Anglo American Vacancies | Anglo American Jobs in South Africa

Every year, Anglo American provides various job opportunities in different countries like Australia, Chile, Finland, South Africa, Brazil, China, Peru, and the United Kingdom.

For South Africa, there are over 100 Anglo-American jobs available in different parts of the country. This article contains a compilation of the recent jobs at Anglo American, Anglo platinum vacancies, and jobs at Anglo America Johannesburg with their full job descriptions. 

So, if you are interested in building a career with Anglo American and you think you have what it takes, carefully read through before you apply for any of the Jobs.

About Anglo American

Anglo-American is a worldwide mining conglomerate with a wide range of operations. Their portfolio of world-class mining activities provides the metals and minerals that make contemporary life possible. 

They employ innovative processes and innovative technology to find new resources. 

Also, they collaborate with their key partners and stakeholders to unlock the long-term value those resources hold for their shareholders, communities, countries where we operate, and society at large. 

Why Anglo-American Vacancies in South Africa?

When you take up any Anglo-American job, you can anticipate a good pay and benefits package as a South African. Generally, Anglo-American jobs offer unparalleled chances for learning and growth. 

The company develops the best in its employees through various programs ranging from technical training to leadership development.

Hence, there are plenty of opportunities to advance your career. 

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Anglo-American Vacancies in South Africa

Here are the recent jobs in Anglo American. Carefully read through to find the one that best suits your qualification.

Job Title: Performance and Technical Assurance Lead

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

Work Type: Full Time

Key responsibilities of Performance and Technical Assurance Lead

  • The primary role of the performance and technical assurance lead is to ensure that the company’s significant technical risks are known.
  • Another role is developing, conducting, and reporting internal technical certifications at De Beers Exploration.
  • Also, as a performance technical assurance lead, you will be solely responsible for creating technical management documents.
  • Then, handle external technical monitoring and related reporting.
  • This is one of the jobs in Anglo America that involves reporting Anglo American technical management/insurance system.
  • Always look for areas that need to be improved in terms of value, increase efficiency, support sound decision-making, and find solutions that contribute significantly to productivity and competitiveness in the company.
  • Work with risk managers and project managers to better use the team’s Technical Insurance Framework and incorporate vital technical insurance at all levels of exploration.
  • Report on the overall performance of the research as planned, as required by the Group.

Experience and Requirements for Performance and Technical Assurance Lead Job

  • Performance and Technical Assurance Lead is one of the recent Anglo Platinum vacancies that require you to have a bachelor’s degree in geoscience.
  • You are also expected to have a registered license or enroll in an accredited organization (SANCASP).
  • Then, you must be in the field of geosciences, especially on kimberlites or related rocks.
  • In terms of experience, this Anglo-American job needs someone with excellent experience in research, such as drilling, geophysics, sampling, technical inspection, management of laboratory services, and technical services.
  • Then, experience in formulating policies, procedures, and work processes for professional events.
  • Also, you must have experience in technical inspection and ISO standards, especially certification according to ISO17025.
  • Note, that expertise in data quality control, data assurance, data management, and data analysis can give you a better chance of getting this job at Anglo-American.

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Job Title: Planning and Scheduling Specialist

Location: Postmasburg, South Africa

Work Type: Full Time

Key Responsibilities for Planning and Scheduling Specialist Job

  • First, your primary role as a planning and scheduling professional is coordinating, preparing, and scheduling product production.
  • Second, you’ll handle maintenance planning, including compliance with participants and describing maintenance according to the plan and associated conditions.
  • Third, you will handle daily, weekly, and monthly reports, including status updates and decision-making processes.
  • Then, you’ll also be responsible for managing people in general, including staff development and implementing an effective culture/team.
  • And ensuring team compliance, compliance management, and ongoing case investigations, ensuring compliance with health and safety standards.

Experience and Requirements for this Planning and Scheduling Specialist Position

  • To be effective in this Anglo-American job, the hiring officer expects you to have 5 – 10 Years’ of relevant operational planning and scheduling experience within the mining industry.
  • Considering the nature of the job, it would be best if you had a driver’s Licence Code 8 and risk management techniques.
  • Also, you must have expert knowledge in using Budgeting tools.

