Best 20 Cash Advance Apps That Will Always Pay You Till Payday

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Do you need money before payday? Low costs, same-day transfers, overdraft protection, financial planning tools, and borrowing amounts of $250 or more are all features of the top cash advance apps.

With the help of our research associates and top experts in finance, we have been able to list out the best performing cash advance apps including cash advance apps like Dave that work with Chime and MoneyLion.

You are equally in the right place if you are looking for cash advance apps no credit check, unemployment cash advance apps, or borrow money apps.

What is a Cash Advance App?

You can deposit money you’ve already earned into your checking account before payday using cash advance apps. These applications typically don’t charge interest on the loans and just charge a small fee. These cost less than payday loans or even credit cards, even with the upfront fees.

The cash advance apps might provide a tool for persons experiencing cash flow issues to end the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck.

Factors You Should Consider While Choosing Payday Cash Advance Apps

Capacity for Repayment

Make sure you have the money you require and the means to repay the fast loan before applying. Instead of taking out a loan, use your savings, sell your investment, or ask friends and family for a loan. Make sure you have the money to pay back any short-term loans you decide to take out in the months to come. Instant loans may be a trap if they have high-interest rates.

Interest Rate

Depending on the service you use, fast loan interest rates might range from 12.5 percent to 72.5 percent annually. If you don’t pay, the interest will apply to your bill at a very high rate. Look for low-interest short-term loans.

Loan App Scores

The app’s ratings and reviews can tell you a lot about the experiences of its existing users. Compared to the most popular loan apps, they offer a better user experience, application procedure, and loan management capabilities.

Processing Charges & Additional Fees

Processing fees for immediate loans range from 1 percent to 6 percent of the loan amount. When using cash advance Apps, the processing cost or other fees, including sign-up or service fees, should be minimized.

Period of Repayment

There are 60 days to 5 years worth of repayment arrangements. Few apps provide a brief pay period that is simple to manage because of big repayment quantities. The duration of your payback period shouldn’t impact your monthly spending plan.

20 Best Cash Advance Apps That Will Always Pay You Till Payday

1. Earnin

Earnin is a cash advance app that allows you to earn money on the same day by using your upcoming paycheck as collateral. On payday, they immediately debit the amount borrowed from your bank account.

To utilize the app, you must have a direct deposit to a checking account set up through your company, and you must either work at the same place every day or use online timesheets to monitor your hours.

After taxes and other deductions, your hourly wage should be at least $4. Earnin’s assessment, however, does not consider unemployment, supplemental security income, or disability benefits. Earnin uses payroll data from a single employer and your work schedule to calculate your take-home earnings.


  • There is no interest.
  • The size of your “tip” is entirely up to you.
  • With this tool, you can avoid overdrafts.
  • They reward customers with a cash-back incentive.
  • There is no need to do a credit check.


  • The bulk of potential buyers cannot reach the platform.

2. Dave

Dave can help you avoid paying excessive overdraft costs. When you link your bank account to Dave, the app will check for imminent overdrafts. You’ll be able to move money around to avoid an overdraft charge thanks to Dave’s warning.

Dave will be able to predict when you will get paid and when your automatic bill payments are set using information from your checking account.

If you don’t have enough money, Dave can lend you a modest amount, and you’ll be expected to repay the loan as soon as you deposit your next salary.


  • By preventing overdraft costs, it aids in the avoidance of them.
  • Make a financial plan that is unique to you.
  • Dave’s Side Hustle service can help you locate extra work.
  • Someone can make manual payments or pay automatically.
  • There are no late fees.


  • You can borrow only a maximum of $100.

3. Brigit

Getting cash advances in between paychecks is one of Brigit’s strengths. To work with Brigit, you must have a checking account that has been open for at least 60 days. The checking account must also have a good balance and a record of at least three direct deposits from your job.

Once your account is set up, you will be able to request a cash advance on your next paycheck. You may be qualified for a $250 cash advance based on your earnings.

When you’re on the verge of overdrawing your account, you can use Brigit to receive a short-term loan deposited into your account. Brigit, like Dave, can also help you find a side venture to augment your income when you’re in need.

Although Brigit’s basic membership is free, it does not provide you access to all of the site’s features. For $9.99 each month, you can apply for cash advances whenever and wherever you need them with Brigit Plus.

All these features make it one of the best cash advance Apps.

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  • Overdraft protection is automatically activated.
  • Keep track of your spending.
  • There is a service for credit monitoring available.
  • Extending the repayment deadline is simple.


