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30 Best Paying Jobs in Energy

The field of green and renewable energy has some of the best-paying jobs in the energy industry. This is a result of governments and organizations switching recently to clean and renewable energy in an effort to cut back on the emission of dangerous gases.

A yearly report on clean energy employment from the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and the International Labour Organization (ILO) revealed that the number of energy jobs is increasing.

Have you been looking for the highest-paid energy jobs but haven’t had any luck yet? Look no further! This article will teach you about occupations in the energy sector, their pay scales, and where to look online for these positions.

What you should understand about jobs in energy

Jobs in the energy sector are employment or labor opportunities that are open to anyone with the necessary training or qualifications.

There are many employers in the energy sector, including those in the oil and gas sector, solar energy sector, manufacturing sector, electricity sector, and many more.

The majority of these occupations offer competitive pay and additional perks, making them desirable and challenging to land.

You must have industry-specific talents in order to have a chance. Some of these abilities might be technical, IT-related, engineering-related, or from other relevant academic disciplines.

There will be advantages and disadvantages associated with the evolution of the energy field. The rise in high-paying positions currently accessible at energy corporations is one advantage.

List of the top 30 best-paying jobs accessible in energy worldwide in 2024


Geoscientists are essential to the energy industry. They are in charge of researching the earth’s physical characteristics and comprehending how various actions affect it.

For instance, geoscientists will probably use their knowledge to locate the best drilling sites to siphon oil and natural gas. They evaluate the ground to make sure it will be stable once work begins in addition to finding the best drilling spots.

Geoscientists typically make $92,000 a year for their expertise. You need to have at least a Bachelor’s degree in geology or a closely related discipline to become one. A Master’s degree can also be used to demonstrate more education to some employers.

Solar Power Plant Operator

Solar power plants aren’t completely self-sufficient, despite popular notions. Most things need numerous operators to keep them operating properly. This position is in high demand because of the rising interest in renewable energy sources!

Technically, a high school graduation is all that is required to work as a solar plant operator. However, the complexity of solar power plants is increasing and altering educational needs. Most employers now demand vocational training and electrical system knowledge.

Operators may make as much as $83,000 a year. Although it’s a filthy profession, individuals who succeed will discover that it’s one of the top-paying occupations in the expanding energy business.

Information Systems Manager

Your responsibility as an information system manager is to handle the technical and software aspects of things. Contrary to other positions on this list, you won’t be concentrating on installing or maintaining energy systems. Instead, it’s your responsibility to maintain the efficiency of computer networks and systems.

Data and technology are vital components of contemporary energy systems. It assists providers in operating more efficiently and reveals chokeholds that need to be strengthened.

Information system managers typically endeavor to uphold security, enhance databases, and more. This kind of job necessitates a Bachelor’s in computer and information systems. However, the work is worthwhile because this is undoubtedly one of the best-paying positions in the energy industry. If you have the necessary credentials, you may make around $146,000 a year. Experienced managers can net more than $200,000 annually!

Land Acquisition Specialist

A Bachelor’s degree is required, at the very least, to become a land acquisition specialist. However, this career does not delve deeply into intricate scientific ideas. The emphasis is on purchasing land so that new energy systems can be developed.

More precisely, those who specialize in land acquisition usually build wind energy projects. They locate suitable land to satisfy energy requirements and create plans to fully utilize the location’s potential.

They also take care of a variety of development-related hassles, including setting permissions, arranging transactions, and more. A land acquisition specialist makes an annual salary of roughly $63,000.

Material Scientist

A material scientist’s main responsibility is to investigate and evaluate the chemical characteristics of various materials. That sounds like a rather ambiguous description, but that’s because these researchers hope to apply their results to create new goods or enhance ones that already exist.

What does that have to do with energy? Material scientists are in high demand due to the growth of renewable energy. They work to enhance semiconductors, composites, solar panels, and other products. The advancement of renewable energy is largely due to material scientists.

A material scientist may expect to make around $97,000 annually. You need to have a bachelor’s degree in order to start working in this well-paying energy field.


A career as a chemist in the energy industry may be ideal for you if you appreciate the complexity of chemistry. A scientist in this industry can expect to make around $70,000 a year on average.

What do they do, though?

For the oil and gas business, chemists create novel lubricants, fuels, and other useful goods. However, this lucrative energy career is significant, especially in light of the shift toward green energy. The creation of novel biofuels that reduce our carbon footprint is being facilitated by chemists.

