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Bristol City Academy Scholarship

Bristol City Academy Trials

Before we treat the Bristol City Academy Scholarship, let us look at the brief history of Bristol City FC

Bristol City FC

Bristol City Football Club, which was playing in the Third Division at the time, received an F.A. “Centre of Excellence” license back in 1988. The purpose of these facilities was to cultivate homegrown talent for professional clubs to deploy in their first teams by training young local footballers.

By today’s standards, the Center of Excellence’s facilities were quite subpar, and training sessions were primarily conducted in the parking lot at Ashton Gate. However, the Center quickly had a reputation for turning out talented players and was highly well-liked by the young men in the area.

Joe Jordan, who was in charge of the first team at the time, and our Chief Scout Tony Fawthrop requested Pete Coleman, who is currently the Academy Head of Welfare, to lead the Centre of Excellence. Training unavoidably got much better after Pete transferred the Center to Redwood Lodge and the Imperial Sports Ground.

The best local talent was fostered at the Centre during the following 8 years on a very tight budget by a group of 3 exceptional coaches: Frank Jacobs, Graham Muxworthy, and John Clayton.


The development of young players may be a lengthy process, as we quickly discovered, and it needed time for these young players to be prepared for first-team football.

The first to enter the ranks in the middle of the 1990s were players like Matt Hewlett, Michael Wyatt, Jason Fowler, Dwayne Plummer, Dominic Barclay, and Louis Carey.

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The Football Association invited ambitious clubs to apply for Academy status in 1997, and Bristol City seized the opportunity.

The club’s Scott Davidson and John Laycock, who serve as Chairman and Vice Chairman, fully endorsed our application and named Dave Burnside, widely regarded as the nation’s top youth coach, as our first Academy Director.

Dave was now assisted by eight full-time employees, all of whom significantly impacted the Academy’s future success.

It was just a matter of time until the schoolboy players we recruited and trained in the 1990s had first-team opportunities. By this point, they had developed into mature young footballers and were anxious for those opportunities.

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Bristol City Academy Scholarship Trials

The Bristol City Academy is receiving a lot of inquiries from prospective football players seeking advice on how to enroll. The most typical path to joining Bristol City Academy is being selected for a trial when you’re still a young child. keeping your composure while you navigate the Academy’s structure.

A few athletes prefer to interact with fans directly by sharing links to videos of themselves competing in sports. Please keep in mind, though, that clubs receive a ton of videos each week. As a result, I can’t check them all, so the best way to get noticed for a trial at Bristol City Academy is to enroll in a recognized football academy.

Scouts regularly pick out talented children from football colleges and invite them to try out at development facilities. A football academy is open to everyone, therefore it offers chances for everyone to be noticed. Additionally, starting as soon as your children are old enough to attend football academies is a smart option. because doing so enables them to keep up with the advancement of their peers in terms of abilities.

How To Get Scouted By Bristol City Academy Scholarship

Talented athletes can sign up for a six-week trial with Bristol City Academy. Athletes occasionally have the good fortune to be present when scouts are viewing a football game. However, Bristol City Academy is aware that exceptional talent might slip through the cracks. Giving athletes the chance to approach the club directly and present their performance credentials. For advice on how to present your professional debut effectively, visit our section on football resumes.

They are unlikely to respond to every inquiry given the volume. This is a good way to let scouts know about players who might want to level up their game and get a trial with Bristol City Academy.

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Please compile all the information required to be contacted for a trial at Bristol City Academy Scholarship:

  • Academic resume
  • An introductory letter
  • Position, age, birthdate, height, weight, email, phone, address, current club, former clubs
  • Information on any trials already attended, and any representative honors like school, district, county, etc. are all crucial player records.
  • Schools of the athletes
  • Send Scout the schedule of games for your current club, including the location and kickoff time.

After assembling the aforementioned data, submit an email to Bristol City Academy at the following address:

[email protected]


The Bristol City Academy hiring team will look over your application. Afterward, decide whether or not a scout will be deployed to the game.

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