DreamWorks Administrative Assistant Salary

DreamWorks Administrative Assistant Salary

Before going into the main topic: DreamWorks Administrative Assistant Salary. We would treat some background studies. We will also look into the following sub-headings: How Much Do Disney Administrative Assistants Make? What Are Disney Employees Not Allowed To Say, Is DreamWorks A Good Company To Work For, What Is The Highest Paid Animation Job. Now let’us get started.

DreamWorks Animation is seeking more dreamers who are willing to go on adventures. Our stories tell how our heroes make their dreams come true.

We are a studio committed to growth and strive to be a global leader in producing animated series and high-quality, award-winning animation films. We strive to make people feel better, laugh more, and create new worlds.

DreamWorks produces original content in many formats. This allows us to tell compelling stories with our characters. Our talent brings unique experiences from their non-traditional paths to success. We are very proud of the value they add to our team. Communication is key to achieving the best work. We are an artist, technologists, creators, and innovators who share a passion for animation. We also love to eat lunch together.

DreamWorks Animation is looking for an administrative assistant to assist the Marketing Department, executive team.

Responsibilities – “What would your opinion be about what you are doing here?”

  • The Marketing Assistant will support the Head of Marketing and the executives responsible for Brand & Digital Global Partnerships and Operations.
  • The role will include scheduling/coordinating meetings, screening phone calls, expense reports, and travel arrangements.
  • Sometimes, the Assistant might be required to support the team with marketing research, presentation materials, and other special projects.
  • The Marketing Assistant plays a crucial role in the success of the team.


“What skills do I need in order to perform this job?”

  • It is crucial to have robust Google Suite and MS Office Suite experiences and digital literacy.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Excellent organizational, problem-solving, and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to prioritize and balance project work.
  • Able to navigate a fast-paced, segmented organization.
  • Worked well in a team and had a positive attitude. They are a strong leader and follows through.
  • Bachelor’s degree required.
  • You must submit an attestation disclosing your COVID-19 vaccination status. If you are partially or fully vaccinated, you must submit your vaccination record within seven days of starting employment.
  • Must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 at the commencement of employment or adhere to enhanced protocols if the Company determines your job position requires accessing an NBCUniversal/DreamWorks Animation worksite.
  • You must be willing to follow all COVID-19 safety protocols and policies at work.

Desired Characteristics

“What can you offer?”

  • Preferable 2+ years of administrative experience in entertainment marketing or corporate business.

DreamWorks Administrative Assistant Salary

The average annual salary for an Administrative Assistant is $52,168. This is the median. It’s the middle of the ranges in our Total Pay Estimate model. It is based on the salaries we have collected from our users. Base pay is estimated at $49,954 per annum.

Additional revenue is estimated at $2,214 per annum. Bonuses, stock, commission, profit sharing, and tips could all be included in the extra pay. The “Most Likely Range,” which is a range of values within the 25th to 75th percentiles of all available pay data for this role, represents these values.

Hourly Pay

DreamWorks Animation’s Administrative Assistants are paid USD 25 an hour. This is the median. It’s the middle of the ranges in our Total Pay Estimate model. It’s based on the salaries we have collected. Base pay is USD 24 an hour.

Additional pay is estimated at USD 1 an hour. Bonuses, stock, commissions, profit sharing, and tips could all be included in the extra pay. The “Most Likely Range,” which is a range of values within the 25th to 75th percentiles of all available pay data for this role, represents these values.

How Much Do Disney Administrative Assistants Make?

An annual salary for an Administrative Assistant at Walt Disney Company would be USD 47,399. This is the median. It’s the middle of the range from the Total Pay Estimate model. The data was derived from the salaries of our users. Base pay is USD 42 479 per annum. Additional pay is estimated at USD 4,919 per annum.

Bonuses, stock, commissions, profit sharing, and tips could all be included in the extra pay. The “Most Likely Range,” which is a range of values within the 25th to 75th percentiles of all available pay data for this role, represents these values.

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Hourly Pay

An Administrative Assistant at Walt Disney Company earns USD 23 an hour. This is the median. It’s the middle of the ranges in our Total Pay Estimate model. The data was derived from the salaries of our users. Base pay is USD 20 an hour.

Additional pay is estimated at USD 2 an hour. Bonuses, stock, commissions, profit sharing, and tips could all be included in the extra pay. The “Most Likely Range,” which is a range of values within the 25th to 75th percentiles of all available pay data for this role, represents these values.

Are Dream Works Interns Paid?

DreamWorks Animation Interns make $36,000 per year or $17 an hour. This is 18% more than the national average Interns at $91,000 annually and 59% less than all Americans’ federal salary. The Integrated Informatics Interns are paid $91,000 annually, while the WakeMed Health & Hospitals Interns earn $14,000 annually.

How Much Money Do DreamWorks Animators Make?

