MTN Nigeria Salary Scale and the Amount they Pay Staff

MTN Nigeria Salary Scale and the Amount They Pay Staff

These days, when Companies release the latest vacancies that are open for application. they give comprehensive details of the Job, like the Description of each position, Details of the Company, the Responsibilities of every Employee, and full Requirements.

Many won’t like to actually state their Salary Structure or what each Employee will benefit from with regard to the position.

With respect to this, the Moden News Team has created a section on this website titled “Salaries of Companies” where you will see the Salary Scale of different Companies and Government Agencies in Nigeria.

Here, we have provided you with details of MTN Salary Structure and Allowances (What their Workers earn). You can also Apply for MTN Nigeria Job Recruitment.


So if you intend to work with MTN Nigeria, or are about to apply for any MTN job. Then these MTN salary details are for you. Simply go through the information and know how much you will be paid.

Salary of MTN Nigeria Entry Level Staff (How Much Does MTN Pay Fresh Graduates)

The information we have gathered shows that an Entry Level Employee in this Telecommunication Industry earns N80,000 (eighty thousand naira) monthly, which is calculated to be N960,000 (nine hundred and sixty thousand naira) annually.

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What Do a Specialist Staff at MTN Nigeria Earn?

Every Specialist Staff at MTN is paid better than an Entry Level Staff and becoming an MTN Specialist depends more on time and how hard you have worked.

They are normally paid up to N390,000 (three hundred and ninety thousand naira) per month, which results in about N4.6 million naira in a year.

Monthly and Annual Salary of a Manager at MTN Nigeria

Managerial Position is one of the most sensitive Jobs at this Telecom Company because the Position is higher than Entry Level and Specialist Positions.

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The Managers are paid at Least N775,000 (seven hundred and seventy-five thousand naira) monthly, which is calculated to be N9.3 million naira in a year.

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