Job Title: Foreman Electrical UG

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Location: Thabazimbi, South Africa

Work Type: Full Time

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Key Responsibilities for Foreman Electrical UG Position

  • The Foreman Electrical UG position is one of the recent jobs at Anglo American involving maintenance and safety equipment. The critical thing in this job is to ensure that appropriate methods and safety equipment are used for all hazardous activities.
  •  Another critical role here is implementing and maintaining safeguards, rules, regulations, rules of practice, and applicable standards.
  • As a Foreman Electrical UG, you’ll ensure that all operating conditions, procedures, and legal requirements are in place to use equipment, machinery, and associated safety equipment.
  • Your responsibilities will also involve carrying out timely and scheduled inspections of work and equipment as instructed.
  • Then, communicated with the engineering team and other players about the area’s daily, weekly, and monthly needs. 
  • Also, it’s your job to create daily, weekly, and monthly work plans and priorities with a working team.
  • Then, ensure the necessary supplies, equipment, and resources and track team performance.
  • Furthermore, you will deploy resources and equipment for scheduled activities and priorities to maintain and ensure the level of work, equipment, and standards of work operations.
  • Make sure there is an out-of-hours waiting for service.

Requirements and Experience for Foreman Electrical UG Position

  • To work as a Foreman Electrical UG, one of the major requirements is a 12th grade / NKKR 4 – mathematics, science, English.
  • Aside from the grade, this job requires you to have electrician and foreman certifications.
  • Another essential requirement is years of experience. This is one of the Anglo Platinum vacancies requiring five years of professional sales experience.
  • Another experience that will be helpful is supervisory experience. 
  • Furthermore, basic computer skills (Word / Excel / Outlook / SAP R3) are essential for this job.

Job Title: Radiographer

Location: Thabazimbi, South Africa

Work Type: Full Time

Key Responsibilities For Radiographer

  • The radiographer position is among the recent jobs at Anglo America that involve clinical duties. 
  • This Anglo Platinum job’s primary emphasis is on completing concrete tasks with rules and guidelines for completing the work.
  • As a radiographer, you will be solely responsible for planning, organizing, and giving clinical Feedback Reports.
  • Also, you will oversee the management of the timely maintenance and annual servicing of x-ray machines.
  • Further, keeping statistics and preparing daily and monthly reports will be among your deliverables.

Requirements and Experience For Radiographer

  • This vacancy is one of the Anglo-American vacancies in South Africa that requires a Radiology degree. 
  • In addition to the degree, a 5-year radiology experience is needed. That means you must have had a function in that field for over five years.
  • Then, it’s expedient you are registered at the HPCSA (Health Professions Council of South Africa) as a Radiographer. Note this is compulsory for all applicants.
  •  This recent job at Anglo America also requires you to have a driver’s license.
  • In skills, you must have interpersonal skills, communication skills, people skills, and organization skills. 
  • Because of the job nature, you must be good at handling disputes and conflicts and a good decision-making skills. 
  • Keep in mind that you must have a medical Fitness Test and psychometric score before assuming the position. Note you will take the assessment after you’ve passed the interview. 

Job Title: Senior Coordinator Management Accounting

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

Work Type: Full Time

Key Responsibilities For Senior Coordinator Management Accounting

  • Just like all Anglo Platinum vacancies have job descriptions, so also does this position. Here, the critical role is to achieve deadlines, labor, capital, and cost budgeting, planning, and forecasting.
  • Another significant role is to compile standard processes, procedures, and reports for crucial reporting items by converting financial and management accounting information.
  • Then, perform a quality check on variance analysis and keep track of the financial performance of the corporate office.
  • Also, coordinate external audit inquiries and governance irregularities reporting.
  • Gather all basic JSE listing required templates in one place.
  • It is also the role of senior coordinator management to ensure that financial governance is followed.
  • Another essential role in this Anglo-American job is reviewing month-end and periodic reports and intermediate and year-end reporting for quality assurance.

