Details of FedEx Insurance Rate 2023-2024 | Including All You Should Know

The majority of people who ship items often choose FedEx. Some products may not arrive at their delivery locations in pristine condition after being shipped. FedEx offers insurance coverage in this case.

FedEx has, however, altered some of its insurance pricing for shipping items over time.

This declared value coverage is provided by FedEx and other delivery firms in the meantime. Only if the carrier is liable for any damage to your package are you eligible for this offer.

You must comprehend how it functions and the new prices used in order to obtain this insurance coverage. This is due to the fact that few people are aware of the rate adjustments from the past.

This page will go into great detail regarding FedEx insurance, including how it functions, what it covers, and current shipping costs.

Additionally, various factors, such as price, value, and dependability, must be considered while assessing delivery options. However, businesses must also prepare for the worst-case scenario.

FedEx is a well-liked carrier option, sending 14 million items every day to 220 nations and territories.

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About FedEx Insurance

If FedEx is accountable for any damage to a package while shipping, it gives insurance coverage. The damage may result from theft, lost property, or complete destruction of the package.

If this occurs, the shipper may file a complaint with the corporation to seek compensation of up to $100.

If the parcel you wish to ship is worth more than $100, you must declare its value and purchase additional insurance.

The prior shipment insurance rates are listed below:

For shipments over $300, FedEx Ground charges $1 for every $100 of declared value.
For coverage of packages with declared values between $100 and $300, FedEx U.S. Express costs $3. The coverage for packages costing more than $300 is $1 for every additional $100 in value.
For shipments valued at more than $100, FedEx International Express charges $1 for every $100 of declared value. (Coverage for a package with a $250 claimed value cost $2.)
When a package’s worth for transportation and any damage is declared

Obtain the goods’ receipt and the loss proof before filling out the claims form (such as an invoice showing that FedEx shipped the parcel).

Only sixty (60) days remain for you to complete the FedEx Express claims form. You must complete the FedEx Ground claims form within 60 days if the package is lost and nine (9) months if it is damaged.

How does FedEx Shipping Insurance work?

In their shipping contracts, the majority of third-party shipping providers almost usually include a declared value coverage, just like FedEx. In other words, if the shipper is held liable for any damage to the package, the declared value coverage is the most the shipping firm will agree to pay the shipper.

The declared value coverage for FedEx is $100. You must purchase additional coverage for the package you intend to transport if its value exceeds $100.

The maximum liability claim for any loss or damage that may occur to any package is always set by FedEx’s claimed value. Every time shippers purchase extra insurance, FedEx’s financial liability rises.

With the enhanced coverage, shippers can recover more of the cost of their packages after providing proof of value and demonstrating that FedEx was in charge of the delivery.

What does the insurance cover?

FedEx stated value coverage, as we previously mentioned, provides recompense to shippers for any packages that go missing or sustain damage.

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FedEx offers insurance for packages up to $100 in value. Before FedEx ships a package that is over $100 in value, you must declare its value and purchase supplementary insurance. FedEx will need your signature if the declared value of your package is $500 or above.

FedEx shipping insurance, on the other hand, does not shield goods from harm caused by fire or other calamities. Products that go missing or are damaged after being delivered to the recipient’s doorstep are not covered by insurance. You will require a third-party insurance policy if you ever find yourself in this circumstance and need coverage.

What is FedEx Shipping Insurance?

To help cover the costs in the event that a shipment is lost, stolen, or destroyed, FedEx offers insurance. The first $100 of insurance is free, but you can buy more insurance to protect against potential losses if the package’s worth is larger.

While there is a slight chance of package loss while en route, the damage is more frequent. According to one survey, up to 11% of goods experience transit damage.

The survey discovered the following percentage of damaged parcels by the carrier, albeit damage results per carrier can vary.

  • UPS: 11 percent
  • USPS: 10 percent
  • FedEx:7 percent

In this survey, FedEx had the lowest percentage of damage, although, in these situations, shipping insurance helps cover the expense. The correct quantity of insurance must be purchased, and this requires declaring a “declared value.”

Understanding FedEx Declared Value

You must disclose the worth of the sent products to the carrier if you get insurance. There is no need for upfront documentation at this point; but, if you file a claim, you will need to provide this information to support the package’s value.

For most services, the first $100 of insurance is free, but you can get insurance for more than this amount (more on this shortly).

A package can have additional insurance added to it either in person or online.

Also note that with FedEx insurance, the carrier will not automatically replace the item if it’s broken and can be repaired. Additionally, FedEx has a maximum declared value, which varies based on the service you select.

How Much Does FedEx Insurance Cost?

The price of insurance varies depending on the service you choose and the goods you intend to transport. Here are some illustrations of what to anticipate:

FedEx SameDay & SameDay City: Maximum declared value is $2,000; for shipments up to $300, the additional fee for declared value is $3. For declared values beyond $300, there is a fee of $1 per $100.

United States Ground, United States Express Package, and International Ground Services.

For shipments worth up to $300, there is an extra fee of $3. After this, it costs $1 for every $100 of claimed value in excess of $300.

If the value is greater than $500, the Direct Signature Confirmation service is free of charge. FedEx will therefore need the package recipient’s signature in order to deliver it. The delivery person will try again if no one is there to accept the package. Shippers of several products should carefully assess whether it makes sense to transport multiple items at once. Regardless of the value of each item transported, insurance covers the entire shipment.

