Facebook Marketplace Jobs: How To Find Jobs On Facebook 2024

Facebook Marketplace Jobs: How To Find Jobs On Facebook 2024

Before diving into the main topic: the Facebook Marketplace Jobs, we will also treat the following: Facebook Careers, Jobs On Facebook, Facebook Remote Jobs, What Happened To Facebook Jobs? and Facebook Jobs From Home. So let’s start with the first one, Facebook Carers.

Facebook Careers

Facebook boasts more than 800 million users and is quickly becoming the most popular social networking site for recruitment. According to a Jobvite survey, 48% of job seekers used Facebook to find a job. This is contrary to the perception that Facebook is a social network.

To attract top talent, particularly college graduates and younger workers, companies are using the social networking power offered by Facebook to create dynamic job pages. The best corporate career pages allow job seekers to apply for jobs from Facebook. Then, without missing a beat, candidates can search for employment opportunities, resume playing Mafia Wars or Word Challenge, and return to socializing.

Best Practices

What best ways to create and maintain a company’s career Facebook page? First, offering a visually engaging experience is essential to attract top talent to your career page. YouTube videos should feature employee testimonials and the day in the life of workers. Second, customers and job-seekers should be encouraged and supported to participate in the Wall discussion using polls, contests, and quizzes. Employees should respond to questions and comments promptly.

Third, it is wise to establish a talent acquisition team and make them available for job inquiries. Candidates will appreciate a more personal experience. Finally, career opportunities should be made available directly on the Facebook page. The Work for Us App makes it simple for companies to post job opportunities on their Facebook pages. Let’s take a look at some well-designed career pages.

Sodexo Careers

Sodexo, Inc., an industry leader in quality-of-life services, is based in Gaithersburg, Maryland. It knows how to use Facebook to its advantage for recruiting. It has become so adept at using social media for branding, talent acquisition, and brand building that it was awarded a Society for New Communications Research award in 2009. So what makes Sodexo’s Career Page so unique? One, Sodexo makes it easy to apply for jobs through its Facebook page. There’s also plenty of media-rich content, such as videos, photos, and even a song from the company. Polls and quizzes also engage fans.

You can also find a link to the company’s Twitter feed. This blog contains job-hunting tips, testimonials, and an opportunity to sign up for the bi-monthly Career Connections eNewsletter and Talent Community Job Alerts. Reconnexions encourage former employees to refer. Expertly leverage the entire page, from top to bottom, to attract, engage, and recruit high-quality talent.


Amway, the largest direct-selling business in the world, is headquartered near Ada, Michigan. Recently, they launched a Facebook Talent Acquisition Page. It’s pretty impressive. All job opportunities are displayed on the company’s Facebook page, which sells health, beauty, personal, and home care products. Job seekers can apply for jobs without leaving Facebook. Candidates can also share job opportunities on Facebook and LinkedIn by clicking a mouse. Although the career page isn’t as media-rich as Sodexo, it does include videos, photos, and compelling career testimonials under the Info tab. It is simple to use, well-organized, and has everything you need. In addition, fans can subscribe to a career newsletter. Unfortunately, the page does not provide much opportunity for recruiters to connect with fans personally.

Marriot Hotel

Marriott International, based outside Washington, DC, has a Facebook page called Marriott Jobs and Careers that provides job seekers with lots of flash and glamour. It also features a Facebook game called My Marriott Hotel. You can earn experience in a typical Marriott kitchen. You will need to upload the required videos and photos. However, the page only allows job seekers to apply directly from Facebook. Instead, job seekers are directed straight to the company’s careers page. In addition, Marriott receives bonus points for the live career chat feature. The Global Mariott HR team and recruiters conduct regular live chats to answer questions about job openings and offer interview tips and instructions for applicants.

Monster’s new BeKnown recruiting app for Facebook and the rush by companies to establish a presence on the most popular social network platform, Facebook, and career pages have the potential to be a strong force in recruitment. In addition, Facebook’s robust search functions, fan pages, and groups make it a great place to find recruiters.

How To Post A Job On Facebook

Facebook’s days of cute cat videos and lighthearted status updates are long gone. Instead, people can now use Facebook to sell products and fill job openings. NerdWallet estimates that Facebook is operated by 1.79 billion people, with an average time of 40 minutes daily. This presents businesses with a huge opportunity to attract and find potential employees.

In three simple steps, this guide will show you how to create a job on Facebook. This is how to use Facebook to find qualified candidates quickly.

1. Log in to your Facebook account.

First, log into your Facebook business account to post a job.

You must create a Facebook Business Page to post jobs on Facebook. First, log in to your Facebook account. Next, navigate to the screen’s upper-right corner and click the menu icon. Next, navigate to the upper right-hand corner and click the menu icon.

