Edward Jones Financial Advisor: Job Description and Salary

You might be wondering, Who is an Edward Jones Financial Advisor?

This is an expert who specializes in giving advice and strategizing plans to help you, as a client, be able to achieve either your short-term or long-term goals through investment. They are personal and certified financial advisors trained to make the best financial decisions.

Edward Jones Financial Advisors will interact one-on-one with you, as an investment client, to hear out your needs and desires. Afterward, you will be presented with a solution in the form of a plan to ensure that your needs are met and your desires are granted.

This doesn’t just end there. Edward Jones Advisors will continue to be in touch with you on a regular basis. They will also provide you with the necessary products and services to ensure that you achieve everything that you want and need.

Edward Jones Financial Advisor Jobs

There are a million areas that Edward Jones Financial Advisors are willing to help you plan for and invest in. Some of these are:

  1. Investment Advice. This is like a major financial advisor job. He or she will advise you on the necessary investments you’ll need to make depending on your goals and lifestyle. A plan is then strategized to make such investments successful.
  2. Figuring out how to balance all areas of your financial life can be such a burden sometimes. Luckily, part of the financial advisor’s job is to provide you with strategies and plans that will help you achieve both your short-term and long-term goals.
  3. Debt management. Edward Jones Financial Advisors can help you make a plan to pay off your debts. This could be through your wages and salary or through certain investments. Financial advisors could also go the extra mile to plan a way for you to avoid debts in the future.
  4. Retirement Planning. A financial advisor’s job includes developing a savings strategy that will produce the best results when you retire.
  5. savings for college. College fees can be so expensive and burdensome when not appropriately planned for. Paying off your child’s college tuition will be much easier with the help of a Financial Advisor.
  6. Estate Planning. This is also called “Legacy Planning.” Edward Jones Advisors can help you plan how and who will carry on your legacy after you have gracefully passed away.
  7. healthcare and insurance. The financial advisor’s job is also to provide you with the best long-term solutions and insurance options that fit your salary, wage, or budget.
  8. Tax planning. Edward Jones offers services in tax planning to work in line with your income timing, size, the timing of purchases, and planning for expenditures.

Edward Jones Financial Advisor Job Requirements

The financial advising job, unlike all others, is mainly driven by skills. If you want to be an Edward Jones Financial Advisor, you’ll need to possess the following skills:

1. Ability to clarify complex information.

Terminologies regarding new forms of investments, strategies, or plans could sound strange to clients. As an Edward Jones Advisor, you should be able to simplify complex terms to make them easily comprehensible.

2. Communication skills.

    The whole financial advising is an interactive session, so you must be fluent and audible.  Not only that, you must be a great listener and be good at interpersonal conversations.

3. Ability to network.

As an Edward Jones Advisor, you need to be able to relate freely with your clients. That is to say, you must be a people person.

4. Time Management.

You must always remember that all the budgets and plans you make for your clients have specific dates by which they need to be achieved. And as such, your plans’ time frames must be reasonable.

Also, since you may be dealing with many clients in a day, you will need to be time-conscious.

5. Negotiation skills.

As an Edward Jones Financial Advisor, it would take this skill to be able to convince your client that the plans and strategies you have made would work out.

Being able to convince your clients to see things from your point of view is an essential skill in the financial advising industry.

6. Team Spirit.

Edward Jones is a network of financial advisors, which means that you must be willing to work with your colleagues.

7. Decision-making Skills.

You must be able to make the best decisions on behalf of your clients. As these decisions are what they will need to help them scale through their crisis situation,

8. Target-driven mindset.

As an Edward Jones, you should have your client’s goal at heart and must be more than willing to reach that goal. Doing all you can to ensure that your mapped-out plan for your client pulls through is an essential skill in a financial advisor’s job.

Academically, if you are aiming at becoming an Edward Jones Financial Advisor, you must have graduated from an accredited college with a bachelor’s degree in a field related to these;

  • Financial planning
  • Business
  • Finance
  • Sales
  • Entrepreneurship

In order to thrive and be successful as an Edward Jones Advisor, you would need to

  • Have a track record of success.
  • Have the ability to flourish in an independent environment and work with many types of people.
  • have a positive attitude and mindset towards work.
  • Be hard-working and disciplined.

How to Become an Edward Jones Financial Advisor

If you have found yourself eligible after carefully surveying the Edward Jones Financial Advisor job requirements and have decided to join this great team, then you have made the absolute best decision.

Also, if you are an experienced advisor but want to work your way to the peak of perfection, here is a link to start up your application process…

Apply Now

Some tips when applying to Edward Jones

  • Be completely honest about your experiences and certifications.
  • Keep your answers brief but meaningful.
  • Ensure that your sentences are well structured.
  • If called up for an interview, be natural, fluent, audible, and relaxed.

These would help you become an Edward Jones Advisor in less time than you would imagine.

Edward Jones Financial Advisor Salary and Compensation

While we all know the meaning of “salary”, let’s look at the meaning of “compensation.”

