Chartered Accountant Jobs in Nigeria 2023/2024 | Accounting Jobs in Nigeria

Chartered Accountants Jobs in Nigeria 2023/2024 | Accounting Jobs in Nigeria

A reputable consultancy firm in Lagos by the name Stern and Kay, with years of experience in Business Consultancy. Is among the latest companies currently recruiting in Lagos.

However, the Moden News team is happy to announce that this firm is currently recruiting Chartered Accountants. In other words, this is an opportunity that those that are constantly searching for Accounting Job opportunities in Nigeria should utilize by Applying for Jobs.

In addition, you should ensure you go through this webpage because we will be showing you not less than 50 Accounting vacant positions in Nigeria today. That is to say, you will definitely find a job that suits you very well.

Below is the description of the Chartered Accountant Job in Nigeria and the application requirements as compiled.

Job Title: Chartered Accountant

Location: Lagos State, Nigeria

Job Field: Accounting / Audit / Finance

Description of this Chartered Accountant Job in Nigeria

  • The Description of the Chartered Accountant Job will not be complete without mentioning the act of Financial Management and Auditing.
  • Secondly, Chartered accountants help in the forensic analysis and organization of budgets in a firm.
  • Thirdly, it is the duty of the Chartered Accountant to draft out a financial framework that the company will work with.
  • As a Chartered Accountant, you are expected to act as a financial broker between the firm and bankers.
  • Certainly, taxation audits and appropriate remittances to the authorities are integral parts of Chartered Accounting Jobs in Nigeria.
  • Like most Financial Management Jobs in Lagos. Accounting Jobs in Nigeria deal with business recovery and insolvency.
  • In addition, if you come across accounting Job opportunities in Nigeria. Then bear in mind that management and safeguarding of company assets are in your hands.
  • Accountants are the ones that prepare the cash records, documents, salary payments, e.t.c. As required in most companies currently recruiting in Lagos for such positions.

Requirements for these Chartered Accountant Jobs at Stern and Kay Consulting Limited

  • Firstly, this position is a sensitive one in any firm. Therefore, Candidates must be people of integrity and diligence.
  • This is one of the latest Job vacancies in Lagos where strong financial analytical skill is required from interested persons.
  • If you gathered experience while doing Financial Management Jobs, Administrative Assistant Jobs, or other related Managerial Jobs in Nigeria. Then that would be an advantage for you.
  • Most Accounting Jobs in Nigeria requires Candidates to be highly professional in accounting, Stern and Kay Consulting Limited will only recruit those with up to 5 years of experience in Accounting.
  • Applicants are expected to be self-reliant and have the ability to work without supervision.
  • Most importantly, only University Degree holders in Accounting can apply for these Chartered Accountant Jobs in Nigeria. That’s why Stern and Kay Consulting Limited’s recruitment team requires Candidates to be graduates.
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Additional Requirements

  • Not only is it one of the Highest Paying Jobs in Nigeria this position comes with lots of incentives and welfare packages. And only Professionals with membership in ICAN or ACCA can Apply for this type of Accounting Job.
  • Further, good communication skill is a non-negotiable requirement that anybody Applying for this Job must meet.
  • Advanced knowledge in the use of the computer is one skill most Accounting Jobs in Nigeria would always require from Candidates. As a result, interested Persons for this Job must really be good with Computer.
  • Lastly, interviews for Chartered Accountant Jobs in Nigeria go through thorough scrutiny. That is to say, Applicants are required to be people of good repute with a sound background in Accounting.
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Chartered Accountant Salary In Nigeria

We are going to show you how much Nigerian accountants make.
An accountant is someone who has to calculate, interpret, analyze, and communicate Financial information in order to make decisions. Accounting is a tool that helps companies, investors, managers, and other organizations make good decisions through the analysis of financial statements.

Q. How much do accountants make in Nigeria?
An accountant’s services include the creation of sales and cash flow reports as well as maintaining balance sheets, billing activities, budget management, inventory control, tax filings, and managing budgets. Accounting is an important part of any business. The salary of an accountant will depend on the company, the experience of the accountant, the type of accountant, and the qualification of the accountant.

A University graduate with no experience may earn N40,000 as a base salary. An experienced accountant with 3-4 years of experience can earn N70,000, while an experienced professional accountant with more than 10 years can expect to make N150,000.

A professional accountant with qualifications such as ICAN or ANAN will make more than an average accountant without a certification.

The Acts of Parliament established the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria and the Association Of National Accountants Of Nigeria. The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants is giving them a run for the money.

To sum up, we hope the content of this “Chartered Accountant Jobs in Nigeria 2023/2024 | Accounting Jobs in Nigeria” post includes answers to all your questions as regards the Chartered Accountant Jobs in Nigeria.

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