Ethiopia Custom Commission Vacancy 2023/2024 and Website –

Ethiopia Custom Commission Vacancy 2023/2024 and Website –

Here we will be discussing the latest job opportunities at the Ethiopia Custom Commission. Which will include the full requirements and how to apply for each job. In addition, we will be introducing you to the Official Ethiopia Custom Commission website – Which contains a lot about the commission.

In other words, we are pleased to announce that about 15 vacant positions exist at the commission. So all you need to do is to read the information on this web page. And also follow the guidelines, in other to Moden News that suits you.

Job Fields: Sales, Economics, Accounting, Computer Science, Management, Banking, and more.

Location: Ethiopia

Details of These Ethiopia Custom Commission Jobs

  • Firstly, the name of the organization that’s recruiting workers is the Ethiopia Custom Commission (ECC).
  • Secondly, the organization is a well-known Government organization. That’s the more reason you should apply to secure a job.
  • Most importantly, these jobs are all full-time jobs. So only people that can do full-time jobs should proceed with the job application.
  • However, these jobs are for Security Guard, Sales Personnel, Economist, Accountant, Computer Science, Management, Banking, Supplies Management, Purchasing, Marketers, Information Systems, Information Technology, Office Administrators, Secretary, and Driver.
  • The total number of vacant positions that are available for application is fifteen. This explains the fact that this latest Ethiopia Custom Commission job recruitment is a large one.
  • These jobs are open to both fresh and experienced people. So don’t fail to apply, no matter your level of experience or inexperience.
  • Further, only well-behaved persons can fill out the Ethiopia Custom Commission 2023 job application forms.
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Certainly, the Official website of the Ethiopia Custom Commission is – HERE. So you can visit the website to gain access to more information about the Government Agency. However, you will also see things like the frequently asked question page and lots more.

How to Apply for the Ethiopia Custom Commission Vacancy 2023/2024

Apply via the Application Portal

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  1. First Step

    Most importantly, interested and qualified persons will have to submit their CV’s. Just the way it’s stated in the job announcement write-up, which we added to this portal.

    To clarify, you can download the full job application details HERE or
    Also, after downloading this Ethiopia Custom Commission job recruitment details. Make sure you read the guidelines very well.
    Thirdly, check if you are qualified for either of the jobs, by going through the job requirements.
    After finding the position that suits you. Prepare your Curriculum Vite and other application requirements.
    Lastly, apply as instructed by the Officials in charge of Ethiopia Custom Commission Vacancies and recruitment.

NOTE: the application for this ECC vacancy is completely free. As a result, don’t pay attention to anyone that might want to exploit you.

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Also, candidates that want to know more about the Ethiopia Custom Commission (ECC) can simply proceed to the official website: of the Government organization – – HERE

For more information or inquiries, Applicants can call 0118582290.

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    • My name is mustafe Ali I am interesting these organisation work because I was worked administration for refugee returnee Agency whith in 7 years so I am understanding role and regulation of the federal government organisation
      I am staying somali region specially the boundary between Somalian and Ethiopia the council Tog wajale
      I known more dangerous actions for enemy of our country

  1. My name is TEDLA SOLOMON MALO .I have high interest to work WIH YOU and also l have BA degree in INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY with GPA 2.68 and 12 years of experience in teaching ICT if YOU WANT ME CALL ME IN THIS PHONE NUMBER(0928504572)

  2. My name is Samuel Hailemariam Hurisa .I am highly interest to work or join your organization and also l have BA degree in Accounting with GPA 2.83 so if you have interested on me and any idea you can reach me by phone no 0968343549/0912988791

  3. my is Guyo Dido Liban
    I have BA in Accounting from Dire Dawa University and MBA from Leadstar College . I’m interested to work in your organization so please call me 0922135895

  4. My name is Desalegn graduated MA in Customs Administration with BA background in Tax and Customs Adminhstration, I am the 1st peson who graduated MA with this and again this background! so, you the Customs Commission shoud invite me for the post you have soonner than ever!!
    use my email: [email protected] or call 0920055445