  • There is no support for pay schedules that aren’t consistent.

4. MoneyLion

MoneyLion is one the popular cash advance App that offers a fixed APR of 5.99 percent and a one-year loan term for $500. It is equally one of the best unemployment cash advance Apps as people with bad credit might acquire a 5.99 percent APR if an investment or savings account secures the loan.

Keep in mind that MoneyLion‘s loans are only available to Plus members. You’ll get a no-fee checking account, free investing, and 0% APR cash advances in exchange for just $29 a month. Your subscription also includes credit monitoring and fee-free access to 55,000 ATMs. Lincoln Savings Bank, which is FDIC-insured up to $250,000 holds MoneyLion funds.


  • Cryptocurrency’s features and benefits
  • Fully integrated digital personal financial services
  • There are no account minimums, and the few fees that are imposed are quite reasonable.
  • Portfolios of investments that can be tailored
  • Cash advances with no interest and credit builder loans are both useful services.


There is no personal or professional financial planner on staff.

 5. Klover

Klover is a subscription-based cash advance app. It’s designed for people who have a steady source of income and only require minor loans of up to $100 every pay period, with the option to extend this to $130 by participating in extra activities such as surveys.

Its expedited processing, though, costs up to $9.99, which is more than comparable applications like Dave or Brigit — thus it’s great for folks looking for minor advances who don’t need quick transfers.


  • Option to boost your cash advance
  • A privacy policy that is clearly explained
  • You can cancel and erase your data at any moment.


  • Low limit of $100 every pay period and maybe much less than that
  • Monthly membership charge of $2.49 per month Optional Klover+ fee of $2.49 per month
  • Fees for expedited transfers can be as high as $9.99.

6. B9

B9 is one of the instant cash advance Apps that provide you up to 100% of your next paycheck as soon as 15 days before it’s due. There is no charge for getting your paycheck early, and you are not required to tip when you request an advance – but you must first establish your income and payment history with B9 before receiving a complete advance.

B9 charges the same $9.99 monthly membership price as Brigit, but it allows you to access more of your income sooner, making it a better bargain for some.


  • Receive up to 100% of your salary
  • 15 days prior to payday, advances are available
  • No payment or tip is necessary for advances


  • Monthly membership price of $9.99
  • Not every borrower will be eligible for the full advance.
  • Your direct deposit history and spending patterns are used to determine any advances.

7. Vola Finance

The basic user plan of Vola costs $2.99. You don’t need to work regular hours to obtain a Vola advance, unlike other applications that demand a work schedule.

You may be eligible for an advance of up to $300 at a time if you keep an average account balance over $150 and make deposits into the account. Vola offers cash advances as well as financial monitoring services to assist you in steering clear of overdraft costs.


  • Financial management tools
  • No mandatory regular working hours
  • Low account balance notifications


  • The benefits of various membership grades are unclear.
  • The required average balance of at least $150.
  • They only permit advances of up to $300.

8. Even

Through its Instapay feature, the budgeting app Even also provides a free advance on previously earned income. The premium service Even Plus, which costs $8 per month, includes Instapay.

Even allows you to access up to 50% of your earned income, but you must work for a qualifying employer to use it. Reminding you of forthcoming bills and how much money you’ll need for them, also aids in budget adherence.


  • keeps you on top of your bills
  • allows you to access up to 50% of your salary
  • At US Walmarts, same-day funding is available.


  • only accessible through specific employers
  • Advances are only allowed for wages you have previously received
  • $8 monthly Plus membership required.

9 Chime SpotMe

Chime SpotMe is a no-fee service provided by Chime that gives up to $200 in overdraft protection for your Chime Checking account. You must have made $200 in qualifying direct deposits into a Chime checking account in the previous 34 days to be eligible for an advance.

Limits start at $20, but with consistent deposits and good account history, this limit can be raised to $200. You can get your paycheck up to two days early if you receive it via direct deposit to your Chime Checking Account.

There are many other cash advance apps that work with Chime that can’t work alone.


  • There are no fees or tipping requirements.
  • Cash advances are available two days before payday with a low monthly direct deposit minimum of $200.


  • Overdraft limitations begin at $20 and rise to $200.
  • To utilize it, you must have a Chime Checking account and a debit card.
  • An overdraft covers only debit card purchases and ATM withdrawals.

