How Much Is Apple Software Engineer Salary?

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Are you a frightened thinker? Do you enjoy the challenge of developing a widely-accepted technology? As part of Wireless Software, a Wireless Software group, you will be the one to bring revolutionary wireless connectivity to the globe via WiFi, Cellular, Bluetooth, GPS, and many others. You will develop, design, and patent the future generation of our state of modern connectivity technology. The team will collaborate with departments to develop wireless solutions that enhance customers’ experience using Apple devices and products. We aim to ensure no obstacle to our users’ connectivity to their devices.

If you are a part of us, you will be a part of the development of world-class wireless systems that are so smooth that they appear as if they were made of magic. Apple seeks individuals enthusiastic about joining the Apple engineering team in Cupertino as Backend Developers. This team will be responsible for delivering applications and services that improve teams’ efficiency within Apple. Are you looking to transform the world? We are here to assist you in helping us to grow.

Key Qualifications

  • Experience in a team of professional software developers developing highly scalable, distributed systems
  • In-depth experience building web services, microservice architecture
  • Experience in the design of REST APIs and implementation
  • Strong in one or more languages (Python/Javascript/Java/Golang)
  • A good understanding of the entire stack development
  • Experience with non-relational NoSQL databases and data-storage systems (Cassandra, Elastic, Postgres objects stores)
  • Connection to Apache Kafka as well as Apache Spark
  • Ability to tackle multi-faceted, multi-functional, and multi-functional projects
  • Collaboration skills that allow for effective collaboration with teams in various locations


All facets of software development, from design and analysis through development, implementation, and maintenance, will fall within your purview. You are a dedicated and diligent person. Also being a valuable component of a team that implements new product features, enhances current product features, and adds performance and software quality metrics to our codebase as a backend software engineer. You will collaborate closely with management, quality assurance, and other engineering teams.

Education & Experience

a B.S. in computer science, an M.S. in computer science, or comparable experience

Additional Requirements

creating web services and understanding micro-service architecture

Knowledge of numerous data-storage technologies, including Cassandra, Elastic, Postgres, Foundation DB, and object stores, as well as non-relational, NoSQL databases

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Apple Software Engineer Salary

The median annual salary of an Apple Software Engineer in the United States is $107,283 a year.

If you require a basic salary calculator, it amounts to roughly $51.58 for an hour. It’s equivalent to $2,063/week, or $8,940/month.

Although has seen annual salaries that can reach $178,000 or just $24,000, The majority of Apple Software Engineer salaries currently are between $78,500 (25th percentile) to $135,500 (75th percentile), with the highest earners (90th percentile) earn $161,000 a year throughout all of the United States. The Apple Software Engineer’s median pay varies greatly (up to $57,000). This suggests many possibilities to advance and earn more depending on your level of expertise, location, and years of expertise.

Based on recent job announcement activity on Based on recent job postings on, it appears that the Apple Software Engineer job market in Lagos, NG, and throughout the state is not particularly active, as only a few companies are hiring. An Apple Software Engineer in your location earns an average of $107,867 annually, which is $584 (1 percent) higher than the average national pay of $107,283. Is the top-ranked state of all 50 states regarding Apple Software Engineer salaries?

To determine the most precise annual salary in the Apple Software Engineer jobs field, constantly searches its database of millions of job openings posted locally in America.

The Top 10 Highest Paying Cities for Apple Software Engineer Jobs

Ten cities where an Apple Software Engineer may expect to make more money than the national average. Atkinson, NE, is at the top of the list, followed closely by Frankston, TX, and Barnstable Town, MA, ranked second and third, respectively. Atkinson, NE surpasses the $107,283 average by $30,175 (28.1%), eclipsing the national average by $20,871 (19.5%) in Barnstable Town, MA.

The average pay in these ten places is greater than the national average. Therefore, moving offers the best chance of advancing financially as an Apple Software Engineer.

The average pay in these top ten cities differs just 14% between Atkinson, Nebraska, and Potomac Heights, Maryland, underscoring the limited opportunity for significant wage growth. When weighing location and compensation for an Apple Software Engineer career, the ideal aspect of employment may be the potential for a cheaper cost of living.