    Posted from vivo mobile

    • I am Achalu Teshome Sondessa B.S.C from Addis Ababa in General Business , Urban Management from Ethiopia civil services university
      nowadays aday 2nd year PhD student in Marketing management I will be having interesting to do in this government organisation with permission of God

    • My name is Birlie kassa Shita
      I have done my Logistics and supply chain management from Adigrat University
      I have experience in Hidassie Telecom share company by sales representative
      Phone Address;0914307215/0913204055

  5. My name is Feyisa wakeyo Nure. I am higly interisted to work or join your organization and also i have degree in Business management with GPA 3.14 if you have intersted for me plass call me!

  6. My name is Yosin wakesa daba .I have high interest to work with you and also l have BSc degree in Electrical and computer engineering from institute of haramaya university with GPA 2.86

  7. My name is Yosin wakesa daba .I have high interest to work with you and also l have BSc degree in Electrical and computer engineering from institute of haramaya university with GPA 2.86 My phone 0925825577

    • My name is Alebachew Tesfa Melkamu . I am higly interisted to work or join your organization and also i have degree in Accounting & Finance from insititute of dessie campus with GPA 3.67
      I have experience in CALM Project
      if you have intersted for me plass call me!

  8. my name is Achalu Teshome sondessa i graduated from Addis Ababa university in General business (B.S.C ) GP.A 3.00 urban management from Ethiopian civil service university G.P.A 3.61 now a day 2 nd year PhD student at Bule Hora University in Marketing management i will have a dream to do in this government organization with permission of God PHONE 0911092496

  9. I will Have a dream to work in this government office because of my education background B.S.C GENERAL BUSINESS ADDIS ABABA UNIVERSITY M.A Ethiopia civil service urban management nowadays. 2 nd year Ph.D. student at Bule Hora university in marketing management phone 0911092496

  10. my name is wubalem Adelegn Chekole work at Ethiopian agricultural research institute Msc in project planning and management CGPA 3.84

  11. My name is Teha Ahmed Sule .I am highly interest
    to work or join your organization and also l have BA degree
    in Economics with GPA 3.23 so if you have interested on
    me please call me phone number 0978717563

  12. My Name Mekonnen Anbese , I have Great interest to work at your commission. I have Above 20 years work experience In finance and taxation. In addition to that I have BA in Accounting From Haromaya University & MA degree in Customs Administration from Ethiopian Civil Service University with Great GPA. Please call me if you have interest Phone 0911-067600.

  13. My name is Chala Abduletif Yusuf I was graduated from Dire Dawa university by BA Degree in accounting and finance July 3,2010 and I have 8 years work experience in government Finance office now I would like to work with you to secure stable and utilize for the successful process of your work. [email protected]

  14. Curriculum Vitae (CV)

    Personal Data

    Full name:  Gezahegn Guyola Kussia.
    Birthday: August 4, 1979.
    Sex: Male.
    Nationality: Ethiopian.
    Birthplace: SNNPRs; Konso Zone, Karat Z/Woreda-Jarso village.
    Current Address: SNNPR Konso Zone, Karat Town.
    Mobile phone number:  +251947900840.
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Educational Background

    Master’s degree-from the college of Finance, Management, and Development in Tax Administration from Addis Ababa CSU (July 12, 2018 G.C to June 30, 2022 G.C).
    BA degree-in Public Financial Management from Ethiopian Civil University, Addis Ababa (February 28, 2012 to July 16, 2015 GC).
    Diploma- In Public Sector Administration from Ethiopian Civil Service College, Addis Ababa (September 06, 2006 G.C to May 20, 2009 G.C).
    Certificate in teaching (on July 04, 1998 G.C) from Arba-Minch Teacher Training Institute.

