How To Join Birmingham City FC Academy

How To Join Birmingham City FC Academy

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The monitoring, selection, and transition of players playing outside of our Academy environment fall under the purview of the player recruitment department. In order to identify players within the three phases of the player pathway, the recruitment staff will collaborate with our coaches.

The department’s top priority is to find, nurture, and produce athletes capable of achieving the Academy’s main goal. The player is at the center of this process, which focuses on finding players who can succeed in one or more of the four areas of player development. Wherever possible, the method aims to recruit players mostly from areas that are within an hour of Birmingham. Through each of the development phases, the strategy will be collaborative in character, planned, and, as necessary, matched to the profiles.


An educational initiative called the Pre-Academy seeks to identify young potential in the area between the ages of 6 and 8. The objective is to develop technically gifted players for our U9 squads who can fit into the club’s culture and play the club’s philosophy by participating in regular practices and games. This enables a smooth adjustment to academy life. The program’s primary emphasis is on technical development. Our UEFA-trained Academy personnel work to enhance the player-to-ball contact time in a friendly, inviting, and professional environment through the usage of clubs’ training facilities, a structured coaching syllabus, and game program.


The Club manages a sizable Community Trust program that administers numerous regional coaching initiatives. Additionally, they have a Community Trust that runs a shadow squad program for players between the ages of 12 and 14 who participate once a week in several grassroots leagues in the neighborhood. There is also an all-time program for youth ages 17 to 19.

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A member staff member may directly advise participants from members of the Community Trust program for a trial period. Every Community Trust coach working with the U17-19 team and the shadow squad also acts as a spotter, proposing opponents they’ve seen in games in which their teams have competed.

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There is a thriving high school football program in the West Midlands. via ties within the community It has been shown that a small number of kids solely participate in school football and may not take part in neighborhood games. There are several causes, but recent relocation or little to no parental support are the two that are most common.

The Academy provides ongoing secondary and primary level support to West Midland District Schools, enabling them to utilize the facilities for practice to fit prominent sports into their schedule. Academy CPD activities are open to school personnel as well, which will aid in their growth as coaches. This indicates that talented players may be recommended to the Director of Recruitment or Office by school staff members who have identified them as such. When appropriate and appropriate, this might result in an observation and an invitation to participate in an Academy trials process.


Talented local players are always wanted by the Academy. Please follow the instructions listed below if you or someone you know wants to be taken into consideration for a trial. The Academy Director of Recruitment and the Officer must receive a CV and cover letter from kids aged 9 to 18 years old.

Make sure you include the following information:

Player Name

Player Date of Birth
Approx Height and Weight
Contact Address and Telephone Number
Current Club**
Previous Clubs
Details of Previous Trials
School Name
Player Position
Any Representative Honours
** Please attach an itinerary of fixtures for your current team, making sure to include the location and start time.

The recruiting department will decide whether a scout will attend your game after you have submitted your information.

Please be aware that we never make direct contact with any child and we never accept or request payment for a trial space in the academy system. Please be aware that throughout the day, our scouts wear club identification. Anyone who violates the aforementioned rules while claiming to represent Birmingham City FC is not an employee or agent of Birmingham City FC, and the appropriate authorities must be able to be reached.

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We regret that we are unable to respond to all of your questions due to the volume of correspondence we receive. Do not send us to duplicate requests or keep calling. All inquiries will be kept on file, and we will get in touch with you as necessary.

Please visit their “Contact Us” page to get in touch with a representative from the recruitment department.

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