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Crystal Palace Academy Scholarship

For excellent football players between the ages of 16 and 18, the Crystal Palace Academy Scholarship is providing a one-of-a-kind opportunity to pursue a 2-year football and education scholarship.


• Receive a top-notch education that will allow you to attend college?

• Seriously Acquire credentials to operate in the sports sector?
• Fully Participate in professional sports competitions and training?
• Want to work as a coach or a referee?
• Up to 9 hours of weekly training

Please download this application form to submit an application for the trials. Football Trials Application for Crystal Palace FC

Crystal Palace Academy Requirements 

  • Unless a unique finding is made by scouts, you must be a high school graduate.
  • had to have earned outstanding grades in school.
  • Virtuous character.
  • positive team spirit
  • display of exceptional skills both on and off the field.

How Crystal Palace Academy scouts make an approach

Another way to join Crystal Palace Youth Academy is to be chosen by a scout. Crystal Palace gives players the opportunity to get in touch with them directly, although they are unable to respond to all of the inquiries due to the volume. However, it’s a good way to let scouts know about aspiring young players because if their applications are reviewed and approved, a scout is assigned to watch the game. Talented players get trials from the scouts. The majority of fortunate players, meanwhile, are situated where Crystal Palace scouts are monitoring matches.

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Foundation Phase at Crystal Palace Academy 

The Crystal Palace Stadium

The Crystal Palace Company, the owner of the FA Cup Final venue inside The Crystal Palace grounds, wanted a professional club to play there in 1905 in order to take advantage of the area’s enormous crowd potential. They established Crystal Palace Football Club to compete at the venue. The Admiralty ordered the club to relocate in 1915 after the Palace and grounds were taken by the army during the First World War. Palace had received offers from other clubs to use their facilities, but the club preferred to stay as near as possible to their natural catchment. They temporarily relocated to Herne Hill Velodrome. After Croydon Common F.C. was disbanded in 1917, Palace moved into their old stadium at the Nest, but they started buying the land for Selhurst Park in 1919.

The job of creating the plans was awarded to renowned stadium architect Archibald Leitch. Selhurst Park was finished in time for the 1924–25 campaign. They built the Arthur Wait Stand in 1969 and converted it into a seating-only venue. Up until that point, the stadium’s lighting had simply undergone routine upkeep and enhancement. They constructed club offices, a club shop, and a Sainsbury’s supermarket at the beginning of the 1980s. The Whitehorse Lane End was renovated during that time.

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The Arthur Wait Stand was converted to a full-seater in 1990. However, the Holmesdale Terrace was replaced in 1994 by a brand-new two-tier stand. The most people ever to attend Selhurst Park was 51,482 in 1979. The current capacity of the stadium, after all, repairs and safety regulations, is 26,309.

They proposed moving the team back to the Crystal Palace National Stadium, where it had previously resided, in 2011. The goal of converting Selhurst Park into a 40,000-seat stadium has been given renewed attention since the club was promoted to the Premier League in 2013. At a Croydon Council meeting on April 19, 2018, the amendment plan for a new 13,500-seat Main Stand was approved.

The Crystal Palace Supporters 

South London, Kent, and Surrey are the areas with the largest concentrations of Crystal Palace supporters. Selhurst Park was located inside Surrey’s borders and their first home at the Crystal Palace was on the border with Kent until the London Government Act of 1963 caused Greater London to include Croydon. The majority of the club’s fervent support at home matches comes from the Holmesdale Road Stand, where the ultras group and the Holmesdale die-hard fans have been situated since 2005. Two further fan clubs have at least been established by the fans.

The Crystal Palace Supporters’ Trust was founded in 2000 with the goal of allowing supporters to buy the team. It does, nonetheless, still exist today. The Palace Independent Supporters’ Association’s mission is to communicate fan issues to the team.

Fans have created a variety of periodicals (fanzines) for the team over the years. Eagle eye was first launched in 1987. It also continued until 1994. Then, in 1995, Palace Echo took its place. Then, it was developed by several people and continued until 2007. Fans also released The Eastern Eagles, So Glad You’re Mine, and One More Point in the 1990s. One More Point was superseded by the Five Year Plan, which is still active online. The BBS and are discussion forums for fans that the club uses to interact with its audience.

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Ph.D. Studentship at Crystal Palace FC, fully funded

It offers a unique chance for ambitious people interested in senior male professional soccer to pursue a Ph.D. since it offers a calm, professional sporting atmosphere and support to advance current and future practices with a high degree of scientific rigor.

The Crystal Palace Club and Carnegie School of Sport are looking for highly motivated individuals for a distinguished Ph.D. Studentship that is fully financed.

The UK fees will be initially paid for a three-year period together with an improved bursary of £20,609 per year (divided pro rata into 12 monthly payments) for the Ph.D. studentship.

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