Full List of Free Online Bible Courses With Certificate of Completion

Without a degree, here’s how to become a counselor. If you want to learn how to get free Bible study courses at home and enroll in free online Bible study courses with certificates in 2023, this guide is for you. If you’re looking for a variety of free online bible courses that include a certificate of completion, we’ve provided all of the information you’ll need.

One of the best ways to grow as a Christian is to spend as much time studying God’s word and taking an online bible course that earns you a certificate will go a long way toward teaching you everything you need to know. As a result, if this appears to be too good to be true, don’t be concerned.

Some members of Christ’s body have devoted their lives to serving our Lord Jesus Christ, ensuring that courses teaching Christians biblical principles are available for free and that people do not waste time looking for them. As a Christian, you should strive not only to learn and understand biblical principles but also to teach others about them.

Understanding the Bible is vastly different from reading it. These free online bible courses include a certificate of completion, will help you better understand the Bible, and give you the knowledge and confidence you need.

What Are The Benefits Of Obtaining A Bible Certificate?

A Bible Certificate provides every Christian with a solid Biblical foundation on which to build their lives. Is your future uncertain? Do you ever wonder what God has in store for you? The Bible Certificate program’s target audience is you! If you’re unsure about your vocation, want to get more involved in your local church, or want to grow spiritually, it’s a worthwhile endeavor.

Why Do You Need These Free Online Bible Courses with Certificates When You Finish Them?

You don’t have to go to church to learn about the Bible and its words. You can also do this from the comfort of your own home using your smartphone or laptop. Attending church services isn’t the only way a Christian can grow spiritually. For those who want to grow, consistency in studying the world can make a big difference. Most people choose free online Bible courses because they want to learn more about God’s vast efficiency while they are engaged in one or more activities.

They can grow in the things of God without interfering with their work schedules, thanks to these online courses. Furthermore, these online Bible courses are tools that God has placed in the hands of men to help others learn about the Bible’s great teachings. Furthermore, the best way to serve the church by promoting Biblical knowledge is to take free online Bible courses.

If you have any doubts about enrolling in any of the Free Online Bible Courses with a Certificate of Completion, these reasons will help you overcome them. Here are six reasons why you should take the Free Online Bible Courses and receive a Certificate at the end:

1. Strengthens one’s relationship with God

If you want to develop a strong relationship with God, you must read the Bible. The Bible is a collection of God’s words. Many Christians, on the other hand, may find Bible reading tedious. These classes will teach you how to read the Bible without becoming bored. You will spend hours reading the Bible after completing any of the Free Online Bible Courses with a Certificate of Completion.

2. Spiritual Development

Growing spiritually requires a strong relationship with God. Only a strong relationship with God and frequent reading of God’s words will allow you to grow spiritually. In addition, the free online Bible courses will show you how to develop your spiritual life.

3. Make a better life for yourself.

You can live a better life by applying God’s words to your daily activities. You will discover why you are in the world in the Bible. Knowing your life’s purpose is the first and most important step toward living a better life. You will be able to do this with ease if you use the free online Bible courses.

4. A Better Knowledge of the Bible

Many people read the Bible but have little or no comprehension of it. You will be exposed to strategies that will help you understand how to read the Bible in the free online Bible courses.

5. Assist your prayer life

Are you ever at a loss for what to pray about? Then you should definitely enroll in one of the free online Bible courses that offer completion certificates. One of the ways to communicate with God is through prayer. You’ll also learn how to pray using the Bible and construct prayer points.

6. Enhance your leadership abilities

Yes! Your leadership skills will improve due to the free online Bible courses that offer certificates upon completion. The Bible tells us stories about various kings, both good and bad. There are numerous lessons to be learned from these tales.

Online Requirement for a Free Biblical Studies Certificate

Everyone is welcome to participate in these free online Bible study lessons. You don’t have to be religious to benefit from them; all you need is a desire to learn. The entire interactive Bible study course, including an online Bible and supplementary materials, is available for free. There will be no need for you to register or provide any personal data. However, enrolling in a free online Bible course is a simple process. 

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Despite having the same procedures and format, the methods are similar. How to get free Bible study courses online:

1. Make a user account.

To get started, you’ll need to create an account. You can access free videos and audio lectures by creating an account. Naturally, if you create an account and select a course, you will be prompted to enroll without paying any fees.

2. Choose a Program

The second step is choosing a program. You can choose a program and listen to lectures on the website. After downloading it, you can listen to lectures on your computer or mobile device. Start with a foundation, academy, or institute.

3. Make an effort to attend all of your classes.

The next step is to ensure that you show up for all of your classes. Being systematic and working through all of the classes has many benefits, from the first to the last. Additionally, once you have received your certificate of completion, you can search the website for additional programs to enroll in.

