How to Get the Best Apple Student Discount and Lots More

The Apple Student Discount allows students, parents of students, and those who work in educational institutions to save money on Apple products. It could be a Mac, MacBook, or iPad purchase. Apple’s Education Store even offers an Apple Music student discount. Apple is about to release a game-changer in the field of education. To that end, it has its own educational store, which offers substantial discounts on Mac computers and iPad tablets.

Most Apple customers are either unaware of the Education store or believe that the discount does not apply to them. However, this is a mistake because Apple extensively promotes the educational network, and there is a good chance of qualifying. In this article, we will be discussing how to get the best Apple student discount 2023 and the iPad pro student discount.

Is there an Apple Student Discount?

Current or newly accepted college students, parents of students, faculty, staff, and home school teachers of all grade levels are all eligible for Apple student discounts. Students, teachers, and students’ parents can save up to $400 on an iMac Pro desktop, $200 on MacBook laptops, $100 on select iPads, and extended trials and discounts on student music and Apple TV + with the education discount. 

You’ll also get AirPods and a 20% discount on AppleCare+ when you buy Mac and iPad models with education pricing. 

Who Is Eligible For An Education Discount From Apple?

Apple Education Discounts are available to current and newly accepted college students and their parents, faculty, staff, and homeschool teachers of all grade levels. You are eligible if you are enrolled in post-secondary education or have been accepted to a post-secondary institution. (The term “post-secondary” refers to university or any other type of formal education that occurs after high school.) As a result, sixth-form colleges are excluded (though it’s worth asking at an Apple store to see if the company is willing to bend the rules).

When shopping for themselves, parents of students are not eligible, but they can purchase a discounted Mac for their son or daughter at the education store. This is only available to parents of post-secondary students. Anyone who works in an educational setting is also eligible for an Apple computer discount. It applies to administrative and other employees as well as teachers and professors. 

Anyone who works in a school, college, or university falls into this category. (This isn’t limited to colleges and universities.) “Any educational institution,” according to Apple). Let’s take a closer look at those Apple terms and conditions: “The following individuals are eligible to purchase from the Apple Store for Education: teachers, staff, students, and parents:

  • The discounts are available to anyone who currently works in a public or private K-12 school. Homeschool teachers, as well as currently serving school board members who were elected or appointed to their positions, are also eligible. Executives of the PTA or PTO who are currently serving and were elected or appointed are also eligible for the deals.
  • The discounts are available to anyone who works at a higher education institution or who is enrolled in or has been accepted into the higher education system.
  • If their children are currently enrolled or have been accepted into a public or private Higher Education institution, parents can receive discounts when purchasing devices for their children.

Who Can Purchase from the Apple Education Store?

Fortunately for customers, Apple deliberately keeps the Apple promo code student eligibility broad. The following people fall into the Apple for Students category:

  • Parents who homeschool their children, PTA or PTO executives, and school board members are all examples of employees who work in K–12 schools.
  • College and university faculty and staff, as well as students
  • Apple products can be purchased by parents for their children who are enrolled in any higher education institution.

Essentially, Apple for Students is for anyone associated with schools, colleges, and universities, not just students. This policy only applies to citizens of the United States. Other countries’ eligibility requirements may differ. What kind of proof of Apple Student Discount do you need to buy something? Nothing. 

Seriously, Apple has decided to operate on the honor system, reserving the right to audit random Apple Student Discount transactions at any time. However, if you try to cheat the system and are caught, Apple will most likely charge you an additional fee on top of the price difference.

What Is The Procedure For Obtaining An Apple Student Discount?

There are essentially two options for purchasing Apple products with the Apple Student Discount: Apple’s own website and UNiDAYS. As previously stated, finding Apple education pricing on the company’s website is simple but a little confusing. Scroll to the bottom of the page, select Shop for College, and make sure the Education Store Home bar is visible at the top.

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Because Apple does not display the original price of the products, determining whether you are purchasing a discounted item can be difficult. First, keep in mind that the Apple college discount is only valid for iPads and MacBooks. So getting a student discount on a new MacBook Air shouldn’t be a problem. Simply open Apple’s regular store in a different tab and double-check that there is a price difference.