CityAnnual SalaryMonthly PayWeekly PayHourly Wage
Atkinson, NE$137,458$11,454$2,643$66.09
Frankston, TX$131,918$10,993$2,536$63.42
Barnstable Town, MA$128,154$10,679$2,464$61.61
Inverness, CA$127,019$10,584$2,442$61.07
Dimondale, MI$123,638$10,303$2,377$59.44
Manhattan, NY$122,665$10,222$2,358$58.97
Hooper Bay, AK$121,738$10,144$2,341$58.53
Skyline-Ganipa, NM$119,485$9,957$2,297$57.44
Cambridge, MA$119,221$9,935$2,292$57.32
Potomac Heights, MD$119,010$9,917$2,288$57.22
The Top 10 Highest Paying Cities for Apple Software Engineer Jobs

What Is The Highest Paying Apple Job?

Apple employees make an average of $127,197 a year, though salaries vary depending on the position. Project engineering manager, expert, home advisor, and team leader are a few of the positions at Apple with significant compensation. A project engineering manager at Apple can expect an average yearly income of $167,090. Other positions like cashier and customer care agent can also be considered to obtain a better idea of the salary at Apple. For comparison, the annual salary of an Apple cashier is $32,770.


RankJob Title Average Apple Salary  Hourly Rate  
1Project Engineering Manager$167,090$80.33
3Home Advisor$154,331$74.20
4Team Leader$152,775$73.45
5Purchasing Manager$152,739$73.43
6Asic Design Engineer$152,033$73.09
7System Software Developer$148,454$71.37
8Data Scientist$147,478$70.90
9Software Development Engineer$147,397$70.86
10Solutions Consultant$142,167$68.35
11Certified Technician$135,255$65.03
12Technical Support Advisor$130,210$62.60
13Business Analyst$127,963$61.52
14Demand Planner$123,826$59.53
16Finance Analyst$112,352$54.02
17Graphic Designer$99,520$47.85
18Technical Support Technician$75,173$36.14
19Sales Associate$57,151$27.48
20Campus Representative$48,661$23.39
The Highest Paying Apple Job

Who Is The Highest Paid Software Engineer?

Based on the Robert Half 2022 Salary Guide, these are the highest-paying jobs for software within the United States. The guide lists many jobs ranging from Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Machine Learning (ML) specialists and prominent data engineers to researchers in data science and more.

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Here is a list of the best-paid software positions.

Big data engineers

Business leaders value individuals who can transform large quantities of data into actionable information to help them achieve their strategic goals, make better decisions, and innovate. According to Indeed, the median annual wage for prominent data experts is approximately $160,000. These engineers design a company’s hardware and software structure and employees’ tools to deal with data. Prominent data engineers usually possess a computer science degree and a background in databases and math.

Data architects

Data experts are accountable for all the complex processes required to make strategic decisions in large-scale companies. They translate business requirements into database solutions and manage data storage (data centers) and data management. It is part of their responsibility to ensure the security of databases. As per, on average, a Data engineer’s average annual income is approximately $150,000 annually.

Security analyst for data

Security experts in the field of data security must know about firewall administration, encryption technology, and network protocols. A high level of communication, problem-solving ability, and knowledge of security and government regulations are also required. This job requires certifications like the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP). Based on data, the median earnings for security analysts working in data is approximately $134,000 per year.

Data scientists

They make use of their modeling and statistics skills to understand complicated data from a variety of sources. Alongside statistics and math and computing expertise, data scientists require business acumen and communication abilities for a median wage of $130,000, according to Indeed. The ability to program in languages like Python, Java, and R is typically needed, as having machine learning experience is thought to be a significant plus.

DevOps Engineer

DevOps engineers serve as the bridge between the operations and development teams. As per Indeed, professionals are employed across departments to improve the efficiency of companies by enhancing and developing IT systems and earning a median wage of $120,000. Engineers in DevOps usually require expertise in programming languages, software engineering, security systems, analytical, problem-solving, and collaboration abilities.

Mobile app developer

Mobile app developers are in high demand because of the massive increase in smartphone users in the past decade. These professionals should have experience creating applications for popular platforms such as iOS or Android. They should know mobile development languages and web development frameworks.

Based on Indeed’s data, the average annual salary for mobile app developers is 135k.

Full-stack developers

Full-stack developers design back-end functionality and user interfaces for web-based applications using their experience in front-end and back-end development. They also are responsible for developing mobile applications for these sites. A bachelor’s level in software development, and computer science, also known as computer programming, is necessary to be a full-stack developer. They must also be skilled in various techniques, such as Python, JavaScript, and CSS. says the median amount paid to full-stack programmers is $110,000.

