Biology Salary In Washington DC

Just before we jump into the Biology Salary In Washington DC, we need to treat some background subtopics. We will also treat the following sub-headings: what is a good salary in Washington DC, what is the highest paid biology job, do biologists earn good money? is Washington DC expensive to live. Then let’s get started.

Biology teachers are regularly described as science teachers exceptionally talented in technical studies, specifically biology. A biology teacher goes past biology’s rudiments to provide detailed insight to understudies. The instructor’s enthusiasm for the subject should constantly be clear, to the extent that understudies will need to dive deeper into this life science. A biology teacher should have a top to bottom information regarding the matter to have the option to respond to inquiries from understudies and show content contained in school guidelines.

Qualities of a Biology Teacher

A biology teacher can’t be queasy or cheerful about questions, pictures, or recordings on natural points. The biology educator should likewise be ready to talk about physical processes and life systems in all domains with understudies, as understudies might pose abnormal inquiries yet responsible. Biology educators should be sure about their capacities, great with understudies and guardians, and ready to chip away at a group with individual teachers and care staff. Like, different teachers, a biology educator might be liable for fundamental school obligations, including checking the transport, lunch, rec center, or lobbies.

Teaching Biology Job Development

Turning into a biology teacher has the conspicuous prize of imparting an adoration for science to understudies; however, the rewards don’t stop there. Teachers in any space have a projected work viewpoint during 2029 with a projected development pace of 4%, per the U.S. Authority of Work Measurements.

This is a piece higher for math and science teachers, who are much harder to find inside school regions. Serious need regions, such as science and math, frequently have programs for teachers to instruct while educational loans are reimbursed annually. A few schools offer a one-time motivational installment on educational loans for high-need teachers.

Education Requirements for Teaching Biology

Turning into a guaranteed biology teacher will expect a four-year certification and the culmination of a teacher repayment program from a licensed school or college. The educational establishment should be authorized.

Most certified schools and colleges will offer a mixed program in which you procure a degree and teaching testament simultaneously.

Nonetheless, contingent on the need, a few states have elective projects for science teachers to become guaranteed in education while teaching biology. These projects require a four-year biology degree; however, they permit you to educate while procuring confirmation through elective means. These projects fluctuate by state yet can be seen on the web or at the area level by reaching somebody at the board office.

Numerous biology teachers procure a four-year certification in education, a graduate degree in education, or a degree in Optional Education with a science or biology confirmation.

Tests to Pass for Teaching Biology

Many projects require selection tests to show perusing, composing, and arithmetic capability. Every test has a state-based cutoff score that you should be aware of before taking it. Moreover, you will be supposed to understudy, educate, complete perception hours, and plan a portfolio in light of these encounters.

You likewise will be expected to take general education and a definitive biology test with cutoff scores set by the state. Each state can fluctuate to the extent of satisfactory scores, so knowing your state’s requirements are useful. The entry of the test and all necessary classes ought to bring about the capacity to quickly show inside your branch of knowledge.

Each state has various requirements for turning into a teacher.

Biology Salary In Washington DC

The average yearly compensation for a CELL Researcher in Washington is $62,187. If you want a basic salary number cruncher, that would be roughly $29.90 for 60 minutes. This might be compared to $1,195/week or $5,182/month.

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While modennews is considering compensations to be high as $113,012 and as low as $36,056, most CELL Researcher pay rates as of now range between $55,429 (25th percentile) to $76,417 (75th percentile) with top workers (90th percentile) making $107,630 every year in Washington.

The typical compensation range for a CELL Researcher changes enormously (as much as $20,988), which proposes there might be numerous valuable open doors for progression and expanded pay given expertise level, area, and long periods of involvement.

Given late work postings on modennews, the CELL Researcher work market in Washington, DC, and the encompassing region is exceptionally dynamic.

modennews ceaselessly checks its data set of millions of dynamic positions distributed locally throughout America to assess the most reliable yearly salary range for CELL Researcher occupations.

What Is The Highest Paid Biology Jobs (Washington)

Have you been asking what type of biology pays the most? then read this part very carefully.