2. Go to “Manage jobs” and click “Create job.”

Go to your business page dashboard and click the “Manage Jobs” tab. The following screen will allow you to manage your job postings (if any): Click the blue button “Create A Job” at the top to post a job.

3. Please add details about the job.

Once you click on “Create A Job,” you’ll enter information about the job in the fields in the left sidebar. The areas include the job title, job description, and full-time/part-time position. You can also have location, salary, benefits, and schedule information.

You will see the information in the job post preview at the top of the screen. This preview will allow you to see how the job posting will appear to the users after you have published it.

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You can tell people a little about your company and the job. Take your time. Be creative to make your company stand out from the crowd. Ask employees about their favorite things about the job, and then include that information in the job posting. Consider adding a video to your job posting.

After you’re satisfied with the information and the appearance of the job posting, click “Next.”

Click the checkmarks to indicate whether the job posting will appear only in the Jobs section or on the company’s Facebook page.

Click “Post” to publish your job post on Facebook.

What do you do after posting a job on Facebook?

Like any social media platform that uses Facebook, a large part of Facebook’s job posting power is due to the networking effect. After posting the job to Facebook, encourage employees to share it with their networks and like it. A “thumbs up!” button can make a big difference in attracting your next hire.

You’llAfter is sharing it with your network. You’ll need to keep checking the job posting regularly. You should respond promptly to all applicants if you receive them. Modify the job posting if you don’t; they are still waiting for the applicants you desire. You can do this by clicking on the “Manage Jobs tab” button when logged into your Facebook business account.

You can either fill out the job or change your hiring requirements by clicking the “Manage Jobs” tab. The job posting will not be visible to visitors to your company’s Facebook page or the Jobs platform on Facebook. However, it will still be visible to admins to edit and renew.

How Much Does it Cost to Post a Job on Facebook?

Although you can post a job on Facebook for free, many people choose to boost the job post, so it is visible as an ad for more people. You can increase your job posting by adding a budget and pricing based on a pay-per-click model.

How to Boost Your Job Post on Facebook

To increase the number of qualified applicants for your job posting, visit your company’s Facebook page. First, click the “Ad Center” button toward the bottom of the left sidebar. Next, click the “Create Ad” button in the right sidebar.

Click on “Boost a Post” to select the job you wish to boost.

Next, define your target audience. The audience can be targeted based on their geographic location, educational background, and other criteria. This will allow you to focus on the type of candidates you are looking for in this job.

Jobs On Facebook

Jobs on Facebook allow businesses of all sizes to find and hire the right people. Facebook Jobs has helped over 1,000,000 people to find employment, from HGV drivers to line cooks, administrative aids, and sales associates. You can use Jobs on Facebook no matter what kind of business you have to find the right people for your company.


  • Post a job from your Page. It’s easy to Learn how to create your very first job.
  • Reach – Reach potential candidates wherever they spend their time. Your job could appear on your Page as well as the Jobs bookmark (facebook.com/jobs), Marketplace, and News Feed. Convenience – Post a job, review applicants, communicate with candidates, and hire all from one location.

Jobs Features

  • Job posting and application management: Manage your applications and post your job in minutes. You can view applications from your mobile device or go to the Manage Job tab under Page Settings to see all of your applications.
  • Mobile optimization: Candidates can fill out each application on Facebook directly to avoid any applicant drop-off.
  • Communicate directly – Communicate directly to qualified candidates
  • Integration with Human Resource Solution Providers: Jobs on Facebook integration will help you manage your hiring process if you use an HR solution provider such as applicant tracking software.
  • Third-party integrations – Use third-party apps or services such as Distribution/ATS Partners to reach a larger audience for your job.

You can also apply for a Facebook job in the USA using this Metaverse Link

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Facebook Remote Jobs

You’ll be able to do meaningful work from wherever you are most comfortable while working remotely for Meta. Minor roles are available in the US, Canada, and Europe. In addition, we will continue to expand our offerings in other locations. Every day, the rules of work are being redefined. We all can reimagine and redefine work’s future. Meta’s global community offers opportunities to work with people from diverse backgrounds and perspectives. You can also learn from one another to create many possibilities. Innovation thrives when there is community and potential.

Distributed, but not isolated

Our remote work environment is constantly evolving to meet the needs of all distributed team members. Our tools and resources make it easy for colleagues to feel connected and to have equal opportunities to make an impact on the lives and communities around the globe. All while being closer to the things that matter most.


Work is what you do, not where you go. With everyone up to speed, our teams can move quickly. Portal and Workplace allow you to communicate openly, connect and collaborate with colleagues across time zones and geographical boundaries. Connect

Your career can be improved by building relationships with your colleagues. Meta offers structured opportunities for informal connections that allow you to get to know your colleagues, collaborate, and make your network. Grow

Using our extensive learning and development options, you can learn and develop your skills at your own pace. Add value

We can build better things when we have different perspectives. We are committed to building a diverse team that values and hears everyone. Meta empowers everyone to take ownership and create an inclusive environment where all contributions and differences are celebrated.