Data Warehouse architects

Data warehouses are huge-scale storage systems that permit companies to store data from analytics. Designers of Data Warehouses work with companies to create and design data warehouses. They are also responsible for making decisions about the company’s information to establish what is in the data warehouse, for example, employee contact details, financial statements, files, and customer complaints. A master’s or bachelor’s degree in software computing or engineering is necessary to be a data warehouse architect. The median annual salary in the field of data architecture is $30,000, according to Indeed.

Engineers for site reliability (SRE)

As an SRE, you are required to know all you can concerning the program and the code. Site reliability engineers are constantly monitoring the application’s performance, reliability, availability, effectiveness, and change management, as well as emergency response and capacity management. They also write code similar to other software developers, effectively bridging the gap between operations and development in the development of applications. With a median wage of $123,000 (according to Indeed data), This is among the highest paying software-related jobs.

Technical support teams often employ site reliability experts to help with support tickets, issues, and emergencies.

System engineer

The system engineer is responsible for the technical infrastructure of a business, which includes tasks such as installing software programs, networks, or databases for IT companies or organizations. In order to communicate technical information to non-technical users, system engineers should have excellent communication abilities. They also need to aid in the maintenance and maintenance of the system to assure that safety measures are in place. Based on’s data, the median pay for this job is $110,000 annually.

What Is The Lowest Salary In Apple

From our research and information gathered over time from those working with Apple, Campus Representative is the lowest paying job at Apple at $20,000 annually.

How Much Do Apple Top Engineers Make?

A Senior Engineer at Apple is thought to make a total salary of $211,663 annually. In our proprietary Total Pay Estimate model, based on wages gathered from our customers, this value indicates the median in the middle of the range. $144,133 is the expected basic salary per year. The expected annual increase in pay is $67,530. Bonuses, stocks, commissions, profit-sharing, and tips are all possible forms of additional compensation. The values in the “Most Likely Range” fall between the 25th and the 75th percentile of all the payment information that is currently available for this role.

Is It Better To Work At Apple or Google?

Google and Apple’s distinctions are primarily based on cultural and risk-taking attitudes. Both are excellent places to work. Both provide excellent goods that are used by billions of people. The two businesses conduct deep technical research and development.

Even inside organizations at Apple, there is much secrecy. Confidentiality is tightly enforced. Employees know only the information necessary for them to perform their tasks. Sharing any information with someone outside your group carries serious consequences.

With its employees, Google is quite transparent about everything. Google does encourage staff members to keep this information private INSIDE the firm, but you are free to learn anything you are interested in. Senior executives from Google present to employees and take live questions from employees during a weekly meeting open to all employees. There are no topics off-limits.

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Google promotes taking chances and experimenting. Google will put several projects through testing and let users utilize them. When they function correctly, they are fully released; when they do not, they are eliminated. Risk-taking is praised, and failure is welcomed.

In this regard, Apple is the complete opposite. Apple takes tremendous satisfaction in its beautifully designed, fully realized products. Apple frequently creates private items with minimal integrations or dependence on other companies’ goods. This strategy has been incredibly successful for Apple, which also draws top talent and has devoted clients.

Two of the most successful businesses in the world are Google and Apple. They approach things in entirely different ways culturally. Both are effective. Employees decide what is best for them.

Does Apple Pay Well?

How much do employees at Apple make? View the most recent salaries by profession and department. The estimated median compensation at Apple is $159,682, or $76 per hour, while the estimated average annual salary, including base pay and bonuses, is $143,362, or $68.

At Apple, a Director of Engineering earns $301,000 annually, whereas a Sales Associate makes $35,000 in the same position. According to the department, Apple employees make an average salary of $225,140 in communications, $89,543 in administration, $230,394 in the product, and $177,121 in engineering. The median salary at Apple is $159,682.

Based on 3893 ratings, 1236 Apple employees rank their compensation as being in the top 25% of similar-sized firms, while 1156 Apple employees evaluate their perks and benefits as being in the top 10% of similar-sized companies (based on 1321 ratings).

Jobs with names like Principal Engineer, Lead Engineer, Senior Developer, and Developer are included in the salaries contributed by Apple employees. According to Comparably Data, there are 266 wage records from Apple employees.

What Benefits Do Apple Employees Get?

Nine Apple Employee Perks and Benefits That Help the Company Keep Top Talent;

1. Health and Wellness

Apple employees benefit from an excellent health insurance plan, which includes dental and vision insurance. A wellness center is located on-site at the Apple headquarters in California. It provides employees access to various medical professionals, such as chiropractors, doctors, and mental wellness specialists.