DreamWorks Animation’s average annual salary, including base and bonus, is $124,348, which is $59 an hour. The median salary, however, is $118,538, which is $56 an hour.
The highest-paid job at DreamWorks Animation is Director of Sales, which is $212,551 annually. The lowest-paid position is CS Rep, which is $47,027 per annum. The average DreamWorks Animation salary by the department is $112,124 for HR, $115,394, Design, $114,494, Business Development, and Customer Support, which is all $112,124. Half of DreamWorks Animation’s salaries exceed $118,538.
DreamWorks Animation’s Compensation ranks in the bottom 25% of comparably sized companies using Comparably (based upon 63 ratings). In comparison, 17 DreamWorks Animation employees rank their Perks and Benefits in the top 50% of comparable-sized companies using Comparably (based on 19 ratings).
DreamWorks Animation employees contribute salaries in the following job titles: Senior Developer, Developer 3D Animator, and Office Manager. There are four salary records for DreamWorks Animation employees.

What Is Your Total Annual Compensation Expectation Including Bonuses DreamWorks?

It can increase your confidence and help you feel more at ease during interviews by knowing how to prepare for the discussion about your compensation requirements. These are some easy steps to help you talk about your salary expectations.

See the latest salary trends.

One of the most important things you can do is check salary trends. Knowing the average salary for the job you are interested in will help you set realistic expectations. You can search for the job title you want at applyforajob.org to see salary trends within your industry.

Investigate the compensation plan of your company

You can find out how the employer treats employees and reward them for their hard work by researching the company you are applying to. While most companies don’t disclose their salary information, you can look through past and current job openings to find out what benefits and salaries they have offered. If the company has increased its employee benefits package over the years, this is usually a sign they are trying to attract the best candidates and keep them in the company for the long term.

Prepare a salary range.

If you offer a range of salary rather than a number, it shows that you are flexible and willing to negotiate your compensation. Acceptable ranges are a sign you have done your research. It also allows you to present yourself as an independent candidate. This is a good answer if you need to know the employer’s budget. It also shows that you are a willing candidate open to compromises to get the job.

“Based on my research, and previous experience in a comparable role, I believe somewhere in the range of PS42,000 to PS50,000 per year with an annual bonus already included.”

Ask more questions

You can turn the interviewer’s question around to learn more about the job and employer requirements. It is possible to also ask about bonuses offered by the company. You can show your employer that you are more attentive and thoughtful if you focus on the job details. Employers may provide you with a higher salary if you can show that you can do the job.

Be honest

It’s essential, to tell the truth about your experience, qualifications, and other factors that could impact the company’s offer during a job interview. Even if your experience is limited and you are just starting your career, it’s possible to show your worth by demonstrating your ambition and commitment and proving that you would be a good employee. Interviewers will be more inclined to offer you a salary that will allow you to grow professionally and make you feel valued if you do this.

How Much Does Disney Employee Make A Year?

On average, the Walt Disney Company pays $35.065 per year or $16.86 per hour. Workers in the lowest 10th percentile earn less than $19,000 annually, while those in the top 90th percentile make more than $64,000. The highest salaries are earned by employees in it and engineering jobs at The Walt Disney Company. The highest wages at The Walt Disney Company are made by those who live in Anaheim, CA, or Seattle, WA.

Is DreamWorks A Good Company To Work For?

DreamWorks Animation SKG, Inc. is involved in producing, distributing, and exploiting animated films and related characters worldwide. Two reportable segments are Film and TV Specials/Series and Classic Media. It also creates, distributes, and markets family entertainment such as animated feature films, series and television specials, live entertainment properties, and licensing distribution rights.

It produces animated characters and feature films primarily for theatrical, home entertainment, and television licensing markets. In addition, it has strategic alliances with McDonald’s, Hewlett-Packard, and Intel. DreamWorks Animation SKG, Inc. was established in 1985. It is headquartered in Glendale, California.

DreamWorks Animation’s staff are drawn from a diverse range of backgrounds. The company has 44.4% women, and 51.1% of its employees are from ethnic minorities.

Although the company is diverse in many other areas, DreamWorks Animation employees lack political diversity. At 94.0%, it has an unusually high number of members of the Democratic Party. The variety of the workplace is something that employees seem to love. DreamWorks Animation is known for its high employee retention rate. Staff members typically stay with the company for at least 4.1 years.

DreamWorks Animation’s average employee earns $79,120 annually. Compared to DreamWorks Animation, its highest-paid competitors, such as Branded Entertainment Network and Pixar Animation Studios, pay $105,451, $83,323, or $81,323, respectively.

DreamWorks Animation, a media company that employs 2,700 people and generates an annual revenue of $915.9M annually, is located in Glendale, CA.

What Is The Highest Paid Animation Job?

Animation is a fascinating career choice in the art and design field. This profession also has one of the highest pay scales. In 2015, the median annual wage for animators was $63,970. Top earners earned more than $113,000. High-level positions or specialized areas could make more than the median in some industries.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), software publishers and information services are among the highest-paid industries for animators. The average earnings are $76,920, $82,940, and $82,940. High-level positions and specialized areas often earn higher salaries than those in lower-paying jobs.