Edward Jones, Financial Advisor Compensation is the amount of money the financial advisor takes for his or her services. There are three main compensation models a financial advisor can use. They are:

  1. Commission-Based Compensation
  2. Fee-Based Compensation
  3. Fee-Only Compensation
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Furthermore, the Edward Jones Financial Advisor Compensation Program is built to support and reward you as financial advisors as you learn the skills, systems, and business practices you need to succeed.

Here is a sample of an Edward Jones Financial Advisor’s salary and compensation whose performance standard is 125% for the first five years:

YearSalaryTotal Compensation
1st year$51,625$70,725
2nd year$44,625$80,825
3rd year$36,750$95,950
4th year$28,875$118,675
5th year$0$132,350

Edward Jones Financial Advisor Fees

Edward Jones, which is a full-service broker, is way more expensive than self-directed online stock brokers.

Here are some of the Edward Jones Financial Advisor fees:

1. Management Fees

This is also referred to as the “Program fee”. It is charged based on the type of investment account you choose.

This fee is only a percentage of the value of your account, and it is charged on all accounts except the Select Account.

Fortunately, Edward Jones Financial Advisor fees are most definitely covered by an awesome long-term return on investment (ROI).

2. Portfolio strategy fees

This is another fee for all broker-provided advisory solutions. Unlike management fees, portfolio strategy fees are only applied to higher-value investors.

Although this Edward Jones Financial Advisor fee takes a considerable amount from the investor’s portfolio, the services are worth every cent.

3. Trade Commission

This fee is charged to Select Account clients whenever they buy or sell an asset. The commission price varies, depending on the type of asset you buy.

This Select Account gives you the power to make the final decision on all financial matters.

It also allows access to various markets, like

  • Bonds
  • Stocks
  • Mutual funds
  • Annuities
  • ETFs

Benefits of Becoming an Edward Jones Financial Advisor

It is indisputably true that clients get their short and long-term goals achieved through the Edward Jones program.

But the fact also remains that becoming an Edward Jones Financial Advisor comes with so many privileges and benefits. Below are some of the benefits of becoming an Edward Jones Financial Advisor:

  1. You get to enjoy the respect of one of the most renowned financial services firms. Working for Edward Jones makes you highly reputable in your society.
  2. You get to run your own professional practice and build your career. As much as there are many other financial advisors in that office, you still get to deal with your clients in a way that suits you best.
  3. You get to make a difference in the lives of your clients. There is always this feeling of accomplishment when good work is done.

As an Edward Jones Financial Advisor, you get this feeling constantly as you keep making your clients’ financial lives a whole lot better.

  1. You have unlimited earning potential. Unlike other professions, you don’t earn your Edward Jones Financial Advisor’s salary or compensation based on your title, committee, or security. Your salary or compensation is strictly a measure of your hard work.
  2. As Edward Jones is a network of financial advisors, you are surrounded by like-minded people. You also get to work with your peers, mentors, regional leaders, and corporate staff.
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Why choose Edward Jones Financial Advisors?

Despite the high cost of financial advisors, Edward Jones Financial Advisor reviews show that this firm is most definitely worth it.

As a client, if you have a lot of capital and you are searching for a long-term, trusty investment strategy, then an Edward Jones Financial advisor is who you need to see.

At Edward Jones, you will receive excellent customer service and investment advice from your personal and certified financial advisor.

As a new or experienced financial advisor, of course, the start of everything is always rough, but with more consistency and hard work, you will get to the peak of success.

Also, with every improvement, there are more clients and more Edward Jones Financial Advisor salaries and compensations.

If financial advising doesn’t suit your personality and qualifications best, here are other careers related to this financial advisor job:

  1. Financial Manager
  2. Financial Analyst
  3. Budget Analyst
  4. Insurance Sales Analyst
  5. Insurance Underwriters
  6. Real Estate Brokers and Sales Agents
  7. Services, commodities, and financial services sales agents.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are the answers to some questions frequently asked about Edward Jones Financial Advisors:

How much does an Edward Jones Financial Advisor make?

Ans: A lot of factors affect an Edward Jones Financial Advisor’s salary, like their experience, where they work, their types of clients, the types of products they sell, and the type of financial advice they provide.

Despite this, the average annual salary of an Edward Jones Financial Advisor is $51,951.

How do I find a financial advisor?

Ans: You can get a financial advisor by asking friends or family for recommendations, using an online advisor search engine, using internet search engines, using The Garrett Planning Network, using Robo Advisors, etcetera.

Is Edward Jones a good advisor?

Ans: Yes, Edward Jones has existed for hundreds of years now and has been rated one of the top financial advisor firms. It is most relevant for investors who wish to deal in long-term investments.

Is Edward Jones a financial advisor?

Ans: Yes. Edward Jones Financial Advisor is a network of personal and certified financial advisors who are trained to make the very best decisions for your investment plans. they are not lawyers.

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