Best Paying Jobs in Electric Utilities Central

The electric utilities central industry has changed significantly over time, and there is still space for expansion. The best paying Jobs in Electric Utilities Central are found in the energy industries, such as coal, gas, solar, etc.

Our society is run by electricity, which provides us with access to necessities like flushing the toilet, heating and cooling our homes, fueling our automobiles, and more.

It’s difficult to land a high paying job in electric utilities central. Consider it this way: you’re selling the business on a significant investment in yourself, therefore you need to take every opportunity to get an advantage. A professional resume writing service can give you the advantage you need by polishing your resume.

There are many career paths and entry-level positions available in the electric utility sector. With a market value of over 600 billion dollars, the business is enormous and offers fantastic prospects for workers at all levels.

What Is The Electric Utilities Central Industry?

This sector deals with anything that can produce electricity, including coal, electricity, water, solar, petroleum, natural gas, steam, and wind. The removal of sewage is also included.

Modern living is largely supported by the electric utility sector, particularly in first-world nations like the United States.

Everything in your house, including the lights you turn on, the way wastewater is collected and disposed of, electricity powers the appliances you use, your cell phone, and everything.

Electric utilities careers span a wide range of occupations, including production employment, engineering positions, tech careers, supervisory roles, and more.

Best Paying Jobs in Electric Utilities Central

In this post, you will learn about the highest paying positions in the electric utilities central, as well as the number of positions available there and opportunities to explore and advance your career.

1. A Nuclear Licensing Engineer

This is the Best Paying Job in Electric Utilities Central. Nuclear licensing engineers are in charge of licensing and regulatory support for nuclear energy plants.

By doing this, they ensure that all systems and equipment are functioning as intended. A nuclear licensing engineer is expected to collaborate with regulatory staff and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to adopt new codes.

$76,000-$145,500 per year.

2. Utilities Manager

Conducting operational audits to ensure that homes and businesses receive services at the most affordable price is the primary duty of electric utility managers. This job forms a major part of careers in utility management.

As a utility manager, you are in charge of facilities that provide residents of a city, town, or region with necessary services. This includes telecommunications firms, electricity plants, and water treatment facilities. They earn quite a lot making it one of the best Paying Jobs in Electric Utilities Central.

The utility manager at electric utilities central also oversees the following tasks:

  • One instance of this is overseeing water, sewage, or electrical systems.
  • Ensuring up-to-date infrastructure.
  • Examining facilities and fixing them if necessary.

$77,000–$120,000 per year.

3. Power Engineer

Power engineers keep an eye on the utilities and power systems of an industrial or commercial building. Following all protocols is the first of your duties as a power engineer.

Second, you are in control of the institution’s entire electrical system, which includes lighting, water treatment, air conditioning, and other power producing machinery.

As a power engineer, you will be expected to interact and work closely with the other engineers in your company.

$47,000–$115,500 per year.

Best paying jobs in public utilities

Apart from best paying Jobs in electric utilities Central, there are quite a lot of other best paying jobs in public utilities.

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We have compiled the list of paying jobs in the public utility industry to guide you in your careers in the utility industry.

1. Radiation Engineer

The primary duty of a radiation engineer is to conduct experiments to evaluate the effects of radiation in various contexts.

The provision of theoretical analysis based on a test they do in an experimental environment is one of their duties.

Along with presenting their findings, a radiation engineer may also recommend plans, components, and designs that adhere to the specifications for operating under actual radiation levels.

$72,500 and $118,500 each year.

2. Substation Engineer

The task of creating power substation design plans falls to substation engineers. They consult with stakeholders and other members of the project team to finalize the schematics.

Importantly, a career as a substation engineer requires a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering.

A substation engineer needs to be an expert problem-solver with several years of electrical engineering experience.

Average Salary: $86,000–$115,500.

3. Water Resources Engineer

They construct new water plant systems and equipment under the supervision of a water resources engineer. They are responsible for managing the facility, designing new machinery, and maintaining the many systems that purify and treat the water sources.