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Even if a Bachelor’s degree is sufficient to begin the field, most firms in the energy industry favor candidates with Master’s degrees or above.

Architectural Manager

One of the best-paying positions in the energy industry is that of an architectural manager. The annual median salary for this position is almost $144,000. The top earners, though, make more than $200,000 each year!

At the very least, a bachelor’s degree is needed to work in this industry. However, gaining more knowledge and experience can open up more prominent prospects for you.

The ultimate objective of an architectural manager is to create and construct energy-efficient structures. To make sure that facilities use the least amount of resources feasible, they do thorough planning, oversee research, and check technical accuracy. Although it has many facets, the work can have a significant impact.

Agricultural Engineer

Some unusual industries are merging as a result of the rise of biofuels. As an illustration, consider agriculture and energy. Despite appearing to be complete opposites, biofuel is making agricultural engineers an indispensable (and well-paying) profession in the field of energy production.

You must design the most effective farming operation you can for this assignment. The job has many different aspects, but it calls for making use of equipment, materials, buildings, and even environmental advantages to generate more biofuel goods with fewer resources. Efficiency is the key to success.

For this field, a bachelor’s degree is required, and it can earn you an annual salary of roughly $80,700.

Materials Engineer

A material engineer, who should not be confused with a material scientist, develops and enhances materials for use in practical applications. For instance, they are quite knowledgeable about a wide range of materials, including ceramic, plastic, metal, and more. Engineers with a background in material science can develop products that increase the effectiveness of solar panels, homes, vehicles, and other construction-related systems.

This task involves increasing productivity and enhancing the resources we already have. They improve materials and goods!

A material engineer, who should not be confused with a material scientist, develops and enhances materials for use in practical applications. For instance, they are quite knowledgeable about a wide range of materials, including ceramic, plastic, metal, and more. Engineers with a background in material science can develop products that increase the effectiveness of solar panels, homes, vehicles, and other construction-related systems.

This task involves increasing productivity and enhancing the resources we already have. They improve materials and goods!

Chemical Engineer

With an average yearly compensation of $108,000, chemical engineers have one of the most profitable careers in the energy industry. It calls for a Bachelor’s degree in biology, algebra, chemistry, or a related subject. That’s because this position, which involves a lot of science, employs a variety of fields to address common issues.

Although their primary concentration is on fuel and items related to it, their work will demand them to solve problems in a variety of contexts. These engineers typically work to increase the effectiveness of massive industrial facilities, test new methods, and do other things.

Aerospace Engineer

Another employment is added to the energy sector as a result of the rising interest in renewable energy. Typically, aerospace engineers work on satellites, aircraft, and other gravity-defying vehicles. But their knowledge is bringing them into the wind energy sector.

Turbines and other essential systems are currently being designed by aerospace experts. Their comprehension of force, efficiency, resistance, and other concepts is extremely valuable to this industry.

A Bachelor’s degree in engineering or a closely related subject is necessary to become an aerospace engineer. You’ll be rewarded with one of the best-paying jobs in the energy-producing industry. On average, aerospace engineers make $115,000 a year.

Atmospheric Scientist

You need to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in meteorology or a closely related discipline to work as an atmospheric scientist. These researchers are well knowledgeable about the weather and how it affects the environment. Also, they are the ideal candidates to choose the best locations for wind turbines to capture clean energy.

They may also aid in developing effective harnessing systems. Hence, they are an important asset because of their capacity to track, follow, and predict weather patterns. Although there are already some atmospheric scientists employed by the energy industry, this number is anticipated to rise as the use of renewable energy becomes more widespread.

Due to demand and the level of skill needed, this is one of the highest-paying occupations in the energy industry. An atmospheric scientist makes roughly $147,000 a year on average.

Solar Energy Technician

As more people make investments in this type of renewable energy, there will be an increase in the need for solar energy technicians. No longer a specialized market!

Installing, maintaining, and repairing solar energy systems are the responsibilities of a solar energy technician. They can work for private individuals, proprietors of businesses, owners of industrial properties, and more.

You don’t need a graduate degree to work as a solar energy technician, which is fantastic. The majority of technicians undergo training programs and work experience. People who already have trade skills can switch to solar energy with ease, opening up a wide range of job options.

Solar energy professionals make about $72,000 annually on average.

Best paying jobs in energy

Nuclear Technician

To ensure a secure environment, the majority of nuclear technicians work in nuclear power plants. This job makes sure that none of the numerous risks associated with nuclear power damage the local community.

