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The Blackpool FC academy seeks to bring in the greatest talent from across the nation. Through the Blackpool Academy Scholarship and nurture it inside our atmosphere in order to develop football players for the first team. When a young player joins the academy, they will learn important life lessons as part of their journey, including discipline, professionalism, time management, fitness and health, and a strong work ethic. The academy has a number of divisions that support the players’ overall development, including coaching, sports science, medicine, education, welfare, performance analysis, and safeguarding.

There are 140+ players in the academy as of 2021, ranging in age from 6 to 21, all of whom train and play regularly as they advance through the age groups. The academy now has 12 full-time employees, about 20 part-time employees, and many volunteers. Although the club has made it clear that the advancement to Category 2 status is at the center of the goal to increase the productivity of young players coming through to the first team, the academy is currently located between Myerscough College and Stanley Park and works at Category 3 level.

Blackpool Academy Scholarship

Enrolling in the academy of Blackpool Football Club. The Blackpool FC Academy was established in order to invest in young football talent and to provide each player with the network, coaching, health, and wellness advice necessary for a successful football career. The Blackpool FC Academy is the ideal place to begin if you live in the Blackpool region and wish to pursue a career in football. The football academies” information section has the most recent academy articles.

A skilled and committed staff supports Blackpool Academy’s high-level football development and education program. Blackpool FC Academy uses state-of-the-art coaching techniques and technology to develop its players. Due to the intense rivalry, they are constantly looking for rising talent to join their program and are highly picky about who is accepted. as a result of recent changes made to the football academy system. Clubs in Academy Group Three (U12+) can now hire people from anywhere in the nation. The FA has reviewed this rule after deciding that the best talent should be recruited regardless of distance. Previously, Group, Three clubs were only allowed to recruit players who lived within a 90-minute drive of the academy. Talent should only be let to play in the best academies, regardless of where they live.

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This raises the likelihood of success for those with the greatest potential, enabling us to cultivate local talent for the global stage. In order to accommodate young prospective talent in secure family homes, Blackpool Academy has seen an increase in host families being hired. Blackpool Academy is located in Squires Gate Lane Training Ground, Martin Avenue, Blackpool, Lancashire, FY8 2SJ.

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How To Get The Trial

You must be selected in order to have a trial at Blackpool Academy, thus it’s crucial that players are spotted in the proper locations at the proper times. The most effective way to get noticed for a trial at Blackpool FC Academy is to enroll in a Blackpool Soccer School. Some players prefer a direct approach, sending in links to videos of themselves playing football. However, clubs receive thousands of these videos each week and simply do not have time to watch them all while going about their daily business. Young players are frequently chosen by the team from soccer school sessions and invited to try out at Blackpool FC’s development facilities.

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Since anyone may participate in their soccer schools, it’s a fantastic way for anyone to stand out. As soon as your child is old enough, you should start enrolling them in soccer programs because their peers will be doing the same, which will help them advance their skills at the same rate as their peers. To increase your likelihood of being spotted by a recruiter, visit our page on how to get profiled.

How To Apply For The Blackpool Academy Scholarship

Players get the chance to trial with recruiters from the Blackpool Academy. Blackpool offers players the chance to contact them directly using the information below because they are aware that good talent can fall through the cracks even when players are lucky enough to be in the right places at the right times while recruiters are watching games. They are unable to respond to every submission due to the volume, but this is an effective way to enlighten players looking to advance their careers and land a trial with the Blackpool FC Academy. Obtain the following details to be contacted for a Blackpool Academy Scholarship trial at Blackpool Academy:

  • CV and cover letter for players
  • Position, age, birthdate, height, weight, contact information (email, phone, address), present club, prior clubs, and information on any trials already taken part in.
  • Any representational awards, including those from a school, district, county, etc.
    Scouts can be given a list of the upcoming games for their current team, including the venue and kickoff time.
  • Send an email to [email protected] with all the information you’ve gathered to the Blackpool FC Academy.
    Your application will be evaluated by Blackpool Academy, who will then decide whether or not to send a recruiter to the game.
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