In addition to discounts, Apple occasionally offers special offers. For example, they might give away Beats headphones for free with a laptop purchase or offer a 10% to 20% discount on AppleCare. Another way to get an Apple Student Discount is through UNiDAYS, which many students are already familiar with. 

UNiDAYS is a free, student-only deal portal that offers hundreds of discounts on everything from Nike to Ray-Ban to Apple.

How does it work?

  1. Create a new account on and enter your student information.
  2. Use the website or the mobile app to find exclusive deals (Apple is in the Tech category)
  3. When you find a deal you like, click “Get Now.”
  4. After that, UNiDAYS will generate an Apple promo code for students to use.
  5. Return to Apple’s website and place an order for a MacBook or iPad.
  6. During checkout, use the Apple education discount. Done!

There’s good news: Apple isn’t the only company that offers educational discounts. As a result, you can get a lot more with minimal extra effort.

What kind of discount will I get if I buy something from the Apple Store for Education?

Apple does not provide a one-time discount to the general public. For each product category, different rates are set. There are currently no special discounts available for any Apple products other than Mac computers (iMac, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac mini) and iPads.

1. Mac Student Discounts

You can save hundreds of dollars when you buy a MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, or iMac with Retina 5K display with AppleCare from Apple Education Store UK or American Education Store.

2. iPad Student Discounts

The Education UK store also offers a small discount on iPads, ranging from £20 to £50 depending on the model. At the Apple UK educational store, you can look at prices in greater detail. The iPad savings in the US Education Store are also quite small, ranging from $50 to $100. Take a closer look at Apple’s Education Store in the United States.

If you’re considering purchasing an iPad for college or university, check out the Best iPad for Students. There are no discounts available on the iPhone, Apple TV, Apple Watch, and their accessories or software.

Pricing for Apple Education

Apple Education pricing is available to all grade levels of faculty, staff, homeschool teachers, and current and newly accepted college students and their parents. This education pricing allows you to get a discount on specific Apple products. It also makes the payment process easier by allowing installment payments.

What Can I Do With the Apple Music Student Discount?

You can get all of the benefits of an individual Apple Music subscription for about half the price with the Apple Music student discount. You’ll have access to over 70 million songs to stream, including songs from your own iTunes library, and access across all of your devices, offline listening, and more. Apple TV+, the company’s streaming service with original content, is also available.

How Do I Sign Up For An Apple Music Student Discount?

The Apple Student Membership System offers a 50% Apple Music student discount for full-time educational enrollment. (You can still get three months of free music streaming after the trial period ends, but students will pay less after that.) The monthly cost of an Apple Music membership in the UK is reduced from £9.99/$9.99 to £4.99/$4.99 with this discount. However, Ireland, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, and Denmark have similar schemes that offer half the usual price.

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You must show proof of enrollment at an eligible university or college to be eligible for the Apple student discount. The Student Membership tier, which joins Individual Membership (£9.99/$9.99 per month) and Family Membership (£14.99/$14.99), is Apple’s third membership tier available to UK customers. For more information and to sign up, go to Apple’s website.

How to Get an Apple Music Student Discount on Membership

If you’re a student, tap where it says “Are you a University student?” on your iPhone or iPad. You’ll be directed to the verification system, where you’ll be given a discounted subscription rate if your college or university qualifies. That’s all there is to it – enjoy your Apple products at a reduced price! If you’re not sure which Mac you need, check out this list of the best Macs for students.

Is There Any Other Way To Get an Apple Student Discount?

When you trade in your old Mac or tablet, Apple will give you credit on an Apple Store Gift Card, which is yet another way to save money. This deal includes devices from third-party manufacturers as well. This credit can then be applied to a new device, potentially saving you a significant amount of money. Computers from Apple, HP, Lenovo, and other manufacturers can be traded in. 

You could get up to $1,400 in credit depending on your device’s make, model, and condition. The Apple GiveBack website has more information for students in the United States. Students in the United Kingdom can take advantage of similar trade-in opportunities. The amount you receive depends on your computer’s make, model, and condition, but you could get up to £900 by trading it in.

Students in Australia can get up to AU$650 in trade-in value for their devices, depending on the device’s make, model, and condition. If you want to save money on your next Mac purchase, start by going to the UK Apple GiveBack website.

