Clickworker Review, Jobs, and All You Should Know.

Clickworker might be worth a look if you’re seeking part-time, flexible work-from-home opportunities to supplement your income.

This thorough and fair review of ClickWorker explains everything you should know before using it. How much money can you make? is a question you undoubtedly want to know the answer to.

Why Trust ME?

One of the first websites I evaluated for HomeWorkingClub was Clickworker. I signed up for the website in 2017 and have used it ever since.

I routinely visit my account on the Clickworker website. Check out the service, and come back to my review to update it with any new information. This Clickworker review was last updated.

When completing this most recent update, I was pleased to see that Clickworker has had a significant visual overhaul. This is good to see as it was all starting to look rather dated. Ironically, you will have to sign up for yourself to see it. Because Clickworker doesn’t permit users to share screenshots of the “back end” part of the site. (Other blogs showing this

We at HomeWorkingClub are renowned for providing a frank and realistic evaluation of the websites we review. Here, you can read about our procedures and principles.

Let’s begin at the very beginning.

What is Clickworker?

On the website Clickworker, you may complete quick jobs for pennies an hour. You may do chores while on the go with the help of the Clickworker app.

The website fits under the genre of micro-working sites, where you may complete small jobs for tiny sums of money.

Specific tasks on Clickworker include things like:

  • Data-entry style work.
  • Taking photos.
  • Training Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems by helping with repetitive tasks that require the human brain.
  • Providing recordings of your voice.
  • Completing surveys.

Is Clickworker Legit and Safe?

The website Clickworker is trustworthy. The business has been around for a while. Clickworker is one of the better micro-working websites, however, there are many others that aren’t worth your time.

Over 15 years have passed since the founding of Clickworker. This indicates that it has been around for a while given how quickly things change in the realm of online employment.

Setting Realistic Expectations

After using Clickworker for several years, it’s important to emphasize that the volume of work changes over time. (There weren’t many tasks accessible on my most recent check-in in 2023.) This can be influenced by the number of projects on Clickworker’s books as well as by the number of users that are actively using the platform and snatching up jobs.

Two crucial lessons may be drawn from this:

The finest sites for side money are those like Clickworker. Such websites are not reliable sources of continued, permanent employment.
Simply because there isn’t any work available on Clickworker one day doesn’t guarantee that there won’t be the next.

Anyone looking for a little extra income at home should consider this option because it allows you to take on and off as much work as you have time for. This is a fantastic entry-level option for working from home because the majority of jobs don’t require any specialized knowledge or formal training.

It is feasible to put in the hours and make real money with Clickworker for those who are prepared to toil away at the job, some of which is frequently plentiful and simple, but only when the work is accessible. We’ll discuss specific figures later on in the review.

Getting started with Clickworker

Where is Clickworker Available?

As long as you are able to accept payments by Paypal, Payoneer, or SEPA bank transfer, you are eligible to register as a Clickworker from “many various countries.” Transferwise was accessible for a while, but when we last updated this Clickworker review, it appeared to have been discontinued.

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According to the site’s need for workers, Clickworker does seem to open and close applications from particular countries. In order to “get your foot in the door,” it makes sense to join whenever you can.

It’s encouraging to see an online platform that doesn’t just cater to Americans.

It’s also crucial to remember that, despite the fact that programs are frequently accessible in numerous countries throughout the globe, the website is only available in English and German.

How Old do you Have to Be to Work for Clickworker?

To work for Clickworker, you must be 18 or older. The age restriction is specified in the terms and conditions, and when you register, the only dates of birth that are available are for those who are above 18.

Check out our article on online jobs for teens if you’re a little younger and seeking work you can do it online.

You must provide some basic information about your language abilities, professional experience, and “hobbies and know-how” after registering with the website. This is so you can be offered work suited to your skills.

After finishing all of this, it’s advisable to go to the Assessments area. When you are logged into Clickworker, you may find it along the left-hand menu panel. Here, you can practice doing specific Clickworker tasks and assess your proficiency, both of which are requirements for attaining particular occupations.

Which qualifying exams will be made available at a particular moment is unknown. This Clickworker review had previously been updated when I came across a new assessment for “author for English texts.” But this time, it wasn’t there.

You’ll have the best chance of obtaining and finishing examinations when they become available if you consistently log on. These include the crucial UHRS evaluations, which we’ll talk about in a moment.

What Kind of Work is Available on Clickworker?

I can’t talk too much about the work I’ve done personally at Clickworker because of the confidentiality agreement, but the website has lots of examples.

Work may consist of:

  • Data processing
  • Data entry jobs
  • Text creation, such as writing product descriptions
  • Completing surveys or participating in academic studies
  • Proofreading
  • Categorizing websites and other data
  • Mystery photography (going into shops and photographing certain displays)
  • Online research

These are merely a few chores, and there are many more that I’ve encountered. Usually, they are tasks that may be finished in a matter of seconds or minutes as opposed to hours.

Notably, it appears that a lot of work has been done recently on speech recognition and teaching artificial intelligence. Clickworker encourages this work to its business clientele.

If the work is accessible, you can complete hundreds of these “micro tasks” by settling in and getting into the flow of a given task and wind up making a respectable hourly wage.

How Much Work Is There on Clickworker?

The amount of employment that is readily available might drastically change.

There were several good assignments with a good deal of variation on my most recent update to this assessment of Clickworker.

Importantly, it appeared that there was an ample supply of each activity. (Remember that these are MICROtasks; in order to earn a respectable sum of money, you usually need to do lots of them one after the other.)