Additionally, they manage the operation of a water resource plant and other natural resources like wells and subterranean springs.

Average Salary: $57,500–$93,500 per year.

4. Hydroelectric Plant Operator

Running a hydroelectric plant is one of the best paying Jobs in electric utilities Central. The machinery at a hydroelectric power plant needs to be controlled and maintained by a hydroelectric plant operator.

They troubleshoot when problems occur with the equipment in addition to doing planned maintenance, controlling power flow, monitoring operations, and inspecting the equipment. wells.

Annual Salary: $32,000

5. Power Lineman

A power lineman constructs and maintains electrical wires to assist utility operations. Additionally, they employ machinery to reach troubled sites, execute construction work to repair or replace lines, and train other team members.

Other jobs include investigating broken systems, inspecting power lines, and working in bad weather.

Annual Salary: $78,066

6. Transmission Engineer

A transmission engineer’s responsibilities include managing departmental staff, maintaining transmission machinery, inspecting incoming feeds and outbound transmission, and quickly diagnosing any new problems.

They might also develop and test energy transmission and generation systems as electrical engineers.

Annual Salary: $88,068

7. Power Systems Engineer

Designing and building an electrical network is part of this employment. A power distribution engineer is crucial in the development of site-specific electrical procedures, in giving wiring systems technical direction, in supervising the operation of an electrical system, and in making sure that applications adhere to legal requirements.

Annual Salary: $89’724

List of Careers in Electric Utility Industry

There are many chances to explore in the utilities sector, whether you want to work in engineering, operations, or finance. The following are list of careers in electric utility industry. A good number of them are also part of the best paying Jobs in electric utilities Central.

1. Utility line locator

Utility line locators locate and recognize subsurface utilities in various places. They then label them so that local residents, construction workers, and landowners can carry out their tasks securely. A utility line locator investigates the utility’s past in a specified location and updates information to reflect any anomalies. Additionally, they carry out administrative tasks, analyze building plans, and offer customer support.

2. Plant operator

An industrial facility’s daily operations and procedures are under the control of a plant operator. They operate as the main point of contact for their company and are in charge of the daily technical maintenance. Operators of the plant oversee other employees and ensure that it continues to operate in accordance with regulations. They might carry out lab tests, conduct inspections, and keep records.

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3. Field service technician

Field service technicians supervise and help with all on-site utility installation, upkeep, and repairs. If there is a problem, they work to identify it and come up with fixes to make things better. During their trips, field service professionals also offer customer service by describing the condition, responding to inquiries, and offering information. To produce thorough service reports, they meticulously record their findings and every stage of the procedure.

Others include

  • Wind turbine technician
  • Petroleum supply specialist
  • Water treatment specialist
  • Sewer system and drain cleaning technician
  • Solar technician
  • Internal auditor

Utility Companies in Dallas Careers

1. Oncor Electric Delivery

Oncor is a regulated electrical company that runs Texas’ biggest transmission and distribution network, supplying energy to over 3 million households and businesses and managing around 119,000 kilometers of transmission and distribution lines. The upkeep and modernization of this infrastructure, which is so important to the economic prosperity of their society, is the responsibility of Oncor personnel.

2. Luminant

A competitive electricity generation company, Luminant, a Vistra Energy subsidiary, also engages in wholesale marketing and trading, mining, and development activities.

With more than 130 years of history, they have contributed significantly to the development, prosperity, and progress of the states in which they operate, and now they support some of the biggest electric markets on the planet.

Jobs in Luminat are among the best paying Jobs in electric utilities Central.

3. Texas Pacific Land

With almost 900,000 acres of land in West Texas, Texas Pacific Land Trust is one of the state’s major landowners.

4. Arkansas Lime Co

In the US, United States Lime & Minerals, Inc. produces and distributes lime and limestone products. Lime & Limestone Operations and Natural Gas Interests are its two business segments.

Limestone is extracted from open-pit quarries and an underground mine by the Lime and Limestone Operations sector, which also processes it into pulverized limestone, quicklime, hydrated lime, and lime slurry. This market sector largely serves construction clients, such as highway, road, and building contractors.

