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7 Most Affordable | Cheapest Cities for Students

7 Most Affordable/Cheapest Cities for Students

Studying abroad doesn’t necessarily mean breaking the bank or getting drained financially. In fact, there are numerous cities abroad where you can study and their tuition fee and cost of living, are cheaper compared to your home county.

One of the busted myths about spending millions of dollars on studying abroad is far from the truth. That’s a mentality every prospective international student must let go of.

Which Cities are the Cheapest for College Students to study abroad in the year 2024? In other to find out, let’s explore the world together.

  1. Kuala Lumpur: This Malaysia’s capital city keeps being at the top as of the most affordable cities to study in the world. The tuition fee at internationally ranked universities are less than US$3,000 on average and your cost of living could be as low as US$5,400 a year depending on your lifestyle as an individual.

You’ll discover that Kuala even presents opportunities to also work even as a student thereby making you financially buoyant while studying. With such factors in play, why won’t you make the best out of your study? Kuala is the best place to be.

  1. Warsaw: This amazing city is not only known for its fascinating history, food and nightlife. This capital city of Poland is also known as one of the world’s cheapest cities in the world.. International tuition fee average is US$3,400 and the living cost is US$5,700 per year.
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This is a city where you go empty but while coming back, you’re enriched with history and culture, opening yourself to a new perception of life.

  1. Mexico City: If this city didn’t make the list, I wonder which one will. Mexico City also features 51st overall in this year’s best and cheapest cities index. The average tuition fee in Mexico city’s internationally ranked universities is US$5,800 a year and the total living cost is relatively lower when compared to their neighbours, the US.
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  1. Tomsk: Tomsk made the list of the cheapest study destination this year 2017. The favourable student environment and history and artefacts are what made it unique, exuding the low tuition fees paid at their universities. According to Numbeo, rent is 64% lower when compared to Moscow. The tuition fee in Tomsk is also reasonable at an average of US$2,400 per year at the two internationally ranked universities.
  1. Vancouver: This renowned city is the most naturally beautiful region in the world to study. The cost of living is relatively small and reasonable with a tuition fee that ranges from US$5000 per year. It houses universities that have been internationally ranked and recognized. This is one of the best places to be. When it comes to recognition and research ability, I give it all to Vancouver.
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  1. Berlin: Looking for a more traditional location to study abroad? With the ability to board a discount flight, train or bus to other neighbouring cities? Then Berlin, German is definitely for you. EU students don’t have to worry about tuition fees at all, however, students outside the EU do but the good news is, it’s quite a peanut and very affordable.

7: Taipei: For those looking for a little bit of adventure and fun, Taipei, the capital city of Taiwan is then the ideal place for your study experience. The cost of living is doesn’t warrant breaking the bank nor will the tuition fee drain you. Everything is cheap and cheap. It’s just the perfect place to study, have fun and explore beyond your expectations, so hurry up.

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