We provide all you need for your family, from a holistic approach to benefits to remote tech support and tools to help managers increase the effectiveness of their team so that you can thrive.

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Meta offers opportunities for senior executives and those just starting their careers to take on leadership roles in the areas that are most likely to make a difference as we bring the globe closer together.

Use this apply link to apply for Facebook Remote Jobs. APPLY HERE

What Happened To Facebook Jobs?

Facebook has always been open to new business opportunities throughout its existence. Sometimes, Facebook has been accused of copying other platforms, most notably Snapchat’s Story feature, which helped propel Instagram to new heights.

It has also become more integrated with users’ lives, creating additional touchpoints to assist them. It was essentially trying to be the one-stop online shop. In October 2016, Facebook launched its Marketplace products, which are now very popular. This was to compete with Craigslist.

Three months earlier, Microsoft announced it had purchased LinkedIn for a staggering $26.2 billion. This signaled that online and social recruitment could go hand-in-hand. Online recruitment was worth more than $10 billion in the United States. There are more than 40,000 job websites, which shows how lucrative and competitive this market is.

So it was not surprising that TechCrunch in November 2016 saw the first sign of job listings on Facebook. Soon after, the social media giant confirmed that it was working on this product.

Facebook was valid in its style and almost copied existing features such as Workable and LinkedIn. Users could, for example, confirm the skills of others (similar to LinkedIn).

Facebook had close to 1.8 Billion members at the time, while LinkedIn only had 467 M members. So naturally, business owners would have access to a more significant number of applicants.

Facebook will have to deal with one problem from the beginning: people sharing their lives with potential employers. People were often fired from their jobs due to sharing content on social media platforms like Facebook. As a result, they may be less likely to apply for jobs or need to improve their profile to make it more appealing to potential employers.


Facebook pushed ahead despite these potential problems. In February 2017, Facebook officially launched the Jobs product, just a few months after TechCrunch’s leak. The following message was sent along with the launch

“From today, US businesses will be able to post job openings. Their future employees will also be able to find them on their Page or in their new jobs bookmark. This will allow businesses to find qualified candidates where they are already spending their time – on Facebook and mobile em>

Many businesses have previously posted their job ads on Facebook. They were interested in a more integrated version. A further benefit was that it allowed followers to apply directly for jobs at their favorite companies. Posting an ad on LinkedIn or other job sites was free.

To increase the visibility of job postings, Facebook announced a partnership in September with applyforajob.org. This would have the effect of job postings being automatically shared on several sites.

Facebook wouldn’t exist if it didn’t have controversy over its job listing service. The New York Times published a piece in December highlighting discrimination against older users.

Many firms, such as Amazon, Goldman Sachs, or Verizon, that created job postings and promoted them limited them to specific age groups. Many wondered if these practices complied with the federal Age Discrimination in Employment Act (67). However, Facebook and other platforms like LinkedIn offer age-based targeting.

In Contrast

However, a class action lawsuit against Facebook was filed in San Francisco federal court on behalf of Communications Workers of America and its members.

Facebook made improvements to the product throughout this time. For example, it expanded its jobs feature beyond the United States and Canada in February 2018 to 40 territories worldwide (including Germany, France, and Spain, among others).

The business pages will also be updated as needed, making communicating with potential customers and employees easier.

In March 2019, Facebook announced it would overhaul its targeted advertising system to fight discrimination. It also agreed to modify targeting based on demographic information, such as ZIP codes, gender, and age.

These changes did not affect only job ads but also those in other segments like housing and lending. Facebook also settled the ongoing class action lawsuit and paid $5 million to all parties.

Facebook Jobs was ignored mainly over the next few months and years. In April 2021, however, independent researchers from the University of Southern California (USC) conducted another audit of Facebook’s ad targeting system. Again, they found discrimination against women.

Researchers even claimed no difference in the algorithms before and after the fine. But unfortunately, these claims were impossible to verify because Facebook doesn’t make its algorithm public.

Its job platform became a force for good in the meantime. Small business owners could find workers through the venue during the “Great Resignation,” which saw many people leave their jobs.

In Addition

However, most users would soon see the end of this feature. Facebook announced in December 2021 that the jobs feature would be removed from all countries except Canada and the United States. It also ended the service by February 2022.

Aside from that, offering free jobs through partner networks such as applyforajob.org would only be possible. All existing job groups would be removed from the ‘Jobs category and replaced with ‘General.

