CBN Recruitment 2023/2024 | CBN Recruitment Process

CBN Recruitment 2023/2024 | CBN Recruitment Process

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) is the Apex financial regulatory body of the country. It is charged with the duty of overseeing the economy of the country and also regulating the activities of financial institutions. With the aim of maintaining economic stability in the country.

To add to their team of dedicated staff and economic experts the Central Bank has announced the commencement of CBN Recruitment 2023/2024 for Interested Persons. This recruitment to the best of our knowledge will interest those searching for the CBN recruitment closing date, CBN recruitment 2023 portal, recruitment website, or when the CBN recruitment test is scheduled to begin.

Details of this CBN Recruitment 2023/2024 Plus Why You Should Apply

  • The Central Bank of Nigeria is looking for dedicated individuals who can assist and work with a team of like-minds. In order to achieve the organizational goals in the institution.
  • Secondly, there are multiple vacancies open at this 2023/2024 ongoing recruitment at CBN. Therefore, no matter your area of specialization there is something for you in this CBN recruitment.
  • CBN is the apex bank in Nigeria and acts as a regulatory body for other financial institutions. As a result, working with them will expose one to multiple opportunities the financial sector has to offer.
  • CBN recruitment portal –, is most likely going to serve as the recruitment information site.
  • There is going to be a CBN recruitment test for the shortlisted candidates. However, it will be released after CBN Applications must have been processed.
  • Central Bank is among the banks currently recruiting in Nigeria that are offering highly competitive salaries and incentives to workers. Therefore, we advise all eligible persons to apply.
  • CBN recruitment process would be thorough and transparent it is important you make sure that every document you present for this recruitment is verifiable.
  • Some of the positions are fresh graduate Jobs with little or no level of experience required, which makes it easier for fresh graduates to apply.
  • In addition, CBN is an equal opportunity employer. In other words, there would not be favoritism of any sort for this CBN recruitment, everybody would be accorded the same treatment.
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CBN Recruitment Requirements 2023/2024

  • The Job is open only to eligible Nigerians. Meanwhile, foreigners residing in the country are not to apply.
  • CBN recruitment process is very competitive we advise you to upload all documents and certifications that can give you an edge over others.
  • There are multiple positions that are open for application, Which means that NCE, HND, and WAEC/SSCE holders are all welcome to apply.
  • Though it is not compulsory for this banking job in Nigeria. But if you have any level of experience in financial or administrative Jobs it would be desirable.
  • Good writing and communication skill is very important before visiting the CBN recruitment portal in 2023/2024 to apply.

How to Apply for a Job at CBN

  1. Apply via the recruitment portal

    Above all, interested Persons who have gone through the recruitment requirements. Should proceed to the recruitment portal and apply.

    After opening the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) job application portal that we have added here. The next thing you will see is the full list of job vacancies that exist at the Bank. Simply proceed to apply for your dream job.

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Updated CBN Salary Structure For Staff

All Nigerian banks don’t pay the same salaries for all employees. The Central Bank of Nigeria is no exception.

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Salaries in almost all organizations are grouped into various levels ranging from the fresh graduates(new staff) to the overall MD/CEO/Director/Chairman of the company.

The salaries of staff at the Central Bank of Nigeria are also divided into different levels. These levels include:

  • Graduate trainees
  • Entry-level staffs
  • Managers of branches
  • Lenders
  • Data analysts
  • Executive officers

Graduate Trainees

You’ll be enrolled in a special program to learn about the CBN banking system as a new graduate of finance and banking-related courses in Nigeria.

The training program will last for a few months, and you will be paid 43,000 Naira per month.

Entry-Level Staff

After you have completed the special program for fresh graduates, your promotion to the Entry level will be granted. The Central bank of Nigeria will pay 122,000 Nigerian Riel per Month and the equivalent of 1,464,000 Riel annually.


After serving as an Entry-Level employee for a while, you might be promoted to Loan Officer.

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Loan officers at the central banks are responsible for processing loan applications. A loan officer’s job is to approve, authorize, or recommend approval of loan applications from individuals and businesses.

The CBN salary structure is 573,000 Nigerian Naira per month.

Data analysts

Some staff may be lucky enough to get promoted to this level. Others must go through the loan officer level.

The highest-paid level in the central bank is Data analysis. Data analysts at CBN receive 647,000 per month and 7,764,000 annually.

Branch Managers

This is the most difficult level for a normal staff member at the Central Bank of Nigeria, as there are few CBN branches across the country.

The total salary for branch managers at the Nigerian central bank is 732,000 Naira per calendar month and 8,784,000 annually.

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