How To Know If You Should Take Or Get A New Job

How To Know If You Should Take Or Get A New Job

According to Tush magazine, the truth is that there are no jobs. The youth are consistently been released to the new job market and there are not enough jobs or positions that will fit their qualification they are willing to take any opportunities out there that are available to them. After all, in a work environment, everyone is replaceable – there is hope.

There is another truth. There are the ones who have a job but are depressed, uninspired, unmotivated, or stuck. For this set, reasons vary from personal life, ambition, or suffocating work environment. These people would rather hang under a bridge jobless than wake up another Monday morning to a job they hate. But why are they still there? In those roles, positions, or environments that are so suffocating?

Here are the reasons why you need to start job searching again

Stuck in a System of Old Ideas

Are you stuck in the ’60s in your current company? The management is refusing new ideas that will push the business to progress further.

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You need to GET OUT now. An organization that is refusing change and stuck in old ways is just waiting to close down. They need to open their doors to the new world to keep alive and they need to leave or else be stuck and irrelevant to the world around you.

No Room to Learn

Why stay in an environment if you have no one to learn from? You are merely limiting your abilities by restricting knowledge. A lot of people change jobs to gain knowledge or be more motivated in a different job.

You can learn from both the old and young in your environment but if your current work environment doesn’t afford you this, start searching, you need a new job. Because there should always be an opportunity to learn new things, and as a result, grow.


Where does your true passion lie? Is what you are currently doing bring you job satisfaction? Is it something you see yourself doing for the rest of your life? If not, kill the FEAR you have and JUMP.

It will hurt on the first impact but with time you will find your foot and be happy doing what you like and getting paid for it.

Work Monotony

Everyone in your environment is comfortable doing the same things over and over. Nothing new to push or inspire you and you have obviously had enough of it.

You need to find a place that pushes you, inspires you, or awakens the monster in you. Never settle for monotonous work, get a new job.


In a new job what comes first is, what can you learn and provide to this environment, then how much does it pay?

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If you have worked in an organization long enough to know that you are not paid what your qualification affords, then you have to move to an environment that can pay you for your skillset.

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