Fulham Academy Trials

Fulham Academy Trials

Before treating the Fulham Academy Scholarship, let’s treat some points on the Fulham FC.

Fulham is proud of its long history of contributing to the growth of athletes for the Club’s First Team, the professional game, and numerous other sports-related and unrelated sectors.

Johnny Haynes, George Cohen, Paul Parker, Sean Davis, Moussa Dembélé, Marcus Bettinelli, Ryan & Steven Sessegnon, and Harvey Elliott are just a handful of the people who have gone through our system.

With 40 players making their senior debuts since the start of the 2011–12 season, the current Fulham Academy is proudly upholding this attitude today.

The Academy was given Category One status under the new Elite Player Performance Plan (EPPP) in July 2012, which the Club announced. The Academy has continued to have this classification ever since. The massive rebuilding of our Motspur Park Training Ground in the summer of 2016 to keep the facilities at the top was evidence that the Academy is crucial to the Club’s present and future goals.

The Academy features a mix of local, regional, and international talent thanks to a strict scouting program, with some of the boys representing their respective countries in various age groups.

The Academy places a strong emphasis on personal growth within a high-performance setting. An intimate, more personal society supports this.

The Academy values, often known as the 3 Hs; honesty, humility, and hard work, are lived and practiced by all players, from the younger Foundation Phase up to the Under-23s.

About Fulham Academy

The Fulham academy has achieved success in areas related to youth development. The majority of the club’s academy players are currently playing for the main team. They have advanced greatly in every facet of existence.

There are a few potential talents that were members of the club. Some of them are Harvey Elliot, Ryan & Steven Sessegnon, Paul Parker, Sean Davis, Moussa Dembélé, George Cohen, Johnny Haynes, and Marcus Bettinelli.

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About ten years ago, the club was promoted to Category 1. Since it has never fallen below that position. The organization, meanwhile, keeps looking for methods to raise the calibre of its buildings and facilities. As a result, they have already begun the club’s stadium’s rebuilding.

The club is impartial and unbiased when it comes to scouting for young players. The scouts hunt for players from other parts of the world in a similar manner. This indirectly encourages appropriate communication and a sense of community.


The Academy offers space for top-notch instruction. In addition to receiving a quality education, young athletes can train for football in the academy.

There are three guiding principles for players in the academy. They are integrity, humility, and diligence. They hire professional workers to help them achieve the success they want. Additionally, all of these individuals, including the coach, are dedicated to helping the young players grow into professionals while leading balanced lives.

The Fulham Academy can be found in Motspur Park in New Malden, Surrey, KT3 6PT. To carry out the educational component of grooming, the club hires the best person. In order to accomplish this, they employ instructors and technical expertise to bring out the best in the players. The club takes its time reviewing applicants due to the intense competition for the opportunity. Gaining admission to the Fulham Academy is not so simple. Players under the age of 12 can currently be signed by Academy phase 1 clubs.

Unlike earlier, when it was restricted what they could accomplish. The FA decided to eliminate the rule in order to offer ambitious players some freedom. All the Fulham Academy has done is created a setting where these players may feel comfortable. It helps them psychologically so they can become excellent.

The Fulham Academy is involved in a few activities. They need to play games and host activities. All of these activities can be scheduled at a time and place that you choose.

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Possessing the desired football talent is the fundamental criterion for receiving a tryout. Additionally, must always stay informed and be accessible to the club’s scout. Remember that you usually won’t be aware of their existence. Instead of delivering your football video to the Fulham academy’s mail, diligence is therefore crucial. This is due to the operators of the mailbox frequently skipping over the videos and links.

additionally by enrolling in a Fulham FC-run soccer academy. Given the high likelihood of receiving a trial, it is the most practical approach. More importantly, the club can send out scouts to watch young players while they train at your local team. The traits that the scouts are looking for are already present. When they learn about it, they get in touch with your manager or coach. They then offer you an invitation to an interview at the club’s development centre. Most importantly, sending kids to football schools aids in their appropriate development. In this manner, it won’t be too difficult for the players to get to the playing surface.

How To Get Scouted For Fulham Academy Scholarship

The Fulham Academy scout typically just shows up at your training facilities and observes without your knowledge most of the time. Consequently, you are not under pressure because you are unaware of their presence. As a result, it’s critical to constantly be available when an opportunity arises. On the other hand, if someone wants to be scouted, they can message the academy. However, keep in mind that given the volume of communications they get, the possibilities are slim. The Academy does have a few requirements for aspiring players, though. As follows:

  • Player Cover Letter for CV
  • Players’ vital statistics include position, age, date of birth, height, weight
  • Contact information (email, phone, address), former clubs, information about any trials they have already attended, and any representative honours they may have received (such as from their school, district, or county).
  • Players’ school’s Fixture list for your present team, including the venue and the time of kickoff, must be provided to scout
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Send an email to Fulham Academy at [email protected] when these details are ready.

The Fulham Academy will consider whether to assign a scout to you after reading the material.

Visit the Fulham Academy website at https://www.fulhamfc.com/club/academy/ for additional details.

Alternatively, you can visit: https://www.fulhamfc.com/


The most efficient and effective training approach is used at the Fulham Academy. To allow the athletes to explore other facets of their lives, the training program is kept flexible. The training program is divided into two parts: a technical part and a tactical part. Goalkeepers are still taken into account, too. Let’s examine the many components of the Fulham Academy’s training:

  • There is the component of professional development.
  • They also feature a section on youth development.
  • They have the essential component.
  • Then there is the area of professional and youth development.
  • The foundation development goalkeeper section is finished.

We advise enrolling at Fulham Academy.

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