AFDB Recruitment 2023/2024 | AFDB Recruitment Process

AFDB Recruitment 2023/2024 | AFDB Recruitment Process

The African Development Bank Group (AFDB) is a regional development institution. Charged with the duty of providing assistance in terms of technical support to member African Nations. In other words, it was established in 1954, the AFDB has been able to cater to the economic needs of developing member nations. To help alleviate the effect of poverty and underdevelopment.

In the same vein, to make way for proper implementation of projects. The AFDB Recruitment 2023/2024 has commenced for interested Persons. Also, the AFDB Recruitment Process for some available positions. Will be of more interest to those searching for Project Management Jobs in Nigeria 2023, AFDB job vacancies, AFDB recruitment forms, or AFDB current job vacancies.

For clarity and better understanding, below is the Job description of the Project Manager role at AFDB as outlined by the Moden News team.

Job Title: Project Manager

Location: Abuja, Nigeria, and other AFDB Member Nations

Field: Project Management

Project Manager Job Description

  • Firstly, the Project Manager will be the one to assist in getting projects done and delivered on time.
  • The successful Applicant will be in charge of supervision and reviewing of projects embarked on by the institution.
  • Thirdly, with proper knowledge of best practices and regulatory rules. The Project Manager is charged with the duty of carrying out tasks in line with international standards.
  • Contract reviews and implementations in AFDB would be undertaken by the Project Management team headed by the Project Manager.
  • In addition, the Project Manager will be the one to draft out an implementable financial framework. And equally, outline that the bank can work with on a particular project.
  • Lastly, in a press release made by AFDB Recruitment 2023/2024 team. The major duty of those that will be getting these Project Management Jobs in Nigeria and other African countries. Is to help in the implementation of its Integrated Program and Adaptation to Climate Change in the Niger Basin (PIDACC)

Requirements for Project Manager Jobs at this AFDB Recruitment 2023/2024

  • Most importantly, the AFDB Recruitment Process will only accommodate University Graduates of Management, Agriculture, Engineering, or any equivalent field.
  • Secondly, this position at AFDB is among the Project Management Job opportunities in Nigeria. This will require Candidates to have advanced knowledge of Climate change and how it affects the economy of a nation.
  • Nothing less than 4 years of experience doing similar International Jobs in Nigeria or other African countries. Would be required for this Project Management Job in Nigeria.
  • Furthermore, this is one of the highest-paying jobs in Nigeria. Therefore, the AFDB Recruitment Process will be strict and thorough in order to select the best Candidates. In the same vein, Applicants are advised to bring all necessary qualifications and documents to stand a better chance of getting these Jobs.
  • If you have the experience that you got from doing Banking Jobs in Nigeria or World Bank Jobs in Nigeria. Then you are most eligible to apply for this position at the African Development Bank Group (AFDB).
  • AFDB Recruitment 2023/2024 team further stated that only citizens of member nations or those that have work permits while residing in either of the countries are qualified to apply for this AFDB Recruitment.
  • To sum up, basic knowledge of computers and excellent written and communication skills are core requirements for this AFDB Recruitment 2023/2024.

How to Apply for a Job at AFDB

  1. Apply via the African Development Bank Group’s recruitment portal

    Above all, interested persons who have read the requirements and can fit into this position. Should proceed to the recruitment portal and fill out the AFDB recruitment form online.

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