Among your responsibilities as a nuclear technician may be enhancing machine effectiveness and equipment performance monitoring. To make sure that radiation levels remain low, you will also test the water, the air, and the soil.

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An associate’s degree in nuclear science or a related discipline is necessary to become a nuclear technician. Many technicians enroll in vocational training to acquire the skills required for job proficiency. This energy position pays an average annual income of around $82,000.

Civil Engineer

Although there are numerous prospects for vertical advancement, civil engineers typically make $87,000 per year. A Bachelor’s degree is typically needed to be eligible for these positions.

Whenever a new power plant is being constructed, the energy sector largely relies on civil engineers. Huge energy initiatives must be planned and supervised in this position. Engineers oversee projects, keep them going forward, and assist in creating workable plans for the area.

Our power plants wouldn’t be operational without civil engineers. The function is critical and will remain so even as we switch to renewable energy.

Environmental Engineer

A Bachelor’s degree in environmental engineering or a closely related subject like civil, chemical, or general engineering is required. A thorough understanding of engineering fundamentals is necessary for this well-paying energy vocation. If you meet the requirements, the position can pay you an average of $88,000 per year.

What exactly do environmental engineers do then? Typically, they are involved in a variety of energy generation processes. The main objective is to encourage environmental changes and make sure that methods are as environmentally mindful as feasible.

Engineers may be employed in recycling, waste management, public health, and other fields. This work will build greener, safer power plants as they gain in popularity.

Sales Engineer

Sales positions are essential in the energy sector, despite popular belief. It’s not important to be in a retail setting. Instead, sales engineers concentrate on acquiring new business and assisting prospective customers in selecting the best products for their requirements.

For suppliers of renewable energy, many sales engineers are employed. For instance, they might be employed by a business that sells solar energy systems to owners of commercial businesses. Their efforts increase the usage of the product and attract new clients.

Sales engineers typically earn around $104,000 per year. Although there are no strict educational requirements for this well-paying energy position, it would be helpful to have a Bachelor’s degree in a related topic to get your foot in the door.

Best paying jobs in energy

Renewable Energy Consultant

Similar to the previous job is this one. However, advisors for renewable energy put less emphasis on upselling and more on helping clients find the best possible solution. They are well-versed in technology and frequently need a bachelor’s in renewable energy management to be successful.

To create a system that suits their demands, you would work closely with property owners in this position. For homeowners, the task is rather simple. Working with huge commercial premises or energy-intensive industrial complexes, however, makes things more difficult.

The objective is to give clients advice on energy-saving measures and prospective improvements to their current setup. Renewable energy consultants have one of the highest salaries in the energy industry, with an average yearly salary of $88,000.

Financial Analyst

Almost any industry can employ financial analysts. A bachelor’s degree is required to start this career. However, a Master’s degree and a ton of job experience are preferred by many employers.

A financial analyst sorts through data to assist businesses in making choices and creating plans that boost their bottom line. From a business perspective, this position is essential, and analysts are well compensated for their efforts. Analysts make an average of $81,000 a year, although the highest paid might make up to $150,000.

Financial analysts are even more crucial in that industry because renewable energy is still in its early stages. Their efforts guarantee that these green businesses can continue to advance their policies.

Solar Project Manager

All around the nation, solar projects are sprouting up, and they all want a leader. All the smaller elements fall within the purview of a solar project manager.

Although they may not directly assist in the installation of solar systems, their managerial abilities guarantee that everything goes off without a hitch. As the project manager, you would schedule each step, acquire the required work permits to complete them and handle all project-related paperwork.

Additionally, managers work closely with teams of engineers, lawyers, and financial analysts. It’s one of the best-paying jobs, but it can also be demanding at times. The average yearly income for solar project managers is $84,000. Although advanced degrees are not required, most managers do.

Best paying jobs in energy

Software Developer

Consider working as a software developer if you have a degree in computer science and want to join the expanding green energy movement. Again, there is a ton of availability for this position across various industries, but the energy industry has a significant demand for them.

The smooth operation of solar energy production depends on software. It’s a technologically advanced field that requires excellent software to thrive. You fill that role, of course!

Depending on the requirements of the business, developers may work on a variety of projects. But typically, it’s management and monitoring software.

Although the average salary for software developers is roughly $80,000 per year, it is competitive.