Additional Apple Health benefits for employees include:

  • Life insurance and life insurance supplemental
  • Disability insurance
  • Occupational accident insurance
  • Medical and health benefits for retirees

2. Vacation and Time Off

Apple has a belief in a healthy balance between work and life. The paid leave (PTO) for vacations and sick days for newly hired employees can range from 15 to 20 days yearly.
For those more senior, the number of days increases to 20-30 days of holiday and leave days each year.

3. Parental Leave

Apple offers a distinctive and generous policy for maternity leave. New mothers get four weeks of paid time off before having their baby, and the company offers 14 weeks of leave for maternity afterward. Additional six weeks’ paid leave is also available.

Non-birth fathers, as well as their parents, are eligible to have six weeks of paid leave.

4. Commuting

It is a significant obstacle to many employees’ everyday routines. Therefore, Apple offers a sweet deal to its employees by providing a complimentary exclusive shuttle service to those who work in Cupertino, Apple’s California headquarters.

The company also offers an employee a stipend of $100 to use for bus tickets and other transportation costs.

5. Gym Credit

It is widely acknowledged that fitness significantly impacts mental well-being and productivity. This is why Apple provides its employees $300 per month in gym credits to help improve their physical well-being and well-being.

6. Tuition And Self Improvement

Apple is home to its very own “university, an on-campus training facility that helps employees learn about Apple’s values, culture, and role throughout the globe.

Employees can enhance their general business techniques via online and personal finance classes.

Apple offers reimbursement to its employees for tuition expenses up to $5,250.

7. Retirement

Apple does not forget about its employees simply because they are retired. When employed by the company, employees are eligible for an 80 percent 401(k) match of up to 6.6% of their earnings.

8. Some More Fun Stuff

To keep things exciting and new, Apple has some fantastic extra benefits for employees that help keep employees connected and motivated:

Product Discounts

Employees enjoy a significant discount for Apple products, which keeps them in the know and connected.

Subsidized Meals

Apple’s Cafe Mac on-site offers healthy home-cooked-style meals for a reasonable price, with no subsidies. The cafe also has fresh apples for you to eat at no cost!

9. Famous Beer Bash

A typical occasion that is a regular event for Apple staff, this annual beer celebration is a time to relax and wind down with food and drinks for free, and, sometimes, celebrities appear. It has been reported that famous artists like Demi Lovato, Stevie Wonder, and OneRepublic have appeared at these events.

What Is The Highest Paying Coding Language?

A rewarding profession in programming offers a bright future, a well-paying position with recognition worldwide, and a high level of stability. According to the latest available statistics, programming employment is expected to increase by 21% in 2028. Freelance programmers are self-employed individuals who choose their clients, fees, and working hours depending on their discretion and expertise.
Most developers nowadays are well-versed in the most popular programming languages, including Python, Java, and others. However, learning less well-known programming languages like Golang, Ruby, etc., will help you land the best offer for a given position. You are in the proper place if you are unsure of what programming language you should learn to master for a variety of financial benefits.
This blog will discuss the top seven programming languages independent contractors can utilize by 2022. Understanding these languages can help you secure stability and make an incredible amount of money in the upcoming years. So let us start.

1. Python

Python is an advanced general-purpose programming language. It is among the most robust programming languages that are utilized as the primary programming language by more than 80% of developers. According to the most recent survey, the hourly average for Python programming services is around 55-60. The main characteristics of the language include:

  • It is a part of an extensive library and framework that can support various applications.
  • It is platform-independent, which means it is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • It is a part of built-in GUI frameworks that support a broad range of cross-platform options.

2. Java

Java is among the most robust programming languages currently being used to create applications on over three billion computers. It is at the forefront of the creation of numerous applications. According to the survey, the typical hourly rate in Java creation solutions is approximately 58 USD. This makes Java one of the most lucrative programming languages freelancers can certainly master and use. The main advantages of Java are:

  • It is solid security features that assist in the development of a system that is free of viruses and other irritants.
  • It removes the issue to a large extent due to compile-time and running-time looking up options.
  • It offers high-performance and increased efficiency features.

3. Golang

Go is an interpreted programming language that Google developed. It is more efficient garbage removal, memory safety, and structural typing capabilities. The most remarkable aspect of Go is its speed, which is faster than Java or Python. Go is among the most lucrative programming languages for freelancers and the average hourly cost of around 64 dollars roughly. One of the most significant aspects of Go is:

  • Standard library with powerful capabilities to improve the ease and efficiency of work.
  • It gives improved testing capabilities by integrating unit testing functions.
  • It is a tool for Data Science and Artificial processes.

