Honest Tophatter Reviews | Legit or Scam and All You Need to Know

Have you ever imagined if tophatter is legit or a scam? or is the tophatter app legit. Nowadays, you can buy everything you want on the Web, even if it is about some rare and exclusive things.

This is where Internet trading platforms like Tophatter come in handy.

Tothatter elevates the concept of “entertainment shopping.” Tophatter is a well-known free-to-use auction website that constantly runs thousands of closed auctions.

From observations, this website appears to provide more auctions than some of the most extensive penny auction websites.

Also, this article will discuss tophatter reviews and whether it is legit or a scam.

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What is Tophatter?

It is an online store that gives you a fantastic option for buying goods both in the USA and in other nations.

It has its own use, making the purchasing process simpler and offering a wide range of product categories, starting with apparel and accessories and moving on to various electronics.

Auctions, which begin at $ 0.99 and last for around 80–90 seconds, are the foundation of the primary purchasing model.

Tophatter: Is it a scam? It is feasible to respond that this site mimics eBay but that everything is only for sale for roughly 90 seconds when people question if Tophatter is a fraud.

The majority of the non-name brands that are available here are of varying quality. The standard website or app, both of which are available, can be used to make purchases.

Tophatter operates a free bid auction where you don’t have to pay anything to participate in hundreds of fast-paced closing auctions that are hosted by sellers rather than tophatters.

Tophatter is frequently misconstrued as a penny auction. Since bids are free, it is not a penny auction. Tophatter differs from other websites for online bidding in a few ways:

  1. Manny sellers: Items auctions on Top Hatter are done so by other vendors. So there are basically thousands of vendors auctioning products at all times. Similar to eBay, but much more fun and fast-paced
  2. Free to Bid Auctions: All auctions are free to bid. You only pay when you win plus a shipping fee.
  3. High Auction Volume: The volume is really hard to quantify as a user. It is huge.

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How Does It Work?

Unlike penny auctions or the well-known website eBay, TopHatter is described as actually providing items for sale in a traditional live auction format.

A single item is up for bid and all bidders must be present, life because the bidding process moves quickly, sometimes only lasts a few minutes, and the item goes to the highest bidder.

Buyers can easily sign up and create an account for free, while sellers must “apply” to provide their items for sale on the website. 

First and foremost, don’t forget to sign up using your email, Facebook, or Google account. The list of auctions you can participate in is given to you when you create an account.

Keep in mind that you only have to spend money when you win something; otherwise, everything is free. You only have around 90 seconds to try your luck, as we’ve already indicated, so don’t overthink it.

You can bid in real-time auctions, or if there are any upcoming auctions you are interested in, you can set up a reminder to not miss them.

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Bid on an item as soon as you decide you want to buy it because it can become necessary if you like it.

Cost/Price Plans

Due to the fact that this website allows live auctions, there is no actual price range for the items because the minimum bids established by the sellers and the bids of other participants in the auction decide the final price.

Additionally, bids are often placed in $1 increments, though the minimums may be greater depending on the object being auctioned.

Mobile Options

For clients to participate in auctions wherever they may be, TopHatter currently offers a mobile app for Apple and Android operating systems.

Refund Policy

TopHatter.com directly does not provide any warranties, refunds, or exchanges because it does not actually sell anything but rather acts as a middleman to connect buyers and sellers.

Customers should review the refund and return policies of each seller before placing an order. Buyers should speak with the sellers directly if there is a problem.


TopHatter seems to have mixed reviews, with mostly positive reviews coming from their buyers and most negative reviews coming from their sellers, who feel strongly that the fees they charge their sellers are too high

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many other online auction services available, like the well-known eBay, but also a wide variety of penny auctions and other sites which specialize in niche auctions. 

What Is the Main Idea of Tophatter?

Tophatter is a social shopping product. The CEO claims that the goal is to give online auctions a more enjoyable and individualized experience.

They guarantee that Home Shopping Network and QVC, not websites like eBay, are the closest analogs. Tophatter scam is nothing more than a fairytale created by disgruntled customers, so don’t even bother asking yourself if it’s real or not.

The site’s designers first had fun and entertainment in mind before considering the auction. They intended to simulate an actual auction.

The decision was made to “assemble all of its participants in one room” at the end. Tophatter aims to replicate the feelings of actual auctions, which might take place in.

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Common TopHatter Auctions

Common TopHatter Auctions
. Video games and video game consoles
. Headphones, MP3 players
. Digital cameras including SLRs.
. Purses, jewelry, Art
. Tons of other stuff
. Jewelry
. Watches
. Homes goods
. Cloths
. Gift cards of all shapes and sizes
. Laptops and tablet computers

Tophatter Bidding Issues

If you face some challenges when placing a bid or winning an auction, then you should consider the following things.