10. Wealthfront Cash Account

Wealthfront is one of the most effective robo-advisors available. The app, on the other hand, provides financial services, including a cash account. One of the best aspects of this account is the ability to set up a direct deposit and receive your funds a little sooner.

Depending on your payroll provider, you could get your money up to two days earlier than usual. If you’re having trouble making a payment on time, collecting the money sooner can save you a lot of money in the long run.

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  • Every investor can benefit from detailed, free financial planning tools.
  • Features for setting detailed goals for significant purchases (including buying a home)
  • Investing that is automated and based on risk tolerance (hands-off)
  • ETFs with low management fees and low costs
  • Taking advantage of tax losses
  • Rebalancing is done automatically.


  • Customization is not possible for portfolios under $100,000.
  • Human financial counselors are not available.

11. Empower

Empower provides up to $250 in cash advances with no interest or late fees.

You can get up to 10% cashback* on debit purchases at qualified businesses when you sign up for an Empower Card, as well as free unrestricted access to over 37,000 ATMs around the country. You’ll also get your money up to two days earlier if you deposit your paycheck to the Empower Card.

You can also acquire advances up to $250 for folks who require the flexibility of getting rapid cash advances. Empower has many positive reviews that earned it a place on the list of best cash advance Apps in the world.


  • Early payroll and a cash advance
  • Budgeting and strong categories
  • External accounts are simple to link.
  • Get up to 10% cashback on your purchases.


  • The monthly charge is quite high.
  • Critical banking features such as cash and mobile check deposits are unavailable.

12. Axos Bank Direct Deposit Express

Direct Deposit Express is a service that comes standard with the Axos Bank Essential Checking Account. You can get your money up to two days before your paycheck is deposited if you use Direct Deposit Express.

You don’t have to worry about monthly maintenance fees or minimum balance requirements because you have access to your own money. Plus, because this account has no overdraft, you won’t have to worry about those costs.


  • Reimbursement of ATM Fees in Full-Service Banking
  • Monthly Fees are Reduced


  • There are no physical branches.
  • CD Rates on Average
  • Lower Interest Rates on Savings

14. DailyPay

Rather than focusing on consumers, DailyPay’s marketing strategy begins with employers. The app, on the other hand, works in a similar way to Earnin. Employees establish a work-life balance with each hour they put in. They can then use that sum to get cash before payday if they need it.

DailyPay deposits the funds into a bank account, and the amount previously withdrawn is deducted from the paycheck on payday. However, when you transfer money from your hours-worked balance to your bank account, DailyPay levies a fee. Nonetheless, each transfer costs only $1.25.


  • You will receive 100% of your earned income.
  • It is not necessary to have a Social Security number.
  • Savings are automated.


  • Working for a Dailypay partner is mandatory.
  • Negative feedback from customers
  • Customer service is difficult to reach.

15. PayActiv

PayActiv users can get aid with financial advice in addition to receiving earned money before payday. The app offers a platform that allows users to do more than just receive a payday loan, it also allows them to pay their bills and get prescription savings.

PayActiv even comes with a debit card, so you can get your money quickly and simply while still being protected from fraud. Users can utilize the service for free if they set up a direct deposit to the card, or they can pay a $1 per day cost.


  • There is no need for a bank account.
  • Financing is available immediately.
  • Employees who are paid on a salary and those who are paid on an hourly basis are both eligible.


  • Options are limited.
  • Instant funding requires a Payactiv card and may incur program fees of up to $5 each pay period if your employer is not participating in Payactiv.

16. FlexWage

FlexWage, like the other cash advance Apps listed, enables employees to access their earned money whenever they want. Employee financial stress is one of the reasons why these cash lending apps are becoming more popular. Employers also don’t have to deal with the headaches that come with payroll advances in terms of administration.

For employees who receive paper checks, FlexWage also offers reloadable payroll debit cards. This can be beneficial for workers who do not have access to a bank account and are unable to accept direct deposits.

There are certain expenses, such as $5 for on-demand income transfer and fees for using a debit card, but it’s significantly less expensive than payday loans.


  • Offers immediate access to tips, commissions, and bonuses
  • Instant funding for everyone
  • Customer service line


  • Must transfer funds to FlexWage card
  • Not transparent about fees
  • Inactivity fee if you stop using the card for six months

16. Floatme

Floatme is a personal finance cash advance App like Dave that allows you to request and receive money instantly anytime you need it.

The service is designed exclusively for millennials that allow users to request and receive cash loans of up to $50 without incurring overdraft fees.