Take FedEx SameDay City, for instance, which has a maximum declared value of $2,000 as an example. Two goods that are each worth $1,500 are being shipped. To ensure you have complete coverage in this situation, it might make sense to ship the items separately.

Understanding Insurance Limitations

Check if things are excluded from coverage or have other restrictions before using any service, including FedEx.

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For instance, it is stated in the FedEx Service Guide’s Declared Worth and Limits of Liability sections that things of extraordinary value and those whose value is difficult to estimate may not be declared. On the FedEx website, restrictions are listed as follows:

The Declared Value for Carriage is additionally restricted for shipments containing the following items of extraordinary value and is dependent on the contents and destination of the shipment:

FedEx insurance

Artwork includes any creations made with skill, taste, or creative aptitude and offered for sale, display, or collection. Objects including paintings, drawings, vases, tapestries, limited-edition prints, fine art, statues, sculptures, collectibles, specially made or personalized musical instruments, and similar goods are included without limitation.

Antiques, collectibles, or any other product that reflects the fashion or style of a bygone era and whose history, age, or rarity adds to its worth. These things range from furniture to glassware to porcelain, ceramics, and tableware. Collectible things can be current or from a bygone era.

Photographic images, such as photographic slides, photographic negatives, and photographic negatives on film.

any product whose market worth is highly unpredictable or difficult to determine, or whose intrinsic vulnerability to harm makes it particularly susceptible.

Costume jewelry, watches, and their components, mount jewels or stones (precious or semiprecious, cut or uncut), industrial diamonds, and jewelry constructed of precious metals are only a few examples of jewelry.

Precious metals, such as platinum, gold, silver, or silver dust or precipitates, for example (except as an integral part of electronic machinery).

Furs, including but not restricted to fur pelts, fur garments, and clothing with fur trim.
FedEx might not completely forbid insurance on the aforementioned things, but they might restrict how much you can declare.

For the following items, for instance, FedEx allows a maximum declared value of up to $1,000:

How to Ensure Your FedEx Package

Utilizing FedEx insurance is simple. Simply complete the value part of the shipment form when dropping off the package to be packed and shipped. Don’t worry about getting additional insurance if the box contains things with a value of less than $100; coverage is already included.

Additionally, for firms shipping a lot of goods, you can pack your own item and have it picked up at your location. Make sure you adhere to FedEx’s packaging specifications because this will be crucial if you submit a damage claim.

A declared value is necessary for packages with a value greater than $100. All you have to do is specify the value while keeping in mind that you’ll need to have supporting paperwork in case a claim is necessary.

Packing Details and Considerations

FedEx has packing specifications, and if you submit an insurance claim, these specifications become crucial.

FedEx wants to make sure that the package was packed appropriately in the event of damage so they can identify the responsible party.

They may reject the claim if the shipment was not packed in accordance with their specifications. The transporter offers some packaging advice, including the following:

If your boxes are strong, undamaged, and have all of their flaps attached, you are allowed to utilize them.
Gift and shoe boxes made of chipboard must be placed inside a corrugated outer box.
Use double-wall boxes if the items are hefty.
Put little gifts in the bigger box.
Both fragile products should be double-boxed, with the smaller box receiving 3 inches of padding on all sides.

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Wrap each item in padding material before placing it in a box in the middle, away from other objects and away from the box’s edges, corners, top, and bottom.
Liquid-filled bottles need to be upright. Any potential leaks should be able to be stopped by the inside packaging.

The complete rules, which cover rules for special items including those with insurance restrictions, including artwork, pictures, and musical instruments, can be viewed here.

Understanding the FedEx Claims Process

Most people buy insurance as a safety measure in case they ever need it. But you’ll need to use that insurance you bought if a customer’s package is lost or arrives damaged.

Yet how? There are several ways to submit a claim to FedEx, including online, by email, or by fax to the FedEx claims department. You can quickly receive updates on your claim via email if you file a claim online. An international claim must be submitted via fax or postal service.

Get a case number from FedEx customer support after making your claim so you can refer to it later if you need to check on it. If you’re filing a claim for damage, make sure to keep all packaging supplies on hand, including the box and packing materials, in case FedEx requests to inspect the goods.

Keep an eye on the calendar as well. FedEx Express mandates that claims for lost or damaged packages be submitted within 60 days of the shipment’s dispatch. Claims for overseas shipments must be submitted within 21 days. However, if the item is lost or misplaced, it must be reported within 60 days. FedEx Ground claims have a nine-month limit from the delivery date. FedEx won’t look into the claim if it is submitted after the specified time period has passed.

The resolution of your claim happens quite quickly and is typically finished in a week. Reimbursement for the declared value is sent upon claim approval.

Shipping with Greater Confidence

The majority of businesses ship a lot of shipments each year, and most of them arrive on schedule and undamaged. However, occasionally, something goes wrong during shipping and a package is damaged or seems to have disappeared, leaving the consumer upset and seeking redress.

The primary objective is to satisfy the consumer, but the second is to make up for the money lost. One option that can assist to reduce these losses is FedEx insurance. Smoother interactions and reduced potential loss result from knowing what this form of insurance coverage gives and building internal rules for dealing with these circumstances.


FedEx provides insurance coverage for packages up to $100 in value. Before FedEx ships your package, you must declare its value and purchase additional coverage if it is worth more than $100. All of them correspond to FedEx insurance rates from earlier.

It’s crucial to be aware of FedEx’s recent adjustments to the cost of shipping insurance if you want to ship any type of package through them and have a sufficient budget.

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