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Requirements For Senior Coordinator Management Accounting

  • A senior coordinator management accounting position is among the jobs at Anglo America Johannesburg that require financial accounting or BCom Financial Management.
  • The hiring officers will also expect you to have five years of experience, including three of those years in a mining setting and a managerial background.
  • Then, you must have substantial experience in performance reporting operations, analyzing and coordinating massive volumes of data, and then interpreting this into multiple reports in a meaningful international context.
  • Due to the nature of the job, extensive data analysis and management for decision-making is a must-have for this job position. 
  • Furthermore, you must have advanced familiarity with MS Office products, Excel, SAP, and Pivot Tables.

Job Title: HR Officer

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

Work Type: Full Time

Key Responsibilities For HR Officer

  • As an HR officer, your central role is to support the HR Coordinator and HR Administrators in making accurate delivery of payroll, benefits, and related activities.
  • Another vital role is managing and auditing payroll input to ensure that ACSSA payrolls are delivered correctly.
  • Then, manage onward service delivery to all internal and external clients, focusing on the GSS Payroll team, to the high level set by Anglo American.
  • This vacancy is among the Anglo platinum vacancies that will charge you with the responsibility of enabling system updates/changes.
  • Then, in collaboration with the Reward team, manage the payrolls of about 50 SA International Assignees.
  • Furthermore, identify and implement ongoing process improvement, including documenting process maps and updating procedures in the event of system or legislation changes.

Requirements HR Officer

  • This is among the jobs at Anglo American Johannesburg that expect you to know about current SA payroll and salary legislation.
  • Also, it’s expedient to have a working understanding of Real-Time Information and its needs and practical expertise with the South African tax system.
  • Payroll and service migrating project experience is essential for this job.
  • It would be advantageous if you had expatriate payroll experience.
  • Also, you will have a better chance than other applicants if you have prior experience with SAP payroll modules or similar solutions.
  • Finally, you must have a bachelor’s qualification.

Job Title: Principal Product Manager

Location: South Africa

Work Type: Full Time

Key Responsibilities For Principal Product Manager

  • The Principal Product Manager position is one of the available Anglo American Vacancies. As a product manager, your role involves overseeing innovative app creation, release, and implementation.
  • Then, providing thought leadership and creativity for technology solutions that add considerable value to the firm.
  • Prioritizing cloud and hybrid cloud application delivery and enabling rapid development and deployment platforms.
  • Improve usability by emphasizing user experience and mobile technology.
  • Gather business/functional requirements, service level expectations, and user experience expectations from business units.
  • Identify and articulate the best practices for developing agile applications.
  • Stay up to date on new enabling technology (PaaS and others) to help speed up work programs.
  • Further, implement synchronized UX patterns for easy app navigation and use.

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Requirements For Principal Product Manager

  • Like all other Anglo-American vacancies have prerequisites, so is this particular job. As an applicant, you must have an undergraduate degree in Physics, Mathematics, Engineering, Computer Science, Geology, or Geophysics.
  • You must be in the information management/technology or computer science field.
  • It’s also expedient if you have a high-level knowledge of enterprise data and demonstrated competence in dealing with data sources in mining, oil and gas, geoscience, or similar disciplines, data integration, data lake, and data quality workflows.
  • Must have a thorough understanding of the extractive industry’s business drivers and levers and other heavy industry contexts.
  • Then, in-depth knowledge of application lifecycle management. 
  • Have a proven track record of involving stakeholders to achieve common goals.
  • Agile project management approaches and practices are familiar to you.
  • Good working knowledge of Big Data operations and associated technology

Job Title: Project Management Officer

Location: South Africa

Work Type: Full Time

Key Responsibilities for Project Management Officer Position

  • One of the significant roles of a project management officer is to ensure consistent delivery of initiatives, and design, implement, and maintain Group BI PMO processes, tools, and systems.
  • Then, manage the Operating Master Schedule for the AAOM Implementation.
  • Carry out documentation management for the AAOM Implementation stage gates.
  • Facilitate the examination of BI & P101 efforts at Business Unit (BU) and Site management reviews to identify and analyze delivery risks and controls.
  • Collect T&S efforts and GBI budgeting processes in a coordinated manner.
  • Finally, produce essential insights, conduct data analysis, and merge performance reporting.