We managed to secure about five CELL Scientist jobs in Washington, DC, which pay more annually than a typical CELL Scholar salary. Top examples of these positions include Researcher Foundational Microorganisms, Cell Culture Interaction Advancement, and Researcher Malignant Growth Biology.

In comparison to the typical CELL Scientist salary of $62,187, these positions pay between $40,257 (64.7%) and $52,278 (84.1%) more. If you meet the requirements, getting hired for one of these related CELL Researcher positions could help you earn more money than the typical CELL Scientist position.


Job TitleAnnual SalaryMonthly PayWeekly PayHourly Wage
Scientist Cancer Biology$114,465$9,538$2,201$55.03
Cell Culture Process Development$108,760$9,063$2,091$52.29
Scientist Stem Cell$108,082$9,006$2,078$51.96
Cell Culture Scientist$105,799$8,816$2,034$50.87
Scientist Cell Culture Process Development$102,444$8,537$1,970$49.25

What Is A Good Salary In Washington DC?

A decent salary in Washington, DC, is more than $72,000. That is because the average salary in Washington is $72,000, which implies that assuming you procure more than that, you are acquiring over half of the individuals living in Washington. The typical salary in Washington is $84,081.

A decent time-based compensation in Washington is $34.62 each hour. That works out to a decent week-by-week compensation of $1,384 and a decent month-to-month pay of $6,000. Be that as it may, utilizing middle pay is just a single method for earning a decent salary in Washington.

One more method for computing a decent salary in Washington is to check out the cost of lodging and utilize that to maneuver into a decent salary. Specialists concur that you need to keep up with around a 5 to 1 home cost to pay proportion. In light of the middle home cost of $601,500, a decent salary in Washington would be $120,300.

Ultimately, we can decide on a decent salary in Washington by taking a gander at the cost for most everyday items and contrasting it with the normal US salary. The cost for many everyday items in Washington is 51% higher than the public normal. The typical public salary is $56,310, so a decent salary in Washington is anything more than $85,028 by this action.


PercentileAnnual SalaryMonthly PayWeekly PayHourly Wage

Do Biologists Earn Good Money?

Indeed, Biologists get paid well. The typical salary for a Biologist in the US is around $69,000 a year. The base 10% of the researcher may make $40,000 a year on the job; notwithstanding, the top 10% of scientists make more than $120,000 in a year.

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Biology is a quickly developing field with many lucrative positions. While the most generously compensated positions require a broad measure of preparation and education, they are likewise viewed as exceptionally remunerating positions both sincerely and monetarily.

Payments for a researcher can shift contingent on various elements. These elements incorporate education and experience, industry and company, and area. Area influences salary, relying upon whether individual life in a significant metropolitan region, where scholars will more often than not get the most cash flow, or on the other hand if they live in a more modest city or provincial region.


To earn substantial sums of money in numerous biology occupations, you will essentially require a four-year college education; however, the best-paid jobs require a graduate degree or even a Ph.D. Notwithstanding degree requirements, to get the most cash flow, a biologist ought to have some insight and gain proficient confirmations and expert preparation.

At long last, industry and company impact the salary for biologists. Biologists who work at laid-out and regarded organizations in medical clinics and the drug business will get more cash flow than those who work in exercise-based recuperation or other comparative enterprises.

Is Washington DC Expensive To Live?

While each response has a few generally excellent focuses, all likewise lack a few.

The greatest single element is market interest. It generally has been the controlling variable and is probably going to be. In land terms, the cost is directed by: Area, Area, Area.

To start with, DC has a proper region — ~62 square miles. It will not ever be more. This connects with the first 10-mile square Government Locale laid out by Article I, Area 8 of the US Constitution. The region’s surrender to Virginia diminished the Area to the part Maryland surrendered. In this way, on the off chance that you wish a DC postal district or the 202 region code for your property line phone for your affiliation, business, or call, it should be inside the 62 sq miles.

A significant number of those 62 sq miles are involved by Bureaucratic parkland, US Government organizations, and property, DC Government property, consulates, colleges, and places of love mirroring the incredibly different city and its prompt environs.