To qualify for advances, you must subscribe to the platform for $1.99 per month, which is significantly less expensive than Dave’s $1 membership charge. The platform offers a 30-day trial period so you can try out the service before fully committing.

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  • There will be no credit check.
  • There is no interest or advice.
  • Free trial for 30 days
  • Alerts for overdrafts and automated savings


  • There will be no extensions to the deadline.
  • Doesn’t help your credit score
  • A low maximum advance of $50 is available.
  • On the webpage, there is no contact information.

17. Affirm

Instead of providing you with a cash advance as Dave does, Affirm provides you with a virtual credit card filled with the amount you requested that you may use to make purchases and pay payments.

It also assists you in planning payback based on your spending patterns and your work schedule. All you have to do now is choose the one that best suits your needs and begin enjoying your cash advance.


  • Financing with no interest is available.
  • There are no charges.
  • Pre-qualification is available.


  • It’s possible that you’ll get a hefty interest rate.
  • The three credit bureaus are not informed about on-time payments.
  • Not all merchants carry it.


18. Branch

Branch is one of the most popular cash advance apps like Dave. Employees can use the service to have faster access to their income, keep track of payments and balances, receive regular spending reports, and get alerts about incoming obligations.

Employers with a large number of underbanked or unbanked employees will benefit from this fintech platform. It gives users a free digital account as well as a debit card to use for transactions.

Depending on how many hours you work and how much you earn, Branch allows you to withdraw up to $500 in advance per pay cycle and $150 per day. The hitch is that your company will need to create a Branch account as well.

Branch is equally among the cash advance apps that work with Chime as predicted by analysts.


  • There are no membership fees or interest charges.
  • For $2.99 to $4.99, same-day funding is possible.
  • You can take out up to $500 per pay period.
  • Platform to manage your work schedule and finances with the option to transfer cash advances to a Branch debit card


  • Approval for cash advances takes two months.
  • Amount of money dependent on your pay and spending habits
  • Cash advances with a three-day turnaround and a no-fee option
  • On the website, there is very little information regarding the service.
  • Employees at companies that do not already offer benefits are placed on a waiting list. Pay by Branch

19. Varo

Varo is a sophisticated digital banking service that allows you to get cash advances before your next salary arrives, so you don’t have to deal with regular bank delays.

You’ll be able to take any amount you choose from your earned pay ahead of time once you set up a direct deposit on your Varo account.

Varo’s pay advancements are also interest-free, exactly like Dave’s advances. There are no transfer fees, foreign transaction fees, or minimum balance requirements.


  • There are no monthly costs.
  • Savings with a high annual percentage yield, or APY.
  • Payday is early with direct deposit. (For more information from Varo, see below.)
  • Varo Advance allows you to get a quick cash loan of up to $100.


  • Cash deposit limits and fees.
  • To be eligible for the greatest savings rate, you must meet certain criteria.
  • The amount of money that can be sent out of the country is limited to $10,000 every month.

20. SoFi Money

SoFi Money is the next app on our list of instant cash advance apps. The app provides you early access to your paycheck before it is scheduled to be deposited into your account.

SoFi, like Dave, does not levy fees for overdrafts or low balances. It even covers inadvertent overdrafts of up to $50 for free, so you don’t have to pay a fee.

Unlike Dave, though, the app offers no monthly fees. If you have a SoFi Money card, you can use it to withdraw cash from over 55,000 ATMs across the country without paying a fee.


  • The interest rate is rather high.
  • There are no monthly fees or overdraft fees.
  • Access to over 55,000 Allpoint ATMs without charge.
  • Direct deposit two days ahead of schedule.


  • Cash deposits are only possible through third-party retailers and cost up to $4.95.

In Conclusion

Many cash advance Apps, such as Dave, Chime provide financial aid in the form of cash advances when you’re in need. You simply need to look over their options and choose the one that best suits your demands.

Despite the fact that this list reflects the best cash advance Apps available today, we’d have to award the edge to MoneyLion. It provides advances of up to $250, with the possibility of receiving more if you join up for additional services.

MoneyLion is likewise free of interest and has no monthly, maintenance, or transfer costs. On top of that, it offers enticing cashback benefits on select purchases. It is considered one of the best unemployment benefit cash advance apps.

Nonetheless, there are so many borrowing money apps in the market available for both employed and unemployed in the market. The list above presents many options you can choose from.

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