Equity Bank Jobs 2024/2025 | Equity Bank Kenya Careers

Equity Bank Jobs 2024/2025 | Equity Bank Kenya Careers

Equity Bank Jobs 2024 | Equity Bank Kenya Careers

Recruitment has commenced for Equity Bank Jobs 2024/2025 in Kenya. This we believe will interest those searching for Equity Bank Kenya Careers, Equity Bank Jobs in Kenya, and Equity Bank Job Applications. Additionally, we provide clues on how best to process Equity Bank’s online application.

A good number of the jobs are entry-level positions. Therefore, fresh graduates can apply with little worry about their level of experience.

Equity Bank Jobs 2024/2025

Equity Bank is a leading financial institution in Kenya. Over the years it has transformed from a conventional financial institution to a multi-dimensional Bank in the East African country.

Apart from providing financial services, Equity Bank Kenya has also been an integral part of Kenya’s economic growth through employment opportunities. And aids small-scale businesses in the country. Starting an Equity Bank Kenya Career is a step towards achieving grabbing all the industry experience one needs in the financial sector, especially as Banker.

Additionally, Equity Bank Jobs Application process remains one of the most transparent. Allowing all applicants the equal opportunity of getting Equity Bank Jobs in Kenya. Furthermore, we also wish to inform candidates that Equity Bank’s online application is free and avoid scammers looking for who to defraud.

List of Equity Bank Jobs Available

Title: Head IT DevOps

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Location: Kenya

Field: Banking / Insurance

Roles and Required Qualifications of the Head IT DevOps at the Equity Bank Kenya

  • Will lead the Software Engineering team. Therefore, only those with industry experience can apply for this position.
  • Exposure to Cloud software and CI/CD tools as well as Familiarity with SCRUM.
  • Thirdly, Equity Bank Jobs 2024/2025 recruitment team demands nothing less than 5 years of experience for this ICT Job in Kenya.
  • Vast knowledge of coding and programming tools.

Title: Manager ( Facilities Management )

Location: Kenya

Field: Banking / Insurance

Roles and Requirements for the Facilities Manager Job at the Equity Bank Kenya

  • Ensure the repair and maintenance of all facilities in the Bank, while also ensuring the safe use of working materials in the Bank.
  • Obtain Equity Bank Application form for this job if you can deliver it promptly on assignments.
  • With at least a University degree you can apply.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills especially in tactical areas.

Title: Officer ( Fraud Detection )

Location: Kenya

Field: Banking / Insurance

Roles and Requirements for Fraud Detection Officer Position at the Equity Bank Kenya

  • Firstly, the person will monitor transactions on a 24hr basis.
  • Fraud is a menace in the banking sector. Therefore, the applicant must be someone with discreet knowledge of how best to detect a fraudulent transaction.
  • Industry experience in risk assessment because this is one of the most delicate Equity Bank Careers.
  • In addition, you can apply if you have at least 3 years of experience doing similar Banking Jobs in Kenya. Especially, in the area of forensics and risk management.

Title: Technical Analyst ( Fraud Detection )

Location: Kenya

Field: Banking / Insurance

Roles and Requirements for Technical Analyst Job at the Equity Bank Kenya

  • Provide the technical knowledge needed in fraud detection while also liaising with other risk management officers.
  • Conduct fraud risk assessments on new/existing Bank systems, products, and services.
  • Only University graduates of security, forensics, or other business management degrees can apply.
  • Equity Bank Jobs 2024/2025 recruitment officials also made it clear that Applicants should have at least 3 years of experience.
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Equity Bank Salary

Equity Bank Kenya’s average salary is 241,015 Naira. This information was compiled by 87 Equity Bank Kenya employees. Account Officer, Accountant, Banker, Banking Officer, Branch Manager, Business Analyst, and more positions are available. Based on salary submissions, the gender breakdown at Equity Bank Kenya is male (57%), female (42%), and undetermined (0%).

How to Apply for a Job at Equity Bank Kenya

  1. Apply through the recruitment portal

    Most importantly, interested Candidates should follow the recruitment portal: equitybank.com/careers or equitybank.taleo.net and apply for their desired position | Equity Bank Application form

    Finally, we want to remind applicants to avoid scammers parading as recruitment officers asking for money. Application for Equity Bank Jobs 2024 is free.

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