5. Tri Global Energy

Tri Global Energy is a developer of renewable energy that effectively meets the rising need for clean and sustainable energy by utilizing the renewable, natural resources of the sun and wind. In Texas, the state with the most installed wind capacity in the US, the company is the utility-scale developer behind about one-fourth of all wind energy projects now under development.

6. Securadyne Systems

Enterprise-class electronic security systems are the main emphasis of Securadyne Systems, a full-service security solutions company. Their comprehensive spectrum of services includes turnkey technology deployment as well as consultative “needs analysis.”

Securadyne Systems is a fairly new business. It was newly established in 2011. With 10.5% of its workforce having attended The University of Texas at Dallas, this growing business prefers to hire graduates from that institution.

Largest Utility Companies in the US

Customers of energy in both regulated and unregulated jurisdictions receive their power from local utility firms, who also look after the transmission infrastructure. While some utilities may only supply power to one particular locality, several have developed into the main source of electricity for millions of consumers throughout a single state. The largest utility companies in the nation are listed by Choose Energy along with a few statistics and brief information.

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1. PG&E, CA

With more than 5.5 million customers throughout California, Pacific Gas & Electric Company of California holds the distinction of being the largest utility in the country. San Francisco, Sacramento, and San Diego, three of California’s most populated cities, all use PG&E as their main utility.

2. Southern California Edison, CA

Southern California Edison, another powerhouse utility from California, is the second-largest. SCE provides electricity to Los Angeles and shares service territory in San Diego and Santa Barbara with PG&E. It has about 5.1 million customers.

3. Florida Power & Light, FL

The largest utility in the Sunshine State, Florida Power & Light, serves about 4.9 million consumers throughout the peninsula. Along with numerous additional smaller counties spanning from North to South Florida, FPL provides services to citizens and business owners in the counties of Miami Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach.

You will also discover best paying Jobs in electric utilities Central while working at Florida Power and Light.

4. Commonwealth Edison Co., IL

70% of the people in Illinois receive their electricity from ComEd, the state’s major utility provider. Thomas Edison originally owned ComEd, which has since expanded to dominate the utility industry in Chicago, Lake County, DuPage County, and other areas.

5. Consolidated Edison Co., NY

With over 3.5 million residential and commercial customers, Consolidated Edison Company is the dominant utility for residents of New York. Customers in the Bronx, Queens, New York City, Westchester, Richmond, and Kings can purchase electricity and gas from ConEd.

Texas Utility Companies

A single utility company covers most of Texas, however certain cities are split between two. The five utilities for deregulated communities in Texas are listed here, along with the principal regions they service.

AEP Texas Central

Corpus Christi, McAllen, Harlingen, Victoria, and Laredo are the principal areas serviced by AEP Texas Central.
Established: 1916
Previous names: none
800,000+ clients

AEP Texas North

Major cities served by AEP Texas North include Abilene, San Angelo, Vernon, Harlingen, Victoria, and Laredo.
Established in 1927
Customers: 184,000 Formerly known as West Texas Utility Company

CenterPoint Energy

Areas of CenterPoint Energy Houston metropolitan area Built: 1882
Founded: 1882
Formerly known as NorAm Energy and Houston Electric Light & Power
Over 2 million clients

Oncor Energy

Electric Delivery via Oncor
DFW, Tyler, Waco, Midland, Odessa, and Wichita Falls are the principal areas served.
created in 2007
Former Names: Texas Electric Service Company, Sharyland Utilities, Dallas Power & Light, and TU Electric Customers: more than 10 million

Texas-New Mexico Power (TNMP)

Major cities served by Texas-New Mexico Power (TNMP) include Dickinson, Texas City, Friendswood, Lewisville, and Midland.
Founded: 1925
Previous names: none
Clients: 249,000+


Our compiled list of best paying Jobs in electric utilities Central and the largest utility companies in the USA is enough to provide the guidance you need in choosing among the many careers in the utility industry.

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