List of Institutions that offer Free Online Bible Courses with a Certificate of completion

The following organizations also provide free online Bible courses with a certificate of completion:

  • The University of Notre Dame,
  • Christian Leaders College,
  • St. Paul Center of Theology,
  • World Bible School,
  • Our Daily  University,
  • Biblical training,
  • Yale University,
  • Liberty University,
  • Grace Christian University,
  • Gordon-Conwell Theology Seminary,
  • Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary,
  • Dallas Theological Seminary,
  • Aletheia Logos University,
  • Trinity International Theological Seminary,
  • AMES International School of Ministry.

20 Best Free Online Bible Study Courses With Completion Certificates

Here are 30 free online bible courses with completion certificates that you can use to get started on your spiritual journey:

1. Introduction to Theology

This is a mobile learning experience for this free bible course. As a result, the class consists of 60 lectures, most of which are 15 minutes long. Furthermore, the Bible is used as the primary text in this course, and students are introduced to more advanced theological concepts. This includes interpretation, canons, and involuntary management. The course is easy to follow and can be accessed for free online or on a mobile device.

2. Introduction to the New Testament, history and literature

This is the course for you if you want to learn more about the Old Testament. It includes a New Testament introduction, as well as history and literature. This free online Bible course is ranked seventh in the religion category because it is relevant to today’s world culture. It’s a series of video calls with the option to download all of the lessons at once. These lessons are also applicable to current policy in the United States and elsewhere. Students also look at the development of Western ideas and how they relate to the Bible’s New Testament.

3. Jesus in Scripture and Tradition: Biblical and Historical

The free online bible courses teach about Jesus in the Bible and Tradition. The focus of this show is on Jesus as a church figure. It also looks into the Old and New Testaments’ religious aspects of Christianity. Through the eyes of Israel and Christ, this free bible online course introduces students to important people, places, and events in Christianity. You can learn by comparing Bible passages and links as a student. Please keep in mind that this free course is only available for the next eight weeks.

4. The Gospel Demystified

The abundance of materials available is, in fact, one of the benefits for students studying here. This course examines the biblical and historical accounts of Jesus’ death, burial, resurrection, and ascension. Throughout the course, the class reveals the Bible’s wisdom and then explains it in a modern context. Students understand both the Bible and critical thinking as they learn to think critically about issues.

5. Basics of Spiritual Growth

This is an introductory course in spiritual development. This course will also teach you how to fully commit to living a Christ-like life and strengthen your faith and expectant attitude. As a result, you will be spared from the evil ones crushing and devouring. In addition, the course will walk you through the Lord’s Prayer’s teachings and meaning. The Lord’s Prayer is a model for prayer and daily spiritual growth as a follower of Jesus.

6. Religion & Social Order

Students will learn about the role of religion in society in this course. To teach it, PowerPoint presentations are used. The most intriguing aspect of this course is that it does not require any textbooks. Students can also look into how religion has influenced society through art, politics, and popular culture. In addition, this free online bible course covers a wide range of topics, including the Salem witch trials and UFO sightings.

7. Judaism Studies

Although this isn’t one of the free online Bible courses that include a certificate of completion, the Judaism 101 website is a good place to start if you want to learn more about being a Jew. The pages of the encyclopedia site are labeled to assist readers in selecting learning material based on their level of familiarity. The “Gentile” page is for non-Jews, the “Basic” page is for Jews who want to learn more about Jewish beliefs, and the “Intermediate” and “Advanced” pages are for scholars interested in learning more about Jewish beliefs. 

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This elucidates how the Old Testament practices function. This free Pentecostal bible college offers free online bible courses and certificates for free bible study courses.

8. Genesis to Jesus’ Formation

Enrolling in this course will give you a Catholic perspective on Jesus’ life, starting with his birth. It offers a brilliant and in-depth analysis of scriptures and church documents and frequently references Scripture from the Bible, which also serves as the main book. Other course options include pregnancy lamb, the charter of love, and reading the Old Testament in the New Testament. Regardless, students will be able to learn on an easy-to-use website through reading, audio, and visuals.

9. Anthropology of Religion

This free online Bible course is designed for undergraduates who want to learn more about religion as a cultural phenomenon. You will have access to video lectures, lecture notes, quizzes, visual aids, and a list of additional resources as a student in this course. Despite the fact that no credit is given for completing USU OpenCourseWare classes, students may be able to earn credit for knowledge gained through a departmental examination, which could help them earn an online religion degree.

10. Cultures and Contexts

This is the course for you if you want to learn more about ancient Israel. This is one of the Free Online Bible Courses that takes a novel approach to the study of cultures that many people will find beneficial. On the other hand, this free online course examines the biblical world, politics, culture, and aspects of life during the time leading up to the writing of the Christian Bible. The course also includes 19 lessons that begin in ancient Israel and lead the student to a location where they can learn to write like the Prophet.

11. Biblical Wisdom Books

This is a free online Bible course that you can take. Christian Leaders College is a learning site for Christian leaders. This course will introduce you to the wisdom books and Psalms of the Old Testament. It demonstrates the value of the Old Testament wisdom books. You’ll also comprehend each wisdom book’s theological framework and central message.