We can not overlook the colleges in the city or the Area: Georgetown College, George Washington College; American College; Howard College; Catholic College; Trinity College; Gallaudet College; College of the Locale of Columbia, and a few little universities. The all-out understudy populace of these eight colleges is around 73,000.


[In adjacent Virginia is George Bricklayer College; in neighboring Maryland is the leading grounds of the College of Maryland.]

There are level limitations in DC that limit the level of private, business, and even government structures. This breaking point does not exist in its rural areas.

In the same way as other urban areas in the US, there is a sure measure of self-isolation locally by class.

While the schools are working in DC, close to a portion of the kids in state-funded schools go to sanction government-funded schools. The tuition-based schools, be that as it may, are generally excellent.

Set up everything, and there is a deficiency of lodging capacity in DC.

Disregard the slurs who charge that DC and Government civil servants are overpaid. They claim that without any confirmation of the cost for many everyday items, changes are important to draw in and hold capability in government.

What salary is needed to live comfortably in Washington

While the lowest pay permitted by law in Washington state is intended to act as a living compensation and assist low-pay workers with getting purchases in thickly populated regions, the $15 each hour least and $17 each hour salary levels frequently are not sufficient to meet the expensive cost for many everyday items in Seattle and encompassing districts.

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As per NerdWallet, the median salary in Seattle is $61,856, making it the seventh most expensive city in the US. An organization that pays $62,000 would pay their representatives $32 hourly, meaning the vital pay is twofold what is generally anticipated for Seattle’s typical cost for many everyday items.

To all the more likely comprehend why such a significant league salary level is expected to live in the city, think about a portion of the base costs related to living there. Nerdwallet reports that the middle expense of a two-room condo to lease is $2,724 each month, while the typical three-bed, two-shower home is $826,000. Lodging costs alone are, in many cases, driving occupants out to less populated regions, where they choose lower contract costs in return for longer drives downtown.

For a planning rule, monetary specialists suggest spending 30% of your month-to-month gross pay on lease or lodging. On the off chance that your lease installment is $2,724 each month, you would have to procure $9,080 monthly for it to fall in the 30% territory – which is more than $52 each hour.


Usually, this is wholly founded on a solitary individual living alone. The numbers change if you have a substantial other to share the weight of a lease or a home loan with, and there are extra factors to consider assuming you have wards in your home who have expenses yet not pay – like kids or older family members.

Is A Degree In Biology Worth It?

When taken a gander at as a whole gathering, the image for biology majors is very sure. The typical salary for individuals with a biology degree is around $70,000 — $10,000 more than the middle family pays in the U.S. Notwithstanding, biology degrees — like the STEM assignment itself — are unquestionably assorted, and your procuring potential might fluctuate broadly relying upon how you decide to manage your degree.
Many individuals with biology degrees become specialists. Biology degrees are the No. 1 four-year college education that hopeful specialists procure before beginning clinical school; this kind of degree gives a solid groundwork to understudies inspired by medication.

Understudies ought to remember that becoming a doctor requires numerous long education periods past a four-year biology degree. Specialists are very much redressed, and their pay rates can slant the viewpoint for biology majors overall. Not all biology graduates will proceed to procure six-figure pay rates.

For instance, although the median salary for doctors and specialists is above $200,000, secondary teachers, natural life biologists, and foresters acquire about $60,000 yearly.

Biology Jobs In Washington DC

Do you want to work as a biologist in Washington, DC, and stay there? The jobs on this list are suitable for you. Click the link below to view details and apply for the position of your choice.

See Details and Apply Here


We anticipate a revival of physical education to help us create a better society. “Amore peaceful and wealthy world. Where their children can live healthy, happy lives…” Research and instruction in biology can assist in resolving some of the world’s most pressing issues, such as food, the environment, energy, and health (Ferris, 2010, p. 290). (National Research Council, 2009). Additionally, we envision a world that is more socially and democratic, has a population that is better connected internationally, is more scientifically educated, and is more environmentally balanced.

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