The Importance of Getting an Apple Student Discount 

There are several reasons why giving an Apple Student Discount is important. For example, Apple, a Fortune 500 company, replaced Dell as the leading choice for laptops purchased by teenagers in just a few years, despite their products being more expensive. This was largely due to Apple’s smart student discount program for college students. This allowed them to gain market share among a “hard-to-reach” demographic.

Apple easily reached college students in a few years and earned their loyalty for as long as they used the device. Other important reasons for providing an Apple student discount include:

1. A way for companies to give back to the community

It’s not easy being a freshman in college. It’s no secret that college students require all of the assistance they can get to graduate. Many students in the United States are in insurmountable debt. According to a recent study, college students in the United States owe over $1.6 trillion in total debt. Following more surveys, it was discovered that each college student borrows nearly $30,000 throughout their college career. Discounts for students are a must-have.

2. The Future Consumers

Students will be the future’s highest earners and business decision-makers. Working-age graduates earned an average of $34,000 per year in 2018, compared to $24,000 for non-graduates. Students are the future’s consumers, and they require an Apple student discount.

3. It’s now or never.

Students in their late teens and early twenties are a valuable market because they make purchasing decisions that will impact their brand loyalty. They will make their first purchases in certain categories and open new accounts with service providers. With an exclusive marketing promotion, you can win over a student and keep them as a customer for decades.

85 percent of students say their university experience with a brand will likely influence where they shop or what they buy in the future. 83 percent of students say they are more likely to shop at a store that offers a student discount. This means that offering a student discount can help your company stand out from the crowd in the student market.

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4. There are fewer commitments

The average student has no adult obligations, such as children or a mortgage, which allows them to spend money on fun activities. They spend an average of 21% of their monthly income on outings and socializing and 20% on clothing.

5. Range of ages 

The majority of today’s undergraduate students are members of Gen Z, a generation that lives and breathes social media, spending up to 11 hours per day on it. Students frequently use WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger to inform their friends about their favorite brands and recent purchases.


In response to this technological shift, companies like Apple offer timely incentives for purchasing their latest products. Thanks to these Apple student discounts, educators and students will no longer have to make do with an out-of-date laptop. They can finally use more powerful tools to get through their schoolwork, increasing their productivity and freeing up time to work on other things on their to-do list. 

The Apple student discount is a fantastic way for students to take advantage of cutting-edge technology without breaking the bank. Because you’re a student, you may be eligible for an Apple education discount, which could save you hundreds of dollars on new MacBooks and iPads.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there a student discount available at Apple?

If you’re a student, Unidays can help you save money on Apple products like MacBooks and iPads, or you can take advantage of Apple Tutorials directly from Apple. College students, teachers, and even home school teachers can get an education discount.

What are the requirements for students to be eligible for an Apple education discount?

Apple began requiring verification for the education discount in late 2021. For verification by UNiDAYS, current students provided a student ID that included their name, school name, current school year dates, and a photo of themselves. Following complaints about glitches in the verification process, Apple rolled back the requirement in early 2022, so check the Apple education site for the most up-to-date requirements.

Is there a limit to the amount of money you can save with Apple’s educational discounts?

Customers can only purchase one product per category per year from the Apple Education Store. You can only buy one iPad at the education rate, not two. However, as long as the devices are in different product categories, you can buy an iPad, a Mac, an iPod, or any other combination of devices.

Is it true that Apple still gives away free Beats?

The student and/or teacher will receive a pair of Beats Studio3 wireless headphones once they have made their purchase. Upgrades are also available for teachers and staff.

What does Apple’s student discount entail?

Students get a 7-10% discount on Macs and iPads. Buy your college and university essentials at student prices by specifying Macs, Macbook Pros, and iPads.

Is Apple able to tell if you’re a student?

If you meet the criteria, go to the Apple For Education website to see what current offers are available to students and employees. Choose your preferred device (such as MacBooks, iMacs, and iPads), and then use Unidays to check the student’s or employee’s current status.

What is the cost of Apple’s student discount?

Students, school staff, and students’ parents can save a total of $400 on Macs, $50 on select iPads, 5-10% on accessories, 50% on Apple Music, and 20% on AppleCare+ device protection with the education discount.

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