    Work Experience

    Since April5, 2021 till now- In Konso Zone Co-operative Development, k.z. Office as Material Production and Purchasing Directorate as team leader and expert.
    May 18, 2020-April 4, 2021- In Konso Zone Karat Zuria Woreda Finance and Economy Development Office as Financial Report case team officer.
    March 10, 2019-May 19, 2020- The head of Konso Zone Karat Zuria Woreda Prosperty Party.
    October 29, 2017-March 09, 2019-as Agricultural Input & Rural Finance Fund Support team leader and officer in the Konso Zone Agriculture and Natural Resource Development Office.
    October 12, 2015–October 30, 2017-In Konso Woreda Trade Industry & Urban Development Office as Agricultural Product Marketing/transaction core work process as Coordinator & Expert.
    January 9, 2009 to March 8, 2012-In Omo Micro Finance Institution. The Manager of Konso sub-branch
    July, 2003 to January, 2009: School Director/Principal Ship.
    July, 1998-July, 2003-School teacher.
    NB: Totally, I have more than twenty-one (21) years of work experience.

    Received Additional Awards

    A Certificate awarded for successfully completing of training on Management Development organized by Furra Institute of Development Studies & Education, FIDE and sponsored by RURAL FINANCIAL INTERMIDATION PROGAMME, RUFIP, in Yirgalem.
    I have been awarded a certificate for successfully completing training on Industry Development Extension for lower level managers and performers conducted by the South Nations Nationalities and People’s Regional States Bureau of Trade, Industry and Urban Development.
    Awarded certificate for pursued an approved program of two “kiremt” study of school principal ship and professional support.
    I have been awarded a certificate of participation for successfully completing HIV/AIDS mainstreaming training organized by Konso Development Association through the financial support of CCRDA/Irish Aid with technical support from Konso Special Woreda Health Office.
    Also have been awarded some certificates out of mentioned above.

    On-the-job training

    Attended on trainings of financial management affairs when I was the manager of Micro Finance Institution Konso sub branch.
    Participate in different short-term training programs, mostly regarding financial operations with software such as IBEX and the like.

    Special Skill

    Having computer skills in Introduction to ICT, Windows Basics, Microsoft Office [Word, Excel, and PowerPoint], and Introduction to the Internet.
    I have been riding motorcycles for fifteen (15) years.
    Experience in managing as well as operating financial work.
    Finding solutions to financial problems through collaboration.
    I have the ability to lead staff and create a smooth work environment.

    Exercising gymnastics for 30 minutes every morning before going to office, as well as watching TV shows and reading various books and magazines while resting.

    Language Skill
    LanguageSpeakingWritingEnglishExcellentExcellentAmharicExcellentExcellentXonso(My Mother Tongue)ExcellentExcellentOromigna(similar to my mother tongue)V.GoodV.Good

    Tamene Tamiru- My former staff of Micro Finance Institution (PLC) Konso sub branch, Phone, +251912873558, email: [email protected]
    Gedeno Germo- The former chief Administrative office of Karat Zuria Woreda, phone number: +251911039368, emai: [email protected]
    Gelgelo Geydele-The South OMO Low Land Livelihood Resilience Project/LLRP Officer, Phone +251926161894 or +251954752105, email: [email protected]
    Alemgenet Asefa-My former staff of Micro Finance Institution (PLC), Phone, +251913482778,
    Ashenafi Berisha-The vice Head of the former Karat Special Woreda Education Office, Phone: +251972599848.

  15. I’m Endale kasahun Gebre I’m too interested to work with this organization (Custom commission) which is very interesting and backbone for our country Ethiopia!
    I’m graduated BA in Human Resource and Leadership Public service college with Cummulative GPA 3.23 and again B.A degree in Amharic Language and Literature with GPA 3.25 and MA in public policy Studies from Ethiopian Civil Service University with commutative GPA 3.38 and V.G thesis result and I’m employing in Oromia region Ilubabore Zone Environment Protection authority. I have 19 years job experience in different job position. So If you want to invite me on job vacancy in areas of my education contact +251913609695 email address below


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