Ethiopia Airlines Recruitment 2023/2024 | Ethiopia Airlines Portal Page

Ethiopia Airlines Recruitment 2023 | Ethiopia Airline Portal Page

The History of the Ethiopia Aviation industry will not be complete without the mention of Ethiopia Airlines. Over the years it has turned out to be the main source of the country’s income. Certainly, with their team of professional Aeronautic Engineers. They have continued to provide excellent, safest, and most convenient air transport to their numerous customers.

As a result, we at Moden News are delighted to inform our readers and visitors. That the Ethiopia Airlines Recruitment 2023/2024 has begun for Interested Persons. Who wishes to apply for a Job at the Airline. Also, there are multiple positions up for recruitment at all levels.

In addition, these Ethiopian Airlines Vacancies we believe will interest those that wish to apply for Jobs in Ethiopia Airport, Ethiopian Airline Hostess Vacancy 2023, or Ethiopian Airline Vacancy for Pilots. Nevertheless, interested Persons looking for how to access Ethiopia Airlines careers login page or the Ethiopia Airlines portal page can also apply.

Title: Graduate Trainee [ French / Arabic Speaker ]

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Location: Ethiopia

Field: Internship

All You Need to Know About this Ethiopia Airline Recruitment 2023/2024 Plus Why You Should Apply

  • The recruitment officials are looking for smart and diligent Persons who will devote their time to effective service delivery in the airline.
  • With multiple Ethiopian Airline Vacancies available for this recruitment. There is definitely something for everyone irrespective of what they are applying for.
  • Being the highest source of revenue for the country, Jobs in Ethiopia Airport are one of the most sought-after job opportunities in Ethiopia. Because of the high salary and incentives attached to it.
  • If you are looking for an opportunity to fly around the world. Then this very Ethiopian Airlines recruitment 2023 is for you, especially the Ethiopia Airline Hostess Vacancy 2023/2024.
  • Ethiopian Airline Career for Cabin Crew Jobs is among the Job vacancies in Ethiopia that provide the most convenient and conducive environment for one to work.
  • Furthermore, we also discovered that most of these Vacancies are entry-level Jobs that require very little or no length of experience before one can apply.
  • Don’t visit Ethiopia Airlines Portal Page to apply if you are not an Ethiopian. Because this recruitment is meant for only Ethiopians.
  • Further, through Ethiopian Airline Sponsored seminars and Workshops, There is always an opportunity for workers to improve their skills and harness their potential.
  • There would be a recruitment test for all Ethiopian Airline Applications for Jobs. Especially for those that applied for Ethiopian Airlines Vacancy for Pilots 2023/2024.
  • Before you apply for any of these Jobs visit the Ethiopian Airlines portal page and check for more eligibility requirements.

Requirements for this Ethiopian Airline Job Vacancies 2023/2024

  • If you can fit into an ever-changing work environment, then you are welcome to apply.
  • The call to apply for this Ethiopian Airlines recruitment 2023/2024 is open for only University Graduates, College Graduates, or Diploma holders.
  • Good interpersonal and writing skills are very much essential for this Job.
  • Experience in Airline Jobs would be an added advantage during the recruitment process.

Job Title: General Manager

Location: Ethiopia

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Required Qualifications for this General Manager Job at the Ethiopian Airlines

  1. Firstly, interested persons should have nothing less than a college diploma or bachelor’s degree, before proceeding to fill out the application form.
  2. The requires someone that has good work experience in Management, operations, and leadership.
  3. Thirdly, candidates should have outstanding written and communication skills.
  4. Certainly, this job is for a General Manager that has the necessary skills to develop relationships among unit managers, partners, and employees.

How to Apply for a Job at Ethiopian Airlines

  1. Apply via the recruitment portal

    Above all, interested persons who have gone through the recruitment requirements and wish to apply should proceed to the recruitment portal:, and proceed with the application.

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  3. I am interested to apply for the position and would like to get the website for electrical and computer engineering Industrial control stream and Electricity electronics area mechatronics

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  5. My name is Elijah a travel consultant by profession.
    This is a good platform for us all. Again thank you so much for this.

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  7. my name is yared tsegaye I have bachelor degree in management , and i am going to finish my MA program this year. I have 14 years of experience in different positions. if it it is preferable I am interested to join.

    • ሰኒ 12 /10/14 ስሚ አስናቀ ተስፋ እባላለው የመጀመርያ ድግርየን በቛንቛ ስነ-ልሳን ያጠናከኩ ሲሆን በኢትዮጵያ አየር መንገድ የመስራት አቅም አለኝ ስልክ 0947065245

  8. my name is genet feyesa I have diploma in electronics.I have 20 years of experience in diffrent technician postions like air craft technician,aveniocs technician and also other. if it is preferable i want to join.

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  10. Bonjour je suis Joyce JIBIDAR, je suis dans le domaine aérotique au Togo, après mon bac j’ai été diplômé en administration d’agence de voyage et ça fait 10ans que je pratique la billeterie. J’ai fais au moin 04 agences de voyages et j’aimerais bien continuer mon expérience dans une compagnie aérienne que la vôtre.
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  11. Shadé Marie-kévina DANDJINOU j’ai une Licence en Transport logistique. J’aimerais rejoindre Ethiopian Airline pour ma carrière professionnelle en tant que PNC Je suis Béninoise et passionnée des métiers de l’aviation.

  12. Shadé Marie-kévina DANDJINOU j’ai une Licence en Transport logistique. Je suis passionné des métiers de l’aviation. J’aimerais pour la suite de ma carrière professionnelle rejoindre Ethiopian Airline en tant que PNC. Merci de me contacter au +229 90095043

  13. Shadé Marie-kévina DANDJINOU j’ai une Licence en Transport logistique. Je suis Béninoise et passionnée des métiers de l’aviation. J’aimerais pour la suite de ma carrière professionnelle rejoindre Ethiopian Airline en tant que PNC. Merci de bien vouloir me contacter au +229 90095043 Email : [email protected]

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  15. hay my name is sr adeyababa adane i was graguated by BSC nursing and i have experiance for last 6 years still now i am working in minilk hospital and i want to work in ethiopia airline clinic .thank you
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  16. Hi I am Nebiyou Daniel, am enlightened to join your airline company, by now I am first year Addis Ababa university engineering student. Thank you

    my contact address is 0901256353


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