Requirements and Experience for Project Management Officer Position

  • To apply for this Anglo-American job, you must have either a bachelor’s / Honours degree or equivalent in a relevant Technical, Business, or Commercial discipline.
  • Due to the nature of the job, you must have whole experience using tools like Primavera P6, MS Projects & Smart Sheets.
  • Having assertive communication skills will help you carry out your job as a project management officer.
  • Then, full knowledge of Ms. Office, including Teams.
  • Document Management.
  • Furthermore, it would be best to have knowledge-sharing and Events management skills.

Job Title: Practitioner Operational Risk

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Location: Burgerfort, South Africa

Work Type: Full Time

Key Responsibilities for Practitioner Operational Risk Position

  • The Practitioner Operational Risk provides operational support for ORM implementation and execution in mining and processing facilities.
  • Planned, execute, and coordinate ORM implementation throughout the whole operational risk profile.
  • Support and organize the operations use of the ORM’s four layers of risk management.
  • To achieve excellence in operational risk management, advise the operation on essential skill development to strengthen the skills and competencies of workers and contractors.
  • To ensure the management of material risks, audit results, and learning from incidents, provide risk-based operational input to the operation.

Requirements and Experience for Practitioner Operational Risk Position

  • This position is one of the recent Anglo-American jobs requiring applicants to have at least a national diploma level in a suitable area before applying.
  • Applicants must also have risk qualification management systems (9001, 14001, 45001).
  • Then, in-depth knowledge of the Platinum value chain and operational trends and hazards.
  • It’s also essential to have five years of relevant operational mining, processing, and engineering experience is required.
  • An awareness of the operational aspects of mining operations is required.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of risk management in a technological setting.
  • WRAC, Bowtie Analysis, HAZOP/HAZAN, and other industry-recognized risk assessment techniques and tools are examples of knowledge and expertise.
  • Interacting with and influencing colleagues and coordinating risk management disciplines is a proven track record.
  • Ability to input and analyze data using an operational risk management system (e.g., Bowtie XP, Isometrix, CURA, IHS, etc.)
  • Must be fluent in English
  • Excellent stakeholder engagement experience
  • Deadline driven.
  • Must have Code EB driver’s license.
  • Working on operational mine and process sites (for example, noise, vibration, heat, small spaces, reduced visibility).
  • Must be computer literate (MS Office suite etc.)

Job Title: General Accountant

Location: Rosebank, South Africa

Work Type: Full Time

Key Responsibilities for General Accountant Position

  • First, your key role as a general accountant will be to validate L5 by reviewing all applicable process papers.
  • Secondly, you’ll process all relevant transactions in the general ledger monthly, keeping a close eye on late items and making necessary disclosures to the reconciliations supervisor.
  • Then, process all journal entries into applicable ledgers and submit them to the reconciliations supervisor.
  • Process all payroll transactions into the proper ledgers as soon as possible, and make any necessary maintenance entries.
  • Also, investigate and close open line items to ensure the quality and health of the reconciliation.
  • Furthermore, you will assist in effective service delivery and implement an escalation process.

How to Apply for Anglo American Vacancies

You must follow the procedures below to apply for Anglo American recent Jobs.

  • To begin, you must first make an account on Anglo-American’s official website.
  • After that, you must sign in to your account.
  • After logging into your account, you must choose a job profile. Keep in mind that you must be qualified for that job profile.
  • After you’ve decided on a profile, you’ll need to complete the application form.
  • Carefully complete the application form.
  • After you’ve finished filling out the form, click the submit button and wait for the procedure to complete.
  • Candidates should have a printout of the application form with them if they require it.

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With any of these Anglo-American recent jobs, you can stay on a career pathway that you make for life.

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