If you plan to study this fascinating language, you should try it.

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4. Ruby

Ruby is a very flexible, high-level programming language that can support many programming styles and increase output. It is perfect for developing desktop programs, data processing, automation, and many other types of tools. The fantastic language shortens the development process by 25% to 50% compared to other languages. According to the report, Ruby development services are available for about 59 USD per hour.

The most remarkable characteristics of Ruby include:

  • It comes with the benefit of an inbuilt testing environment which allows the possibility of testing at any point in development.
  • It is straightforward to maintain and even support.
  • It has integrated with powerful tools that offer flexibility in the area of application customization. It has an inbuilt testing environment that allows the possibility of testing at any point in development.

5. C++

C++ is high-level object-oriented programming, which is extensively employed for programming in competition. According to the survey, the program has been placed fourth in the TIOBE Index. Most definitely, It is utilized in various game development, software design, browser development, browser banks, and much more. It will be among the most lucrative software languages for freelancers by 2022. It has an average hourly wage that is USD 55. The main advantages of this language include:

  • It is a dynamic memory utilization that allows an opportunity to allocate and manage space.
  • It is enhanced with features to enhance the clarity of code, readability, and troubleshooting.
  • It is practical and quicker than other interpreter-based languages.

6. C#

C#, a high-level, Multi-paradigm programming language developed in collaboration with Microsoft. According to the study, three-fourths of all the most popular mobile games are developed with C#. C# is utilized to develop many programs and applications, including various desktop applications, games, mobile apps, enterprise software, and more.

As per the most recent research, the average hourly cost of C# Development services amounts to roughly 56 dollars; therefore, learning and mastering this language can lead to a massive increase in income and incredible potential for growth and recognition. Some of the most impressive aspects of this language are:

  • It comes with the availability of built-in functions that allow speedy development.
  • It is a growing and upgradeable programming language.
  • It is a powerful programming language that allows you to create a robust application that is interoperable, scalable, and interoperable.

7. SQL

SQL is a reference to Structured Query Language. It is a standard programming language employed in the management of relational databases. It is employed in backend development, data science analysis, data analytics, database administration, and many more. This is among the top-paid languages for freelancers. It pays an average hourly rate of around 54 USD. The main advantages of this language include:

  • It offers high-performance capacity for heavy loads and heavy use.
  • It offers solid transactional support that can handle multiple records and transactions.
  • Security features that are enhanced for data security.

So, these are the seven most lucrative programming languages freelancers can master by 2022. You can study any of these according to your preferences and needs! 

Which Tech Company Pays Highest Salary?

Google’s software engineers earn more than $300,000.

Google is frequently referred to as being among the top workplaces and offers an excellent compensation package.

Software engineers were given $353,000. A vice president of engineering may earn $475,000, while an executive vice president recently earned $650,000 per year.

Amazon cloud solutions architects earn between $90,800 and $185,000, based on their location and skills.

Currently managed by Adam Selipsky, Amazon’s cloud division has been hiring tech and business experts to assist its leading cloud computing business.

Insider looked over 200 H-1B visas Amazon’s cloud business requested from January to June to determine the amount it paid developers of software and data scientists, salespeople, marketing professionals, business analysts, and many more. According to the data, the most well-paid employees can earn more than $185,000 in base salaries.

Senior marketing positions at Apple could pay up to $325,000.

Apple completed a profitable calendar year in September 2021, increasing revenue by 33% while generating an estimated profit of $95 billion through sales of iPhones, iPads, Macs, and other gadgets and services.

The analysts believe that Apple could be on the way to becoming the very first corporation to reach $3 trillion in market value this year, following the first to hit the $1 trillion and $2 trillion. one trillion and $2 trillion mark and Apple has recruited a group of visa-holding employees to assist it.

Apple advertising has become legendary, and its more comprehensive marketing efforts are crucial to the company’s success. The iPhone maker is often praised for its film-based advertising campaigns. The company offers visas to applicants for a variety of well-paid marketing positions.

Most of the salaries at Dell are around six figures (with a few exceptions).

A surge in demand for equipment during the epidemic resulted in record profits for companies such as Dell, regardless of supply chain issues. A few employees earned more than $200,000 from participating in the company’s growth.

Although senior-level positions tend to be the highest-paying ones, an Insider review of 381 H-1B visas approved for Dell employees revealed that a technical employee working in software engineering in Texas made $198,083.

It is an upper-end salary; however, many other sales, analyst, and engineering positions earn or are above six figures. There are certain exceptions, for example, some sales and business analysts.

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