Airtel Tanzania Jobs 2023/2024 | Airtel Tanzania Vacancies

Airtel Tanzania Jobs 2023/2024 | Airtel Tanzania Vacancies

Today, we will be providing answers to all the job seekers that have been searching for things like Airtel Tanzania jobs 2023/2024, telecommunications jobs in Tanzania, Jobs at Airtel Tanzania, and lots more.

The information we have publicized on this webpage will not only disclose the latest job vacancies at Airtel Tanzania to you. But you will also see the requirements for these Airtel jobs, the responsibilities that come with the position, why you should apply quickly, and how to apply for a job at this prestigious telecommunications company in Tanzania.

Job Title: Buyer

Location: Tanzania

Job Field: Telecommunications

Slot: 4

Responsibilities of a Buyer at Airtel Tanzania

  • One of the significant functions of each person that will be getting either of these Buyer jobs. Is to make sure that the Airtel Tanzania products are always sold at the right price.
  • Secondly, the Buyer will also ensure that these Airtel Tanzania products are of acceptable quality and not sub-standard in any way.
  • The honor falls on the Buyer to always make sure that the Airtel Tanzania products are procured from the appropriate and legitimate vendors.
  • Further, those that are employing people that will do these Airtel Tanzania jobs. Disclosed that one of the major duties of a Buyer is to ensure that customers always get what they want and on time too.
  • Moreover, those that will be considered for these Buyer jobs. Should be aware that they will be the ones to ensure that vendors are well-managed.
  • These Airtel Tanzania vacancies are for people that have the ability to facilitate cost savings realization.
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Requirements for these Buyer Jobs at Airtel Tanzania

  • Most importantly, the only accepted academic qualification for this job is a University degree in procurement & supplies Management.
  • Interested Persons should be people that have certification in Project Management Techniques. Or any other academic qualification that can be used in place of the stated certification in Project Management Techniques.
  • These Airtel Tanzania jobs 2023/2024 are only open to Individuals that have acquired nothing less than 5 years of relevant work experience. In purchasing and supplies management.
  • The company requires people that are knowledgeable in contract management and report analysis.
  • Airtel Tanzania will appreciate Applicants that have good knowledge of Oracle and Microsoft Excel programs.
  • Also, knowing how to use most computer software packages in Microsoft Office. And also, being self-confident will boost your chances of becoming employed.
  • Interested Persons should note that these latest Airtel Tanzania vacancies for Buyers are full-time jobs. Therefore, they should be willing to discharge their respective duties selflessly.
  • Applicants should be people that are well-behaved and equally know how to organize themselves.

Why You Should Apply for Jobs at Airtel Tanzania

  • Airtel is indeed a fast-growing company with an awesome work environment. And working with them is certainly a wonderful way to start your career in the telecommunication sector.
  • Getting a job at Airtel Tanzania like this Buyer’s job will surely expose you and help you develop outstanding customer relations skills. Because the Buyer will be the one that will be making sure that customers get what they want.
  • A Staff at Airtel Tanzania disclosed to the Moden News team that working will the telecom company. Made him gain lots of experience and he was always getting praise from his superiors for a job well done.
  • Airtel will provide an enabling environment for you to mingle with friendly Staff and experience the good management that the company provides.
  • Lastly, if you are one of those that have been looking for possible means of developing professional customer care skills, and equally learning how to be patient with customers. Then working with Airtel Tanzania is certainly what you need.

How to Apply for a Job at Airtel Tanzania

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  1. Apply via the Airtel Recruitment Portal

    Above all, those that have carefully gone through the details of these Airtel Tanzania vacancies 2023/2024. And are sure of meeting the requirements should visit the Airtel Recruitment Portal: or HERE and apply online.

    Applicants should understand that the application for these Airtel Tanzania jobs 2023/2024 is online and completely free. So do not listen to anyone that demands money from you in order for you to apply for an Airtel job.

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In conclusion, ensure you apply on time, and feel free to use the comment section to comment on your thoughts.

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