Petroleum Engineer

One of the top paying jobs in the energy sector is petroleum engineering. With merely a Bachelor’s degree, they can earn about $137,000 annually.

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But what do they actually do?

The globe still depends on petroleum products notwithstanding the gradual transition to alternative energy. An engineer develops extraction techniques that are effective, safe, and economical. Finding and utilizing oil resources as efficiently as they can is their aim.

This position offers a lot of flexibility. Some petroleum engineers operate only in offices. Others, however, regularly travel or work abroad to keep an eye on oil production and processing activities.

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Wind Turbine Service Technician

Searching for a lengthy degree-free career in the energy sector that pays well? Think about working as a wind turbine technician. You must complete training classes and on-the-job training for this trade position.

Although many technicians enter this trade school employment without debt, the income is just about $55,000 per year. There is a lot more financial potential than most people realize when those factors are combined with chances for development and job advancement.

Technicians who operate with wind-generating machinery are known as wind turbine service technicians. To keep everything functioning well, they maintain turbines and all of their individual parts.

Best paying jobs in energy

Power Plant Operator

The systems that create and distribute energy are serviced and maintained by a power plant operator. That’s a general description once more. There are many different kinds of power plant operators, and their daily activities will vary depending on the setting.

Nevertheless, maintaining the flow of energy is the ultimate objective. It is the operator’s responsibility to maintain equipment, deal with problems when they arise, and take preventative measures to keep difficulties from happening in the first place, whether they are at a nuclear power plant or a solar farm.

A degree is not required to work as a power plant operator. It is still one of the best-paying energy jobs and just requires a high school diploma and some on-the-job training. Operator salaries average $86,000 annually.

Wind Farm Site Manager

Wind farms are enormous and typically run numerous turbines to capture energy. Farms require a lot of work to remain running 24/7. The finer aspects are all handled by managers.

They are in charge of the entire staff tasked with maintaining the equipment at the wind farm. Although tasks might vary greatly, the position calls for exceptional leadership abilities. To keep your staff productive, you must have experience and a thorough understanding of the equipment you are trying to maintain.

Site managers for wind farms often need a bachelor’s degree and some business management experience. These managers make about $105,000 a year for their work. This easily makes it one of the best-paying renewable energy occupations available.

Civil Engineering

Estimated Salary: $86,640 per year.

Indeed Jobs: Available Civil engineering Jobs

A certain amount of formal education and an awareness of specific principles are required for engineering. In the construction, power, and electricity industries, civil engineers are in high demand. Jobs in this industry may be a suitable fit for you if you have a degree in a comparable engineering field.

 Solar Project Developer

Estimated Salary: $84,130 per year.

Indeed Jobs: Available Solar Project Developer jobs.

The preferred energy source worldwide is gradually shifting toward solar energy and other renewable energy sources.

Numerous new jobs have been created in the solar industry as a result of this progress. To ensure that the company’s solar projects are properly managed, solar developers are responsible for managing the engineers and project analysts.

Best paying jobs in energy

Scientific Researcher

Estimated Salary: $77,173 per year.

Indeed JobsAvailable Scientific Researcher Jobs.

If you excel in research, this can be an excellent chance for you to advance your career. Candidates with degrees in chemical engineering, physical sciences, or geophysics are eligible for this position. Before you can be employed as a scientific researcher, you may need to obtain a Ph.D. or master’s degree in a discipline that is connected to the research.

 Solar Energy Technician

Estimated Salary: $72,000 per year.

Indeed Jobs: Available Solar Energy Technician Jobs.

Solar industry technicians are in charge of installing, maintaining, and fixing solar equipment in homes and businesses. Without a degree, it is still feasible to get into this profession, but you must possess the requisite skills.

Environmental Engineering Technician

Estimated Salary: $50,560 per year.

Indeed Jobs: Available Environmental Engineering Technician Jobs

is one of the highest paying positions in the energy sector globally, offering a respectable $50, 560 annually. There may be a rise in the demand for environmental technologists as this energy industry is predicted to grow quickly.

Energy engineers and environmental technicians collaborate to provide an analysis of the energy use of buildings and other environmental-related operations.

Conclusion-best paying jobs in energy

Are you planning to work in the energy sector or aiming to earn a degree that will help you land the finest energy jobs?

Then you might want to think about enrolling in low-cost online universities. Practically every industry requires energy, and having an understanding of any of its constituent pieces could help you succeed. Pick the strategy that suits you the best, and aim high.

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