One of the most common issues you can face while bidding is when several bids are made at the same time. If you run into this issue, and you don’t want to miss an item, then you should just place a second bid as soon as you have noticed the problem.

If for some reason, you cannot place a bid at all, then, first of all, you should check whether you’ve paid for the previous item you won. Many people forget about this stumbling block.

As it has been already pointed out if you have exceeded the limit of canceled transactions, then you can be blacklisted. However, a seller can also prevent a buyer from purchasing other things.

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Nonetheless, if there is a technical error, then you can turn to the support team of Tophatter, and they will do their best to help you.

Is Tophatter Legit Or Scam?

Tophatter is a legitimate website with lots of issues. There are numerous complaints about the way the company has ripped sellers of their money.

It is an experience. One that gets more real the more you dip in. On the platform, you get to bid on all kinds of items, fakes of everything, and originals as well. You would be surprised by what you get when the items you won while bidding.

If you are lucky, as most people are, you get a fair deal. If you are not, you get something woefully disappointing.

While Tophatter is a legitimate system, it is one that is open to abuse. This abuse goes both ways. The sellers and buyers abuse the system.

The sellers abuse the system by buying items at incredibly cheap prices and reselling them at auction for very exorbitant prices.

The prices are enough to ideally stop people from buying. Sellers also abuse the system by offering fake products as real ones to unsuspecting people.

Truth About Tophatter

For all types of intrepid individuals that prefer to take quick action, this website will be ideal. You should keep in mind once more that it isn’t about well-known brands; rather, the majority of the time, it is about completely unknown brands.

Naturally, you might be enticed to carefully review the specifications and the item’s description before placing a bid, but given the auction’s brief time, it can be difficult to state your desire and do extensive research before making a final decision.

The only thing you can do is to keep it in check and focus on things that will be up for auction as opposed to those that are already discounted. You should be aware of the fact that if you go over.

Tophatter Shopping

Tophatter shopping is simply the process of waiting for items that you have an interest in, bidding for them, and paying for them. Sometimes, the time it takes for the items you paid for to get you to take time, sometimes one week or more.

What to Note about the Tophatter Auction

You need to note that most of the items on auction aren’t a brand name, so you will want to read up on the specs and description before you bid, but since the auctions only last for 90 seconds, this is quite difficult to do.

To avoid the stress of getting things that you may end up not liking, it’s best to prepare for bids ahead of time and read up all you need to know about the products.

Tophatter Design

The design was built in a subtle cartoon style by the developers of Tophatter, and it has lots of cute small details.

For instance, you can walk over the screen’s edges to view what happens outside the auction.

Perhaps this is also one of the factors contributing to the misconception that Tophatter is a fraud among those who are accustomed to rigorous business website designs.

The interaction with the service is naturally carried over into the iOS application. Since live interactions are an important part of this experience, you must be present to bid on a good (virtually speaking).

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Thus, the iOS application allows you to participate in the auction when you are away from your computer. Additionally, you may peruse lots, create reminders, and then sign up for push notifications for when an auction begins.

Each area of the auction always appears to be full of people thanks to the efforts of the Tophatter developers, who have been working on the website for more than a year. The application displays the exact same image.

There are never any unoccupied rooms since the developers work to maintain a balance between supply and demand.

More than 500,000 bids were placed in March of this year, and the sales rate was 80%, meaning that the majority of the items put up for auction were purchased (according to available data, the eBay sales rate is 40 percent ). Do you still think that Tophatter is a fraud?


How long does Tophatter take to deliver?

But on average shipping takes between 1 to 5 business days. On the other hand, if your delivery has not been made by the estimated date, you must wait up to 60 days to report the item as not received.

What is the catch with Tophatter?

Processing charges are applied to the total cost, which includes the cost of shipping. For each paid order, it works out to 2.9 percent plus $0.30.

How much does it cost to bid on Tophatter?

There is a processing fee of 2.9% + $0.30 for each paid order. Processing fees are charged on the full sales price, including shipping

where is Tophatter located?

San Francisco, U.S.A

Is Tophatter legit?

As with many other sites that offer services like this, the site has its failure. Failures that threaten to delegitimize the website and its attendant app operations.

The complaints of customers regarding how they and their items were treated delivered or not received at all are evidence of the fact that the system is a failing one.

The system failure that has been successfully managed in-house has now seeped into the outside space and is wreaking havoc on the brand

Is the gold on Tophatter real?

Incorrect material – the image or description describes a jewelry item as 18K gold, but it is actually gold-plated. Tophatter’s Jewelry guidelines specify that sellers cannot use gemstone names to describe materials that are not actually gemstones


Although Tophatter is a genuine system, misuse of it is possible. The abuse is reciprocal. The system is abused by both buyers and sellers.

By purchasing products for absurdly low costs and reselling them at astronomical prices at auction, the sellers take advantage of the system.

Hope this article meets your expectations. You can send us feedback in the comment section. Cheers.


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