to change.

Finally, ensure you visit the Moden News homepage and also check out our Salary category, for more essential salary information.

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