Calance US Careers – Available Openings for Job Seekers

Calance US is a global IT Services company that focuses on end-to-end solutions for Development, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Business Intelligence and Data Science, DevOps enablement, Managed Services, Security, Construction Management Software Integration, and IT Staffing.

The team’s headquarters are in Southern California, and for more than 20 years, they have worked hard to be the best.

Calance Job Opportunities

Let’s look at some of the Calance US jobs that are available.

C# Lead

The job of the Dot Net developer is to write code languages like C# and VB. Net developers make applications from scratch, set up systems that already exist, and help users with problems. Also, web developers are able to write code that works and can spot bugs quickly.

Place: India, Gurgaon (Hybrid)

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C++ Developer

We are looking for a senior C++ developer who will be in charge of making applications. These could be desktop apps, native mobile apps, or systems that are built into other apps. Your main job will be to design and build these apps and work with the rest of the team to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Place: India, Gurgaon (Hybrid)

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Cloud Infrastructure Lead

Serves as a link between the delivery and infrastructure teams. Represents infrastructure and makes sure that global services and/or partners follow standards for cloud services. Use their knowledge of modern software development techniques and technology to help design services that use the latest…

Place: India, Gurgaon (Hybrid)

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Senior Golang Engineer

Our company is growing and we need a dedicated Golang Developer to join us. You will work with other designers to make appealing images and campaigns that will get more people to use our site.

Place: India, Gurgaon (Hybrid)

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Product Manager

The Product Manager is in charge of figuring out what the product needs to do to take advantage of market opportunities and meet the needs of the Product Owners. The job requires close communication with the Product Owners, Software Architects, Engineering Teams, and other key stakeholders to make sure that the product…

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Place: India, Gurgaon (Hybrid)

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Python Engineer

We are looking for a Python Developer to join our engineering team and help us build and maintain different software products. Python Developers have to write and test code, fix bugs in programs, and connect applications to web services from other companies.

Place: India, Gurgaon (Hybrid)

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Automation Engineer (C# Language)

We are looking for a test analytics professional with at least 3 years of experience in automation testing, root cause analysis, and running regression and smoke scripts. Working with C# and Selenium by hand is a must.

Place: India, Gurgaon (Hybrid)

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Backend Team Lead

We’re looking for a resource who doesn’t care about the technology, is good at designing architecture and writing code, and can manage and lead a team. The person who applies should be a passionate and dedicated all-around software professional, a team player who works well with others, is analytical and focused on quality, and has exceptional…

Place: India, Gurgaon (Hybrid)

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Scrum Master

Leads cross-functional teams to create deliverables for agile-based projects and helps the team work to speed up the delivery of business value by making sure Scrum methods and processes are followed. Helps people talk to each other inside and outside the company, gets rid of obstacles, and acts as the…

Place: India, Gurgaon (Hybrid)

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Cyber Security (Architect,IC2,L2)

We’re looking for an IT expert who can oversee security systems and teams, find possible network holes, and come up with plans to stop cybercriminals from breaking into information systems.

Place: India, Gurgaon (Remote)

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DevOps Engineer/Sr. Engineer

We need a DevOps engineer, who is a generalist in IT who knows a lot about both development and operations, such as coding, infrastructure management, system administration, and DevOps toolchains.

Place: India, Gurgaon (Hybrid)

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Django Developer/Sr. Developer

We need a Django developer who can work with both stakeholders and other developers. Using the Django framework, you can design and run Python code.

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Place: India, Gurgaon (Remote)

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Project Manager

Project managers are in charge of planning, starting, keeping an eye on, managing, and finishing projects. They are expected to finish a project on time, on budget, and according to the requirements, all while keeping everyone in the loop and happy. Project managers make sure that information and knowledge flow very smoothly. …

Place: India, Gurgaon (Remote)

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How much does Calance in the United States pay?

The average hourly pay at Calance ranges from $12 for a Clerical Worker to $93.84 for an IT Security Specialist. The average Calance salary ranges from about $50,000 per year for Identity Manager to $154,279 per year for Linux Engineer.

Salary information comes from 66 data points collected directly from employees, users, and past and present job ads on Indeed in the past 36 months.

Please keep in mind that all salary numbers are estimates based on what other people have told Indeed. These numbers are given to users of Indeed so that they can compare things in a general way. The minimum wage may be different in different places, so you should talk to the employer to find out what your actual salary will be.

Information Design & Documentation

Expert in IT security

$93.84 an hour (USD)

Analyst of Quality Assurance

$50.10 for each hour

Analyst of security

$23.65 for each hour

Technical Consultant

120,000 dollars a year

Customer Service

Call Center Representative

$14.50 for each hour

The person who helps customers

$20.62 for each hour

Helping Professional

$22.49 an hour (USD)

Software Development

.NET Developer

$99,504 annually

Android Developer

$7.00 for each hour

ETL Developer

$98,438 annually

Full Stack Developers:

$62.05 for each hour

Engineer of Infrastructure

116,373 dollars a year

Linux Engineer

$154,279 annually

Oracle made it.

$111,812 annually

Web Developer in Charge

150,000 dollars a year

Web Developer

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$59.79 for each hour

Administrative Assistance

Manager of administration

20 dollars an hour

Office Worker

$12 for each hour

Clerk who enters data

$14 for each hour

Planner Junior

$31.50 for each hour

Estimated Revenue & Valuation

  • Calance makes about $66 million a year, according to estimates.
  • Calance’s estimated revenue per employee is $181,250

Calance Competitors & Alternatives

Competitor NameRevenueNumber of EmployeesEmployee GrowthTotal FundingValuation
#3Bluestone PIM$11M763%N/AN/A
#6SAP Customer Ex…$194.9M9601%N/AN/A
#9IDC Technologie…$696.9M343328%N/AN/A
#10Walmart Labs$770.6M379652%N/AN/A

The most common questions about Calance

Is it a good idea to work for Calance?

Based on anonymous reviews from more than 116 employees, Calance has an overall rating of 3.5 out of 5. 64% of Calance employees would tell a friend to work there, and 61% are optimistic about the business. Over the past year, this rating has dropped by -14%.

Where is Calance’s main office?

The main office of Calance is at 888 S Disneyland Dr., Ste. 500, Anaheim, CA 92802, USA.

What is the phone number for Calance?

The number to call Calance is (714) 736-4370.

What is the website for Calance?

The official site for Calance is

How much does Calance make?

Calance makes $57 Million a year.

What is the SIC code for Calance?

73,736 is Calance’s SIC.

What is the NAICS code for Calance?

Calance’s NAICS number is 56,561.

What does Calance do for a living?

Business Services, Custom Software, and IT Services are what Calance does for a living.

Who are the main people Calance is up against?

VLink Inc, Idexcel Inc, eXcell Co, and Infobahn Softworld Inc are some of Calance’s main competitors.

What technologies does Calance use?

Oracle Marketing Cloud, Oracle Acme Packet, Sisense, and Planview Enterprise are the technologies that Calance uses.

Who is the CFO of Calance?

Bill Darden is the CFO of Calance.

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