Facebook Entry Level Jobs

Most entry-level jobs could be more enjoyable. These jobs often involve a lot of work that feels like a decrease in the quality of your college work. Nevertheless, you usually take the first job you see, even if it could be more enjoyable when you are fresh out of college. This is because you want to make money and repay your student loans.

Some people are fortunate enough to get the internships or entry-level jobs they desire or to be able to secure top positions within a short period of graduation. How? Fast Company We spoke with several of them, plus a few recruiters from the inside, to find out.

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Kevin Lancelin acknowledges that he got a job offer at Nike because he had a great resume.

Nike apparel designer Kevin Lancelin[PHOTO: VIA LANCELIN KEVIN DESIGN&ART]

But that’s just one part of the story. Lancelin was an apparel designer for Nike’s activewear brand, NSW. He had decided to put Nike in his sights years before. Creole in Paris, where Lancelin studied art, considered it a standard practice to search for work in France as a designer after graduation. He recalls that he wanted to visit the Netherlands and Nike, but he could not remember.

Use This Link To Apply For an Entry Facbook Job. Apply Here

Facebook Jobs From Home

This post will help you find remote jobs on Facebook, now called Meta.

Facebook is the most popular social media platform in the world. But did you know that Facebook owns other web properties such as Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Meta Quest? Facebook also owns the workplace. There are many ways you can work with Facebook because of its vast reach.

If you love Facebook, you can make money online by working remotely from your home.

1. Social Media Evaluation Jobs

Similar to a Search Engine Evaluator or an Ad Rater, this role requires you to log in to social media sites like Facebook to search for keywords and terms that are relevant and quality. You must pass three online tests before you can start. It would help if you were detail-oriented, tech-savvy, and up-to-date on current trends to apply for these roles. These remote jobs can be used on Teemwork.ai, TELUS International, and Appen. These positions are independent contractors, and your hours can be flexible.

2. Facebook Ads Manager

Once you have figured out how to make Facebook ads work, you can find many business owners willing to pay you handsomely for managing their ads. These positions are also known as Digital Ad Specialists, Paid Media Specialists, or Digital Ad Specialists. These remote jobs can be found on FlexJobs and Cafe Media.

You can also become a Facebook Ad Manager by setting up your own Facebook Ad Management Agency. Bobby Hoyt has created a course called the Facebook side hustle that teaches how small businesses can manage their Facebook ads. Although I have yet to review the system, Kristin of Believe In a Budget recommends it highly.

3. Social Media Moderator

You will oversee Facebook pages and groups to ensure that they comply with the rules, answer questions, and keep spammers away. You won’t work for Facebook directly, but you will be helping business owners and bloggers with their Facebook groups and pages.

4. Social Media Manager

Social Media Management This broad position requires you to create and respond to questions, manage social media campaigns, and moderate content. These jobs are usually available to those with a marketing degree or social media experience. You can also take an online class. These roles often require you to be proficient in multiple platforms, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok.

Meta offers remote marketing positions in a variety of roles. You can also start your job search there. Social media jobs are also available at agencies and large and small businesses. For remote jobs, staffing agencies such as Robert Half or Kelly Services can be a great option.

You can offer freelance social media services if you want more control over your time. You can either post your services on Fiverr or Upwork or pitch clients directly. This article has more information about starting a social media business.

5. Be a Facebook Influencer

Facebook offers many ways to monetize your influence if you are a content creator and enjoy creating unique content online.

Facebook currently has five methods to make money from your content.

These methods can only be used if you have a Facebook Business Page or Brand. Each form of monetization has its criteria. Once you have met these milestones, you can apply for the program. How they select who is eligible to apply for each program needs to be made clear. I used it for bonuses, and I am still waiting to hear back from them (it’s been several months).

You can also make money with the affiliate market or sell your products on Facebook. There are many ways to make money with your Facebook Group or Page.

5. Remote Work via Facebook

Many remote jobs are available if you’re interested in working as a Facebook employee. Remote employees can be hired by Facebook from the US, Canada, and Europe (France and Germany, Ireland and Italy, Spain and Spain).

Select the location filter and choose remote to find work-from-home opportunities on Facebook. Facebook offers many career opportunities in advertising, data, marketing, business development, and communications.

According to Glassdoor.com, I found out that Facebook has a work-at-home policy. This means that in-person employees can work remotely on Wednesdays. Most managers are flexible with scheduling. Recent comments by Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO, suggested that: Meta provides many benefits for its employees. These include health and wellness plans and paid family leave.

Apply for Facebook’s work at home jobs here.


How To Find Jobs On Facebook

Employers can post for free, and there is no limit to the number of pages they can create. This makes it even more attractive for companies with many jobs.

Here are some ways to make Facebook a part of your job search.

  • Check your Facebook page settings.
  • Make a list of companies you want to look at
  • Find jobs and apply.
  • Keep checking Facebook for more information.
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