  • Mathematical Modeler
  • Medical animator
  • Senior animator
  • 3D Modeler
  • Animation Art Director

Mathematical Modellers

This is one of the most complex branches of animation. They are used to show processes and solve complicated problems. In addition, mathematical modelers use mathematical modeling skills and computer technology to create and animate 3D representations. This field requires professionals to have an advanced degree in mathematics or a related area, as well as a degree in animation. The average annual salary for mathematical modelers (mathematicians) is $111,110. The highest performers can earn as much as $167,250 annually.

Medical Animator

Medical animation is a highly skilled field. It requires more skills than animating for TV and films. Medical animators have to translate complex science into animation. Many hold advanced degrees in science, medicine, or technology-related fields besides their animation degree. Medical animators create interactive medical products, interactive science apps, medical illustrations, and interactive medical productions for museums, biotech companies, and educational institutions.

With just 2,000 medical animators/illustrators across North America, medical animators are in high demand, and salaries are competitive. They can earn as much as $100,000 per annum, with the creative director and other supervisory roles commanding upwards of $175,000 per annum.

Senior Animator

Full Sail University states that the senior animator collaborates closely with the lead animator, art director, and game designers to create the overall aesthetic and to define the methods and techniques for animators in the department. Senior animators assist in the pre-production development of a video game by working with the lead animator or game designers. In addition, many senior animators manage and train junior animators.

Glassdoor states that the average national salary for senior animators in the United States is $96,520. Major studios like DreamWorks Animation ($124.777), Zynga (101,170), and Blizzard Entertainment (104,004) offer higher salaries. Also, there are entertainment hotspots like California that have higher wages.

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Animation Art Director

The animation art directors are responsible for creating the visual style and images for film and television production, advertising, and games. The art director is the most critical person in charge of the creative staff. He has the final say over what gets cut. In addition, art directors train and manage junior teams.

Art directors’ salaries depend on the size of the project, their studio or company, and many other factors. The BLS estimates that the average annual wage for video and motion picture art directors is $106,630. Those in specialized design services average $93,300. Public relations and advertising art directors make an average of $94,840. The median salary is $89,670, with an average of $172,900 for top performers.

3D Modeler

They use industry-grade animation tools like Blender, 3DS Max, Maya, and 3DS Max to create fully rendered models and environments. 3D modelers can work in advertising, film, video games, advertising, engineering, manufacturing, and architecture. An average salary for a 3D modeler at Pixar or Disney is $100,000 annually.

How Much Do Disney Princesses Get Paid?

The average salary for a Disney Princess is $61,355 per year in the United States.
If you are looking for a simple calculator to calculate your salary, it works out to approximately $29.50 per hour. This equals $1,179/week or $5,112/month.
modennews.com has seen annual salaries as high as $148,500 and as low as $16,500. However, most Disney Princess salaries range from $27,000 (25th percentile) to $94,000 (775th percentile), with the highest earners (90th%) making $122,000 annually in the United States. There are many opportunities to advance and receive higher pay depending on your skill level, experience, and location.
According to modennews.com’s most recent job postings, the Disney Princess job market could be more active in Lagos, NG, or throughout the state. However, significantly few companies are hiring at the moment. Your area’s average Disney Princess salary is $61,234 annually, which is $121 (0%) lower than the $61,355 national average. The number one state in the nation for Disney Princess salaries is New York.
modennews.com continually scans its database to determine the best annual salary range for Disney Princess jobs. As a result, it has millions of jobs published in America.

How Much Does Tinkerbell Make At Disney World?

It’s great to pay.

Tink is rumored to get paid. 500$ per flight. The Magic Kingdom’s sky is visible, which isn’t bad for just 30 seconds of work.

What Are Disney Employees Not Allowed To Say?

Parks are immersive plays/shows, so all terms are theatre-related. Cast members are costumed actors. The park is “onstage,” and you won’t be able to see the magic happening “backstage.”

Our (extensive, thorough) training never told us that we couldn’t say “no.” Disney is like any other retail outlet or service. We strive to be the guest’s advocate.

This is what it means. We don’t just answer a question by closing it down or denying what they want. We try to find a way for them to be happy. Safety is our priority. If a guest wishes to go to a dangerous place or wants something, they won’t be able.

While we can always say no when the answer is no, it’s important to follow up with suggestions. “Unfortunately, no, we don’t sell that hat, but you can get this one here, or you could go to the Emporium since they have a much larger selection.” Or “no,” the carrousel is currently closed, but it will reopen soon, and you could visit Mickey’s Philharmagic while you wait. Always follow up with a solution.

Some cultures consider pointing with just one finger rude. Another reason is that the parks can be very loud. If cast members point and shake their fingers at guests, it can look rude or aggressive.

You can use two fingers or your entire hand to get the Disney Point. You can use whatever you are most comfortable with. It doesn’t matter if it is only two fingers.

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