Latest News on Minimum Wage Today | New Minimum Wage Table

Latest News on Minimum Wage Today | New Minimum Wage Table

Organized Labour under the aegis of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC). Has for over four years now been at loggerheads with the Federal Government. Over the Implementation of the National Minimum Wage. These have led to a series of industrial actions aimed at persuading the Federal Government to honor the Minimum Wage Bill. Also, they have had incessant meetings and dialogues. Which in most cases have ended up in deadlocks with both parties failing to reach an agreement.

However, with the increased search on the internet for the Update New Minimum Wage in Nigeria. Along with people seeking to know the latest news on the Minimum Wage today. The Apply for a Job team has analyzed the circumstances surrounding the new Minimum Wage table. Along with the new Minimum wage salary structure. We also believe that the information will help one understand how to calculate the new minimum wage in Nigeria. Read below for more clarity.

Update on New Minimum Wage in Nigeria Plus Description of the New Minimum Wage Table

  • Firstly, the current Minister of Labour in a press briefing with the press disclosed that the Federal Government has accepted to pay the new Minimum Wage, after a meeting with the Organized Labor.
  • We also have the latest news on the National Minimum Wage that the Federal Government has finalized plans. To put a total halt on anything that will disrupt economic activities in the country, as a result of the non-implementation of this new Minimum Wage Bill.
  • Moreover, the Nigeria Labour Congress has acknowledged the Federal Government’s update on the new Minimum Wage and said. They are looking forward to a fast and effective implementation of the agreement.
  • Furthermore, the Federal Government through the Minister of Labor Dr. Chris Ngige reaffirmed all levels and cadres of officers. Would be included in the new Minimum Wage Table to allow for an all-inclusive Minimum Wage.
  • In another update on the new Minimum Wage in Nigeria, it was revealed that the NLC is poised to embark on an indefinite strike in Nigeria. If the Government tries not to hasten up the implementation of the agreed National Minimum Wage Bill. And they have done just that.
  • Following the latest news on the new Minimum Wage increase in Nigeria, the NLC has also cautioned the Federal Government against increasing the Personal Income Tax. Stating that it will alter the joy of having a new Minimum Wage and also threaten a consequential action if they do so.

Description of the New Minimum Wage Table

  • Still on the latest news on National Minimum Wage today. The Federal Government stipulated that the Minimum Wage in Nigeria table. Will see the CONHESS (Medical Doctors) based on their level will receive the following, level 7 gets 23%, level 8 gets 20%, level 9 gets 19%, levels 10-14 get 16% while levels 15 to 17 get 14%.
  • In another New Minimum Wage salary scale, the CONHESS, CONRRISE, CONTIS e.t.c. Will receive the following based on their level or grade level 7 gets 22.2%, levels 8-14 get 16%, and levels 15-17 gets 10.5%.
  • The new Minimum Wage salary scale as illustrated above we believe will assist in analyzing the economic wage ratio of the country. And how it affects the budgets and other economic decisions of the Government.
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