Today when I logged on, it wasn’t quite as much. UHRS duties, however, were also accessible (see below for important info on that).

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It’s important to note that you can log on and discover the platform is experiencing a dry spell. Some of the web reviewers who claim it’s a “complete waste of time” may have merely glanced at it once and not given it a thorough examination, in my opinion.

(Please note that the lack of screenshots in this part is due to Clickworker’s confidentiality agreement, which forbids sharing task specifics. Some home-based business websites disregard things like that, but not us!)

Today when I logged on, it wasn’t quite as much. UHRS duties, however, were also accessible (see below for important info on that).

It’s important to note that you can log on and discover the platform is experiencing a dry spell. Some of the web reviewers who claim it’s a “complete waste of time” may have merely glanced at it once and not given it a thorough examination, in my opinion.

(Please note that the lack of screenshots in this part is due to Clickworker’s confidentiality agreement, which forbids sharing task specifics. Some home-based business websites disregard things like that, but not us!)

The Clickworker App

Additionally, Clickworker has an app. This has been around for a long and offers more ways to make money; it’s also excellent for folks who like to work from a mobile device, which is a preference I’ll never understand!

You may perform some of your Clickworker chores while “on the move” with the app, which is available for iOS and Android.

Regardless of how you feel about working from your phone, the app is worth looking into if you need some extra cash. Sometimes, it appears that there are jobs on the app that are hidden from view on a computer.

It’s encouraging that the desktop version of the Clickworker website has finally “caught up” to the current, well-designed app.

When you log onto the website, 2-Factor Authentication is also implemented using the Clickworker app. To log in, you must launch the app.

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UHRS Work Via Clickworker

Assessments for UHRS, or the “Universal Human Relevance System,” are occasionally offered in addition to the work on the Clickworker platform itself. Members of Clickworker get access to this additional micro-working platform.

According to what I understand, the availability of work and the demand for micro workers determine when different countries allow entry into the UHRS to open and close.

Since UHRS is an entirely different platform, you can read about it in our specific UHRS tutorial. We make an effort to update it as we learn which nations have employment opportunities.

The amount of work can seem infinite once you have access to UHRS (and it’s well worth waiting to do so). At the time of writing, there is a lot, but I should point out that there have been occasions when it has dried up.

Home workers who are willing to sit and work diligently at the tasks can make respectable consistent incomes through Clickworker and UHRS when there IS UHRS employment available.

This implies Clickworker is definitely worth getting engaged with, especially when combined with the further development of the native Clickworker platform.

As was already indicated, UHRS operates on a different platform than Clickworker and calls for further registration. Additional training must be completed, and more exams must be passed. Nevertheless, it’s all worthwhile. When there is less work on Clickworker itself, having access to UHRS gives you an additional source of income that can be handy. Here are some articles on UHRS.

(It’s fair to say that the first application process for UHRS entails clearing a few hurdles.)

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PeanutLabs on Clickworker

Additionally, a survey platform called Peanut Labs and Clickworker has a connection.

Clickworker is not the only way to access Peanut Labs, as with UHRS. It’s also accessible through other channels (such as ySense).

In my opinion, Peanut Labs is hit-or-miss and probably won’t turn out to be a very profitable use of Clickworker, but it does give you another way to make money from the website.

Money: How Much Can I Earn from Clickworker?

You can make anywhere from a few cents for each assignment to many Euros or Dollars by working on Clickworker projects. Additionally, there are sporadic high-value projects, one of which I was tempted to accept when I last updated this Clickworker review.

An average hourly wage for Clickworker is extremely difficult to estimate because it depends greatly on the amount of work that is available, whether you are qualified for it, and how quickly you can complete it.

It’s interesting to note that Clickworker once predicted an hourly wage of around $9, or “far over $10” with expertise and focus. The business seems to have withdrawn this audacious estimate and replaced it with a more conservative prediction of variable earnings when I last viewed the FAQs.

Platforms for micro working don’t offer opportunities to make “mega dollars.” However, you can start making money that represents a respectable hourly rate if you locate specialized projects you enjoy doing and there are lots of those assignments available. You have a better chance of achieving your objective if you get accepted into UHRS.

Clickworker Review: Conclusion

The platform Clickworker is adequate enough. Additionally, it has changed greatly over time. More frequently, flexible work is available, and the app also gives you more possibilities.

Gaining UHRS access makes Clickworker even more beneficial. Many freelancers and home workers find unstable income to be really frightening, so having access to a platform you can use to hustle and make some additional money comes in incredibly helpful.

Whether Clickworker is recruiting in your nation and whether UHRS evaluations are open may depend on chance, but it’s worth persevering to get full access. UHRS applications were accessible in all nations as of our most recent update, but this is subject to change.

I’d advise immediately registering with Clickworker and seizing the first chance to access UHRS. Even if you don’t wind up using Clickworker very often, having a backup plan gives you a small sense of confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is clickwork a good way to make money?

A wonderful business to keep in mind if you need some extra money or are between jobs is Clickworker. However, it differs from most occupations in that you are paid by the work rather than by the hour.

What kind of work do you do on clickworker?

We refer to the workers who are interested in taking on digital chores as Clickworkers. Freelancers who use our workplace platform are known as clickworkers. As a Clickworker, you may make money from any computer with Internet access while working entirely on your own time and schedule.

Finally, ensure you visit the Moden News homepage and also check out our Jobs in USA category, for more essential information.

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