How a Worker Can Start a Side Income Business: 4 Challenges You Should Overcome

How a Worker Can Start a Side Income Business: 4 Challenges You Should Overcome Includes Financing the Business, Managing Stress & the Limited time you have, and Learning how to ignore Discouragements from people.

In my last post, I showed several people how they could increase their monthly paychecks without searching for another job. Several people called in a signed up for my coaching classes – so if you are still negative, you better join the train today and smell financial freedom.

It would be partial to show them the way forward, without telling people the obstacles they might face on the way. When I say MIGHT, I mean because we all mustn’t face the same problems. My road to becoming a Freelance lord came with lots of hustles and sleepless nights, which was why I decided to do what many others couldn’t do.

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Write down the tips and tricks to making money as a freelancer without stress, and give it out to those interested – you can claim yours by visiting the link below the post.

These challenges might surface depending on the business you choose. That is why I recommend either Affiliate Marketing or Freelancing on Fiverr. While most people are so enthusiastic about starting an online business, many aren’t aware of the challenges they would face. The plunge in unprepared, only to end up imploding – game over!!!

They start saying “It doesn’t work”

To make your efforts count while trying to start a profitable side hustle alongside your full-time job, please take note of these challenges.

Financing your Business

This is one reason mentoring is essential for any online business. When you search for articles on the internet with the hope to start earning from it, it makes you believe everything is so easy.

Securing the right financing to operate your business is one of the highest challenges of setting up a side hustle.

Unless you have a high-paying job – which we assume you don’t have, it might be difficult if you don’t know the secrets of the business.


Starting is always the key to any business. The stress you have when starting an online business should be enough to discourage anyone with a soft heart. With little time on your side, you would have so much to do that would get you confused.

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But if you know the secrets of setting up something on Automation, you’d learn how to make money without even being there physically. Another important attitude you should develop is to have a good time management plan and also try as much as possible to do things correctly, so you won’t get to do them over again.

Limited Time

This is one of the biggest challenges when working full-time alongside your side hustle. Your full-time job has the capability to drain you of the time you need to work on your side hustle.

Since all you have is spare time – a period to rest. Using it to work on your side hustle might end up being frustrating for you. This pragmatic shift in work can cause depression, and end up frustrating your side hustle.

Is there a way out of that? Yes.

There are several online business models that I have outlined on the blog, and all they need is just a few hours of work in a week. You end up earning as high as $500 monthly. I don’t think any model pays better.


Once financial issues start popping in, stress is taking over, no time for your personal life again, you tend to start getting discouraged. If it isn’t tackled, your side hustle might suffer the hit and go down the drain.

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One thing I tell my students is “Once you start getting discouraged, that is when your heavy paycheck is about to land”

There are several ways to beat off discouragement

– Read success stories of people who have succeeded in the business
– Set simple goals and achieve them
– Take things one step at a time
– Remember the reason you started and stick on to it
– Bear in mind that only losers quit.

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