Npower Transition Programme | Latest News on Npower Recruitment

Npower Transition Programme | Latest News on Npower Recruitment

Npower is one of the employment and youth integration programmes. It was established by President Buhari’s administration to caution against the effect of unemployment in Nigeria. The scheme since its introduction has helped many youths and Nigerian graduates to be gainfully employed. Though over the years since its establishment, it has witnessed its own fair share of scandals and recruitment skirmishes. Moreover, it still remains one of the best economic empowerment schemes introduced by the Buhari Government.

Today we are going to be discussing the latest news on Npower recruitment along with the Npower transition programme 2023/2024. In this article, you will be finding useful information concerning the introduction of Npower Transition and how to initiate the process.

In addition to Npower Transition, we will be touching Npower news on permanency, Npower enhancement latest news, and Npower stipend news.

All You Need to Know About Npower Transition Programme 2023/2024 Plus Latest News on Npower Recruitment

  • Firstly, from what we gathered from reliable sources, the Npower transition programme is an extension of the N-power scheme available to all eligible beneficiaries of Npower.
  • Also, it was also disclosed to us that this Npower Transition Programme has up to 6 available empowerment options available for participants.
  • Furthermore, in the latest News on Npower recruitment, we also discovered the portal for this Npower transition program. Has been made available in the NPVN Dashboard of the already existing beneficiaries.
  • Further, the Npower officials were in charge while speaking on Npower enhancement’s latest news. Stated that the transition program 2023/2024 is all part of Federal Government efforts to improve Npower.
  • Any latest news on Npower permanency would be communicated to beneficiaries through the appropriate channels which we will update here.
  • We enjoin beneficiaries to log in to their dashboard and follow the step-by-step process. As outlined in the portal and start applying for the programme.
  • Those that are finding it difficult to process their own should visit the nearest Business Center or Cyber Cafe to get assistance.
  • On Npower Stipend news and how the new Minimum Wage affects it. Beneficiaries are advised to always frequent the Npower website as any latest news about it will be posted there.
  • Join available Npower discussion groups you see to communicate with fellow beneficiaries on their experiences so far.
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Available Empowerment Options for Npower Transition 2023/2024

  • SANEF AGENT – Those applying for this option are entitled to N50,000 to start up their entrepreneurial journey.
  • GEEP LOAN – Geep loan affords applicants the opportunity of Accessing up to N100,000 to start a business.
  • TEACHING: Those interested in teaching Jobs are welcome to take up this option.
  • FARMING: Affords farmers the opportunity of accessing Agricultural loans.
  • FIELD/DATA AGENT: Beneficiaries of this option would become field tech and extension service agents for banks, companies, or agencies.
  • COMMUNITY POLICING: Lastly, this option affords you the opportunity of joining Npower Community Policing affiliated with the Police.

How to Apply for Npower Transition Programme 2023/2024

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  1. Apply via the scheme’s recruitment portal

    Above all, Beneficiaries of the Npower, desire to apply for the Npower Transition Programme. Should log into their Dashboard here: and apply online.

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