12. Hermeneutics and Exegesis

The Christian Leaders College learning site also offers this three-credit course. It aids in the proper interpretation of the Bible. Students also learn the fundamentals of studying a passage and practice using methods in order to improve their ability to comprehend biblical passages and prepare sermons. You will be able to interpret scripture with careful attention to grammatical, literary, historical, and theological elements after completing this free online Bible course.

13. Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies

Liberty University is offering the course. This eight-week course will cover Bible study, theology, and global engagement, among other topics. Students will also be given the knowledge and tools they need to make a difference for Christ. As a result of Liberty University’s accreditation by SACSCOC, any course you take will be widely recognized.

14. Sermon Construction and Presentation

Have you been asked to preach a sermon but are stumped as to what to preach about? If you answered yes, you must enroll in this course. Christian Leaders College offers a four-credit course that can be found on its learning website. By watching a variety of preachers and teachers in action, you will learn the fundamentals of communication as well as how to prepare and preach sermons. You’ll also develop a personal preaching style that works best for you.

15. Survey of the Bible

The Bible Broadcasting Network is offering a six-lesson course. The course provides a comprehensive overview of the Bible’s 66 books. The final lesson demonstrates that the Bible is God’s infallible word.

16. Leadership Basics

This is yet another free online Bible course with a certificate of completion on our list of free online Bible courses with certificates of completion. Our Daily Bread University is offering it. The course comprises ten lessons that can be completed in as little as six hours. This online course, which includes a certificate of completion, focuses on the types of leadership seen in Israel and Judah’s ancient kingdoms. The course also covers what can be learned from the successes and failures of ancient Israelite kings.

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17. Letter of Hope Study

Lambchow is offering a free seven-lesson Bible study on Hope. In these seven lessons, you’ll learn how the Bible views hope and how it serves as a spiritual anchor. This Bible study is available in two formats. The first was through a mailing list that automatically sends each lesson to us a few days apart. The second option is to download the entire study in PDF format.

18. Give, Save & Spend: Finance God’s Way

Compass Ministry offers this course through the Our Daily Bread University learning platform. The six-week course is for those who want to take a biblical approach to money. Students will investigate God’s viewpoint on money and possessions. In addition, you will be involved in numerous practical applications of financial management in a variety of financial situations.

19. Genesis – Leviticus: God Builds a People for Himself

Our Daily Bread University also offers the course. It consists of three lessons that should take no more than three hours to complete. The course covers everything from the beginning of time to the birth of Israel as a nation. This course examines God’s creation of a nation to represent him on Earth. In addition, this online course covers the Old Testament’s historical and biblical context. This course is for you if you’re interested in learning why God created people.

20. Jesus in Scripture and Tradition

The course is offered by the University of Notre Dame and is available on edX. The four-week course introduces students to Jesus Christ’s identity. The course recognizes major people, places, and events from both the Old and New Testaments as they relate to Israel’s and Jesus’ stories. The course also considers how major biblical themes relate to modern life.

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Our list of the best free online Bible study courses with certificates of completion comes to a close. It was difficult to come up with a list. There’s a lot to talk about when it comes to religion, and it’s a touchy subject for many people. Furthermore, because the Bible is a universe unto itself, finding high-quality courses on it is difficult. If you take any of the courses on this list, you will better understand religion, the Bible, and how people interact with religion.

Free Online Bible Courses with Certificate: Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find Free Bible Courses on the Internet?

Aside from the best free online Bible Study courses highlighted above, there are numerous free online Bible courses that you can take because many Universities and Colleges offer free online Bible courses for interested students, but we have selected the best of them to answer your biblical studies questions. Ascertain that you’ve reviewed the courses and chosen the best one from the list for you.

How do you sign up for free online Bible courses that lead to a certificate?

The free online Bible courses with completion certificates are very convenient. All you need is a mobile phone or a laptop with a stable internet connection. To gain access to these courses, you must first register. You can now enroll in the course after signing up. Other free online Bible courses can also be found on the platform.

Is the Certificate offered free of charge after completing the Free Online Bible Courses with the Certificate?

The majority of the free online Bible courses listed do not include a certificate. Only the courses are free; in order to receive Certificates after completion, you must pay a token or upgrade. The certificates will be sent to you via email.

What is the purpose of a Certificate?

After completing an online course, obtaining a certificate should not be underestimated. It can be used to boost your CV/resume in addition to serving as evidence. The Certificate can also be used to improve your LinkedIn profile. In addition, if you want to enroll in Bible degree programs, this certificate will give you easy access to them.

You’ll be given the tools you need to read and comprehend the Bible on your own. You’ll be able to tell others about the Good News as well. One of life’s most intense experiences is spiritual awakening, and these Bible courses are a great place to start.

 Lastly, candidates can check our careers and reviews categories, or check out the Moden News homepage for more essential information.

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